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  1. Arun Kumar added a record in IP.Board   

    Incorrect URL in New Post Awaiting Approval email
    I found out that the URL in the New Post Awaiting Approval email ( e.g.: [url=""][/url] ) is incorrect as it shows the error:
      Sorry, we couldn't find that!
    We could not find the topic that this post belongs to.[/size][/color][/background][/background][/size][/font][/color]
    When we approve the post (after opening the topic through the forum instead) and then open the same approval link it shows the approved post. I am checking it using Admin account, so there isn't any permission issue here.
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  2. Arun Kumar added a post in a topic: Accessing IP.Content - unable to load any URL   

    I am new to IP.Content and I have installed it in my IP.Board (both with latest version as of now). My developer sent me the xml files to import skin and also gave me the code for the main page which I added. However when I access the URL (which shows after the page is added), it just shows a 404 error. The URL format is - I have FURLs enabled in IP.Board. Apache log shows the error "File does not exist: /home/username/public_html/forums/page"

    For the other 2 methods, I am not sure where to find the page ID (to be used with ) and the third method redirects to URL format when accessed from

    Does anyone know what could be wrong with the URL?
  3. Arun Kumar added a post in a topic: Adding banner ad in the first post of topic pages   

    I am looking to add a 300*250 size banner ad in the right side of the first post of all topic pages. I have seen this in many vB forums like: (check without logging in there). There is a plugin available in the marketplace: - it is a good one with many options, unfortunately it displays the ads in the first page of the topic only and not in all pages.The developer of the plugin did mention few months ago that he will look into displaying it in all pages but no update yet.

    Can the ads be added through IP.Board by editing the skin?
  4. Arun Kumar added a post in a topic: Banner Ads in 1st Post   

    The demo link is not working. Will the plugin add the ad for the first post in every topic pages or in the first page only? If anyone is using this plugin can you post (or PM me) your forum link?