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  1. darkidan added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [4.0.1] forum image is gone after saving
    hello, after i uploaded an image and press save the image of the forum is saved, but after i go again to the same forum and edit it- even i don't change anything and press save- the image is gone..
    can you fix it|?
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  2. darkidan added a post in a topic: Timezone option   

    yes, i think so.
  3. darkidan added a post in a topic: Timezone option   

    there is, because in some languages there are some problems with the translation if it numbers like 18/04/15 or 18 Feb 2015 -  it makes a diffrent, i don't understand why not give us a chance to change it, i mean- we could do this from 1.0 to 3.4, why all of a sudden change that?
  4. darkidan added a post in a topic: Timezone option   

    can you add an option to control the time zone in the site? like in 3.4 (today, yesterday, etc..)
  5. darkidan added a comment: [4.0.1] can't edit correctly in theme   

  6. darkidan added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [4.0.1] can't edit correctly in theme
    hello, i use the option Right to Left, and i saw that the editor in the theme is from right to left which is a problem, because a. i can't see all the text and b. i can't edit it properly.
    can you change it inside the theme to left to right? the lang inside will always be in english, so there is no point in it being from right to left.
    thank you.

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  7. darkidan added a post in a topic: control timezone..   

    hello, why isn't there a way to control time zone like in 3.4? when you could set a timezone and how it will be shown in the forum- like- today/yesterday, one hour ago, or just the date.
    is it possible to add this function?
  8. darkidan added a post in a topic: Post count   

    ​in that matter- is it possible to show the user topics and posts separately like in 3.4, or that option is gone now? because if you have a count of topics in your statistics, than the system knows how to do that..
  9. darkidan added a comment: [RC7a] everything is gone - copy setting value   

    i am having the same problem- can you tell us how to fix it?
  10. darkidan added a post in a topic: Admin Logs ipb 4.0   

    thank you! you can close this topic.
  11. darkidan added a post in a topic: Admin Logs ipb 4.0   

    hello, i would like to know why isn't there any logs in the acp, in 3.4 you could see Admin Logs, Moderator Logs and etc.. why did you cancel it? will you bring it back?
  12. darkidan added a review on a file: General Statistics   

    shows the stats fine, but has a problem when you try to edit it- it just show the loading icon and does nothing more..
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  13. darkidan added a post in a topic: RC4   

    what's new in this version beside fixed bugs?
  14. darkidan added a post in a topic: RC4 today?   

    ​let hope so !
  15. darkidan added a comment: [RC3] RTL Editor not shown right.   

    again you don't understand me.. the buttons are supposed to be on the right side !! for some reason you don't understand it.. the icons are on the left side instead of the right side.. it's not about the icons themselves it's about where they are.

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  1. darkidan

    how can i use a background in my profile?

    1. AndyF

      you just need to enable that option. post in the forum if you cannot find it. :)

    2. ash somers

      go to your profile, go to edit my profile, in my settings you will see the left hand side menu and amongst the tabs is an option for profile customisation spelled with a Z *shakes head, damn yanks* that's where you can choose from an already hosted image by pasting the URL into the Choose Background Image URL (The URL must start with http://. Only png, jpg and gifs are accepted) or you may upload an image file or you may enter a hex value to change the background colour :) hope that helps

  2. darkidan

    You can Download 3.1 Right Now!!!

  3. darkidan

    They said it's gonna be ready in 1 june..

  4. darkidan

    I like 3.1 !