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  1. darkidan

    how can i use a background in my profile?

    1. AndyF

      you just need to enable that option. post in the forum if you cannot find it. :)

    2. ash somers

      go to your profile, go to edit my profile, in my settings you will see the left hand side menu and amongst the tabs is an option for profile customisation spelled with a Z *shakes head, damn yanks* that's where you can choose from an already hosted image by pasting the URL into the Choose Background Image URL (The URL must start with http://. Only png, jpg and gifs are accepted) or you may upload an image file or you may enter a hex value to change the background colour :) hope that helps

  2. darkidan

    You can Download 3.1 Right Now!!!

  3. darkidan

    They said it's gonna be ready in 1 june..

  4. darkidan

    I like 3.1 !