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  1. shakerz added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0 - IPS Connect   

    Sounds nice but I hope that the documentation gets an overhaul too. It's kinda lacking and there are a bunch of typos/errors in the example code.
    It's a lot better than IP.Converge though  :thumbsup:
  2. shakerz added a post in a topic: Unable to edit skin   

    Turns out that it is a bug. I went through the IPB code and json_encode returns false on line 2352 in cp_skin_templates.php. This happens because my last name contains the letter Ø. Everything works as soon as I remove my last name from the skin author field.
  3. shakerz added a post in a topic: Unable to edit skin   

    Apparently its not a bug when you're unable to edit a skin ( ) Any suggestions?
  4. shakerz added a record in IP.Board   

    Unable to edit custom skin
    I'm unable to edit a custom skin (that I made myself). There are no template bits or css files in the menu on the left.
    It seems like the issue is that the "acp.template_editor.currentSetData" javascript variable is empty.
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  5. shakerz added a post in a topic: The official IPS.Connect Topic   

    Can't edit so I'm just posting more info here.
    The issues I posted about above happen because I still have the "IPB Internal" enabled as a fallback since a lot of the users only exist in the forums and not in the master app. IPS.Connect seems to be just as half-assed as IP.Converge.
  6. shakerz added a post in a topic: The official IPS.Connect Topic   

    I have created a custom master application (and my forum is the slave) and I'm wondering if what I'm experiencing is normal behaviour.
    When a user registers in the master app and tries to login to the forums before activating their account it just says " Username or password incorrect. " I send the "VALIDATING" status along with the "connect_revalidate_url" so shouldn't the forum tell me to activate my account instead?
    Also if someone registers in the forums and the master app is offline then the account will be created anyway. Shouldn't a slave app fail if its unable to talk to the master?
  7. shakerz added a post in a topic: IPS Connect   

    I figured out why things weren't working ... was just a problem related to port forwarding between my laptop and a virtual machine.
  8. shakerz added a record in IP.Board   

    IPS Connect slave does not make any requests to master API
    I have created a custom application and implemented the necessary API for the forum to talk to. The problem is that the forum never makes any requests to the API except for when you log out.
    IP Connect is on top in the list of login handlers and its enabled.
    I have tailed apache request logs and there is no traffic between the forums and the api (except when logging out). I'm running this on a virtual machine (virtualbox ubuntu 13.10) and PHP 5.5.3 + MySQL 5.5.34
    I have reinstalled the forum twice and that didn't help.
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  9. shakerz added a post in a topic: IPS Connect   

    I can't edit the topic anymore so I'm just posting extra details here.
    IPS connect is on top of the login handlers list in the Admin CP and login doesn't work at all if I disable the "IPB Internal" login handler. I'm using IPB 3.4.6.
  10. shakerz added a post in a topic: IPS Connect   

    I'm trying to set up IPS Connect and I'm running into a couple of issues.
    I have a custom app with about 200 users and a forum with 20000+ users. I'm setting up the custom app as the master since that was recommended in the docs.
    My first issue is that IP.Board only seems to connect to the API when signing out. It does not try to connect to the API when logging in.
    Since not all users exist in the master app how should I check if they exist in the slave app when someone signs in on the master app?
    And finally how do I update a user in the slave app if they change their username/password/email in the master app?

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