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  1. Breadfan added a post in a topic: Kinda questionable IPB   

    IF there's an option (without having to edit template) to permamently disable this notice on the front-end, then I don't have any problems with it.
    IF this can't be done and the message pops up on its own every now and then on the front end of the forum, then, to me, this would be an issue.
  2. Breadfan added a post in a topic: Best Answer - Community option   

    ^^It's always more complicated to have bunch of people decide on a single matter then to have one person do it. each his own I gues..
  3. Breadfan added a post in a topic: Best Answer - Community option   

    Not too crazy about the whole idea. There is "Like" and there's "Best Answer". Adding anything more to that would just make things more confusing and complicated..
  4. Breadfan added a post in a topic: Is it safe to uninstall SEO (standalone app) after 3.4.0 upgrade?   

    ^^Guess you're right, I haven't realized it's no longer there. :)
  5. Breadfan added a post in a topic: Is it safe to uninstall SEO (standalone app) after 3.4.0 upgrade?   

    As the title says. :)

  6. Breadfan added a post in a topic: Emotion Management is absolutely horrible   

    +1 on the original post. The management of emoticons kinda sucks as it is but I don't find it an important issue to deal with, not for now at least.
  7. Breadfan added a post in a topic: Forums not adding to user post counts?   

    This is an honest question. I was wondering what is the practical use of having forums not adding to user postcounts?
    What makes them different from forums which are adding to user post counts in terms of content?

  8. Breadfan added a post in a topic: Warning points : how to correct a mistake?   

    The warning points can be edited in Admin CP -> Edit Member.
    As for editing warnings, yeah, I don't think you can right now. Would be cool if you could.
  9. Breadfan added a comment on a blog entry: Mobile Apps Status   

    You said the iOS app will be free but it's (still) not? Is the "IPS Communities" app we're talking about or did I get something wrong?
  10. Breadfan added a post in a topic: 2 questions   

    1. Did the IPB licence price go down (from 175$ fo 165$) or am I seeing this as a person who already owns 1 licence (discount perhaps)?

    2. Right now, my IP.Chat licence is valid for 6 months (free 5 users plan) as is my current licence. If I upgrade to 20 users a year (20 dollars) it will last, as presumed a whole year, even after my active licence expires (board and apps)?

    Thanks in advance & keep up the good work! :)

  11. Breadfan added a post in a topic: Oddball Question on Using IP Completely for a Site   

    Yes you can. IP.Content is used as a portal, IP.Board as a forum, IP.Blog as a blog, IP.Gallery as gallery software, IP.Downloads for downloads database..IP.Nexus for online store..pretty much, by buying the whole suite you have everything you need to build a complete web site.
  12. Breadfan added a post in a topic: 3.4.0 beta?   

    It's alive!!! It's alive!!! :D
  13. Breadfan added a post in a topic: 3.4.0 beta?   

    Good to see not too many skin changes, at least on the first glimpse.
  14. Breadfan added a post in a topic: 3.4.0 beta?   

    ^^Oh ok..I saw "ordinary" clients reporting 3.4.0 bugs in the tracker so I was wondering.. :)
    I guess I missed the link.
  15. Breadfan added a post in a topic: 3.4.0 beta?   

    Just wondering, is the 3.4.0 beta available to active clients?


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  1. Breadfan » Sarah Joy Sokoloff

    Is that you in the photo? Ssssmoking hot! :D

    1. Sarah Joy Sokoloff

      Behave N don't be weird!

  2. Breadfan » Olivier Turbis

    Hello there! Do you plan on releasing an update of iMedia Station to 3.2.0?

    1. Olivier Turbis

      Didn't make that app.

  3. Breadfan

    What's with the "My Issues" button in the Tracker? Well hell no! I don't have any issues! I'm perfectly fine!

  4. Breadfan

    OMG! OMG! OMG!

  5. Breadfan

    It's so hot over here, my nuts are sweating.

    1. The Heff


    2. dogpatch

      nice ocean breeze here :)

    3. Glumbo

      I wanted to know that

  6. Breadfan

    <Eric Cartman>Godd*mn I want Beta 2 nah!</Eric Cartman>

  7. Breadfan

    Little birdie told me..ah..screw the little birdie, release the beta2 already!

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    2. Jamie.


    3. TeamJesus

      oh no not angry smiles!! NOOOOOOO!

    4. TeamJesus

      oh no not angry smiles!! NOOOOOOO!

  8. Breadfan

    Yo IPS st4ff wazzup y0, yo cm0n get th4t b3et4h 2 sh1t re4dy f0r us consyum3rs y0!

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    2. rsyvarth

      "Yo IPS staff, what is up yo, yo come on get that beta 2 faeces ready for us consumers yo!" In case you were wondering

    3. .Peter

      ROFL faeces

    4. Aisha

      Actually, I think you have to be quite older than 10 to come with all that..

