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  1. CJF077 added a post in a topic: Pages in Menu   

    How do I remove the Word "Pages" from the main menu of the site now iPcontent is installed. Can I rename this to something else?

    Any help is appreciated.

  2. CJF077 added a post in a topic: Content Portal   

    IPB_3.3.X_Portal_2.2.zip is not working when downloading. Zip file is corrupt.
  3. CJF077 added a post in a topic: IP Content Help Needed   

  4. CJF077 added a post in a topic: IP Content Help Needed   

    Hi Guys.

    I am wondering if anyone can assist in converting the page at www.fordxr6turbo.com to IP Content.

    This was setup manually and I would like to migrate it, however have little experience.

    Please send me a message if you are able to do it and the cost involved.

    Thanks in advance.
  5. CJF077 added a post in a topic: WOW Gary's Awesomeness Again!   

    [quote name='Tigratrus' timestamp='1343226998' post='2290844']
    Can you clarify which Gary you are talking about? This one: http://community.inv...er/137679-gary/ ? Having contact info for skilled IPS server optimization is invaluable... :smile:
    Glad to hear you're up and running well again! :smile:


    You are correct it is Gary.
  6. CJF077 added a post in a topic: WOW Gary's Awesomeness Again!   

    Well I have had issues since the 17th of July when our server died. We were told we would get a new server and it would be built within 12 hours and a previous backup from the night before would be dropped down and restored and all would be ok.

    12 hours later, site was up with errors all over the place, the new server had double the RAM as previous (16GB) and 2 x new 10,000 RPM drives.

    Since the 17th we have had nothing but ISSUES. Server loads over 20, and the site going offline. Apache has been recompiled and restored more than 20 times and it was decided by our hosting company that possibly the backup restores was corrupt and they wanted to try again. I even had my own members being banned from a dodgy firewall configuration which was temp banning all members trying to browse the forum.

    UNTIL i came on here last night and saw some posts about Gary and his expertise with tuning server for ultimate performance running invisionboard.

    I decided to send him an email and was given a response instantly, saying sure i can help, give me your server IP and login details.

    Before i passed this info on I asked what the cost would be... a donation of anything is ok... are you kidding me? A donation?

    Gary immediately logged on and worked for hours on the server tuning and tweaking everything he could see was wrong.. which mind you was ALOT. He spent several hours working on it as I went to sleep (as i am in Australia).

    Only to find when I woke an email summary of exactly what was done.. and my server load now at 0.20!

    I must say Gary is an absolute genius in relation to server configuration and setup. He ironed out bugs, incorrect configurations and bad setups for what took my server engineers over a week to .... get nowhere. To be honest I was thinking I would give them the flick and move elsewhere, and this was a last resort.

    Please take this as a recommendation to use him for any dedicated server setup including configuration and tuning.. I will be using him in the future for any server related work that I may need..

    Thanks again!