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  1. Mark added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    Form suffixes
    The bottom two settings should have "seconds" as the suffix
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  2. Mark added a blog entry in IPS Company Blog   

    IP.SEO 1.5 Dev Update
    IP.SEO is a free extra from IPS which provides tools to enhance the Search Engine Optimization of your community. It includes features like sitemap generation, the ability to set meta tags on any page, search engine statistics and SEO-related advice on your configuration. The IPS Community Suite itself has many built-in SEO features that are suitable for nearly all communities however IP.SEO expands upon them with more advanced SEO features.

    We've been busy working on an update to IP.SEO which will be available soon. New features include:

    Live Meta Tag Editor

    IP.SEO has long had the ability to add custom meta tags to any page within your community, allowing you to modify the title, add a meta description and more on an individual-page basis.

    While working on IP.SEO 1.5, we looked into ways we could make this important tool more accessible, and have taken concepts we learned from the Visual Skin Editor in IP.Board 3.2 and applied them to this.

    Much like how with the Visual Skin Editor you can modify the skin live on the front-end, the Live Meta Tag Editor allows you to browse the front-end of your community and view and edit the meta tags configured for each page you visit. This allows you to customise the meta information on every page in your community easier than ever before so you can make sure all of your pages have exactly the right information you want to show search engines.

    Improved Sitemap

    In IP.SEO 1.5, we've added support for IP.Calendar, IP.Nexus and IP.Chat to the sitemap, so now all IPS applications are supported and your entire community can be accessed by site maps easily.

    But not only that, we've also added some new settings for forums. You can now exclude a forum from the sitemap, or even set a priority level for forums on an individual basis. This allows you to rate your important content such as focussed user discussions higher than for example, site-related announcements or off-topic discussion.

    Acronym Expansion

    Users on a community will often post acronyms or abbreviations about the topic of your community, which can cause those posts to be missing the important keywords your community targets.

    For example, we often have users post "IPB" as an abbreviation for "IP.Board". Search engines of course, don't know these are one in the same and when someone searches "IP.Board", posts that say "IPB" won't match. This can be a problem.

    In IP.SEO 1.5, we've added a feature we call Acronym Expansion, which will automatically either replace an acronym with the specified long version, or wrap an acronym in a HTML <acronym> tag so that search engines know what the user means.

    This allows you to ensure that even user-generated content includes the important keywords your community targets.

    Miscellaneous Enhancements

    We've also of course included many miscellaneous enhancements. For example, in IP.SEO 1.5 it will be easier to get started with automatic sitemap.xml generation and a tool to download a blank sitemap.xml file if one cannot be generated automatically.

    In addition, in an effort to improve the SEO within all of our base products, the next releases of IP.Board and IP.Content have had some links removed when viewing the community as a guest which are inaccessible to spiders like the "Like" button.

    Beta Available Now

    If you are comfortable testing beta software, IP.SEO 1.5 is now available for beta testing in our pre-release forum .

    As always if you have any suggestions for future versions of IP.SEO, please post them to our feedback forum . If you're not already using IP.SEO, make sure you download this free extra now!
  3. Mark added a post in a topic: ACP > Email Configuration   

    Please report bugs to the bug tracker
  4. Mark added a post in a topic: Time Zone adjust   

    It  should  detect the user's timezone automatically, and display all times to each user in their timezone. It's got yours as "America/New_York".
  5. Mark added a post in a topic: Embedded Video   

    If you can't get it to work, please let us know in the bug tracker specifically what you're doing, what browser you're using, etc.
  6. Mark added a post in a topic: IP.Downloads and IP.Commerce Integration   

    Downloads does not have a cart interface in 4.0, no.
  7. Mark added a post in a topic: Search keyword   

    Google stopped providing that information for most users some time ago. Since the feature no longer works, it has been removed. I know, it sucks.
  8. Mark added a post in a topic: Web Tests   

    You can report any pages which do not validate as HTML5 in the bug tracker (it is part of our coding standards that all pages should validate).
    We are not interested in speed or performance reports right now - we are tracking performance ourselves using server-side tools and actively making improvements. 
  9. Mark added a post in a topic: Changes Still?   

    Probably nothing major, but we will make small changes if we feel the need. Just yesterday actually I changed how PayPal payouts work in Commerce because the old way wasn't working so well (I changed from the Adaptive Payments API to the Mass Pay API) - not really a  new  feature, but it meant some settings changed. You get the idea.
  10. Mark added a post in a topic: IPS4 store functionality   

    IP.Nexus 3.x supported all of those things, and as does 4.0. Though for the third one, their details are still stored (otherwise... how would you know who to ship it to?)
  11. Mark added a post in a topic: Custom Profile Field - Field Type   

    Select is what it's called now. You should just be able to provide a blank option - if that doesn't work, it's probably a bug
  12. Mark added a file in IPS Extras   

    Developer Tools v4.0.0 Beta 2
    These files are required to use developer mode in IPS Community Suite.
  13. Mark added a post in a topic: Modify 3.4 Now or After 4.0 Is Released?   

    Both are fine choices.
    3.4 is a great product that will continue to be supported for a while and has a large number of Skins and Modifications available. It will take some time for 4.0 to catch up in that regard.
    On the other hand, 4.0 is a much more modern platform, with great new features, and much easier to write Applications and Plugins for.
  14. Mark added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0 - Delta Updates   

    No, the update that is downloaded depends on the applications installed so there's not a single update between versions (we have 7 applications and you can have any number, plus the zips are different for hosting customers, because they're encoded, so between two versions there's 254 possible different zips).
    The system can also download what you might consider "combined" delta updates - for example, if you're on 4.0.0 and you want to upgrade 4.0.2, it will create an update for you with all of the changed files between those two versions.
  15. Mark added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0 - Delta Updates   

    After uploading the zip, you'll still use the normal upgrade tool which will run any necessary SQL queries. 

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