  9. Breadfan

    Is it realistic to expect gold 3.2.0 and accompaning apps by the end of the year?

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    2. dogpatch

      I would say within a few months isnt unreasonable.

    3. Cory b

      They've always been pretty good about going gold within a few months as long as nothing major doesn't pop up. You can only squash so many bugs.

    4. Planetby

      who cares lol

  10. Breadfan

    is also waiting for Matt's blog.

    1. .Ian

      Don't you have permission to read it? Thought everyone had read it by now? ;)

    2. Breadfan

      I posted the status update before he posted the blog. Off to read it!

  11. Breadfan

    I believe there's a serious fertility problem inside our Tracker. All I see is "Cannot Reproduce".

    1. AlexJ

      LMAO haha LOL

  12. Breadfan » Rikki

    Just testing.

  13. Breadfan

    Step 1: Wait for Beta 2; Step 2: Renew Licence!

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    2. ᴡᴅツ

      I remember renewing when 3.0 was announced...then waiting a year for it to be actually released...

    3. Breadfan

      ^^Well, announcing a project and releasing actuall betas (software) are two completely different things IMO.

    4. ørret

      i think 2.3.6 to 3.0 is a bigger jump than 3.1.5 to 3.2 :P That's why it may took a year.

  14. Breadfan

    So once the active licence expires, IP.Chat reverses to 0 users limit (instead of the Free 5 users)?

    1. Black-Elmo

      The 5 free users is for active license holders. Therefore this would be correct in happening.

    2. Breadfan

      Aha, ok. Thanks for clearing that up! :)

  15. Breadfan

    Is the 3.2 beta avaialble for download (active customers)?

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      (internal) QA release

    3. Breadfan

      ^^Well, the guy who had it tested was Active Customers? Does it mean if I renew my licence I get the access to that download as well?

    4. odox


  16. Breadfan

    Why the frak is it called Eurovision when almost all countries representatives sing in a freaking english language? Why not call it Anglovision?

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    2. The Nomad

      The conditions for "language" has changed many times from 1956 untill the present time. In 1973 the format was changed again to allow the entry to be performed in any language. In 1974 ABBA chose English for their entry, which turned out to be one of the biggest hits in the contest to date and transformed a well known group within their own country to world wide superstars. By their own admission "Waterloo" would not have been such a success had it been sung in their native la...

    3. Mark

      Songs are allowed to be in English, French or the official language of the respective country. Most choose English since it's the most commonly understood language amongst the participating countries and the show is broadcast in English - but each band can make up their own mind - Spain's entry this year for example, was in Spanish.

      Ian: It's a competition organised by the EBU (which has nothing to do with the EU) for it's members - nothing to do with politics or geography ;)

    4. .Ian

      Fully aware of the EBU - was merely responding to the fact that it was a 'non-European' county - din't want to complicate matters ;)

  17. Breadfan

    I need to change my status update by typing something new so here it goes: Something new.

  18. Breadfan

    People used to say, when the first black guy becomes US president, pigs will fly, Now we have Barrack Obama and swine flu!

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    2. Breadfan

      I love it.

    3. Paranormalis

      It isn't a bad joke. He's a Bad President and a Joke.
      The only reason Obama became president is 90% of all blacks voted for him and screwed America.

    4. media

      @paranormalis u are saying: Barack Obama got 69 million vote on 2008 Presidential election and typical election black comunity vote turns in 13 million vote and let's 13 say all 13 million went to Barack obama where that 56 million come from, I WONDER.... well.. :)

  19. Breadfan

    I have a problem with my board, does anyone know how to...JUST KIDDING! HA!

    1. Planetby

      Kick the dinkledoob, then turn the big red button 3 times and if that dont do it try kicking it hard lol

    2. Olivier Turbis

      make sure it's plugged.

    3. Herofiles ★

      OMGOMG, leth meh help ya broh, okay lets see was a joke...

  20. Breadfan

    Any way of "inviting" more Search engines spiders (IP.Seo related)?

    1. Olivier Turbis

      they'll come if they feel the need :)

    2. Mike John

      Could try submitting your sitemap to a few.

    3. Mat B

      Status updates are not a support channel. Please post in the appropriate forum.

  21. Breadfan

    I created this status and locked it just so you can't reply to it! Buahaha!

  22. Breadfan

    So much for the tuesdays release.. LOL

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    2. media

      Well, I wasn't expecting anything but i saw this status update and my hopes hit the roof... :) :) :)

    3. VioAdmin

      Damn you for locking your latest status!

    4. Breadfan

      <evil laughter>Buahaaha!</evil laughter>

  23. Breadfan

    IP.SEO rocks even harder!

    1. CommanderMadi

      Hell yeah!

  24. Breadfan

    Upgraded to blog 2.3.0

  25. Breadfan

    Fix the Blog bugs (bwhaaaa)!