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    IBTheme / IBSkin
    IBSkin has been in business since January 2003 and is one of the oldest and most trusted IPB skinning & themeing companies in the IPS community to date. We make some of the most unique and highly graphical themes and skins for IPB and many other web applications, you'll find anywhere. Visit the IBSkin Portfolio Gallery to view my past works. To see my latest works, just log on to the IBSkin forums to view all our current skins, pre-made and custom, live in action.
    We offer custom theme / skin design, CMS (Pages) design and setup, website design, logo design, banner design and we also design themes for wordpress and just about any software out there! For more details and information, please visit our website at www.ibskin.com
    You can contact me for hire using the contact link provided here or you can log on the the IBSkin Forums and open a support ticket for custom design. I also offer phone consultations and  support and the phone number will be provided to you once you have contacted me.
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  2. IBTheme added a post in a topic: The final date of implementation of the IP 4.0   

    ​Okay, this seriously made me laugh a little more than it probably should have. LOL
  3. IBTheme added a post in a topic: How do I change my display name?   

    Thank you so much Lindy!
  4. IBTheme added a post in a topic: beta 8 on   

    We've installed beta 8 on our test site, I tried to enable designers mode and got this error.
    Now I can't use my admin cp at all.
    UPDATE:  I can't access the public side at all either.

  5. IBTheme added a post in a topic: when launched official 4.0? not beta   

    IBSkin / IBTheme will be releasing our first theme just a few short hours after RC1 is released. I've already got a jump start on 'em, I just need to get everything updated for the RC1 and they will be up in our skin shop over on our site right away, and we'll get them uploaded to the marketplace shortly there after, once we have a few of them done.
  6. IBTheme added a post in a topic: Bug fix slow, releasedate?   

    ​ @Khue Le   Just type the @ sign followed by the name of the person your tagging and a pop up menu will appear with names similar to what you're typing. Just select the name you want.
  7. IBTheme added a comment: beta7a designer mode   

    We're having the same problem on the IBSkin testing site. We're at a stand still until next update. Nothing can be done with themes because of this issue.
  8. IBTheme added a post in a topic: Bug fix slow, releasedate?   

    WOW! That is awesome!  ​We should all pitch in and order these guys pizza and beer when they're all finished! LOL
  9. IBTheme added a post in a topic: How do I change my display name?   

    At least it's not just me. Thank you for checking on that guys.
    Maybe is a setting that needs adjusting with the new 4.0 upgrade. Hopefully the IPS guys can help us out.
  10. IBTheme added a post in a topic: Where Gallery SHARE links???   

    Look for the share icons just below the image on the left side of the page.

  11. IBTheme added a post in a topic: when launched official 4.0? not beta   

  12. IBTheme added a post in a topic: How do I change my display name?   

    I changed it once sometime last year and once about 5 years ago.
  13. IBTheme added a post in a topic: How do I change my display name?   

    Thank you Charles, but when I click on that link I get this message...
  14. IBTheme added a post in a topic: How do I change my display name?   

    Can anyone instruct me on where and how I can change my display name now on 4.0? I can't seem to find it in spite of my best efforts. I need to change it from IBSkin to IBTheme now.
  15. IBTheme added a post in a topic: Bug fix slow, releasedate?   

    ​Only IPS staff can answer that, but I did read somewhere that one of the staff members posted that they've fixed a LOT of bugs now since the last beta, so I wouldn't worry about it too much. It's all coming together beautifully. As with any new software release, there's going to be more issues in the beginning stages of the release because they will have so many more people using so many aspects of the software that often go unnoticed in beta testing. It's always to be expected. But, with that being said, IPS has always been super attentive about getting updates out to us as fast as they can to insure everyone is happy. It just takes patience and understanding. When you look at the whole big picture of things with the IPB 4.0 community suite, trust me, it's well worth the patience and understanding. You're not going to find a better community suite anywhere than IPB, even when it comes to betas and release candidates. Just be prepared for frequent minor upgrades in the beginning of any new software release, and you wont be disappointed.

Status Feed

  1. Ricw » IBTheme

    Cool idea for background pic.

  2. IBTheme

    All our skins for IPB 3.4.7 are marked down to only $12 - http://www.ibskin.com/forums/store/ Plus, we have an all new Valentine's Day 2015 skin for IPB 3.4 that we're about to release and it will come with FREE IPB 4.0 upgrades.

  3. IBTheme

    I'm making a new "New Years" theme for IPB 3.4 and 4.0

  4. IBTheme

    IPB 4.0 is quite impressive. I'm excited to start working on design ideas and skin drafts. Thank you to the IPS staff for the long hours and hard work for such an amazing product! :)

    1. AndyF

      * likes *

  5. IBTheme

    I have a feeling.... ;)

    1. The Old Man

      Lol! You reminded me of a song!

  6. IBTheme

    Lots of new skins on the way as soon as the 3.4.4 upgrades are done! (:

  7. IBTheme

    Releasing 2 All New World of Warcraft Skins Today!

  8. majdi fareed » IBTheme

    Help me because I do not know how to open a note In short I've buy Theme you you help me because I paid you money It is not right to give me a picture file is corrupt!! I want immediate help and this is my right

  9. IBTheme

    2 new skins released at IBSkin today! XBox 360 and Pure. Stop by www.ibskin.com/forums to preview these skins live!

  10. ForceGaming » IBTheme

    Im running 3.3.2 on my forums, will the "Evave" theme have any skinning problems that you know of? I only use basic plugins, nothing custom. :P

    1. IBTheme

      Good Morning! and Yes, Evave will work just fine on 3.3.2. :)
      I would recommend purchasing it straight from our site at www.ibskin.com/forums so you are listed as a customer and you will receive immediate support incase it's ever needed.

  11. IBTheme

    Lots of new stuff released at IBSkin this week! Go check it out at www.ibskin.com/forums

  12. IBTheme

    4th of July Sale! - Save 20% Off EVERYTHING in the IBSkin Shop! Coupon Code ► 4JUL20 - A new skin released! "EVAVE". Check it out at www.ibskin.com

  13. IBTheme

    4th of July Sale! - Save 20% Off EVERYTHING in the IBSkin Shop! Coupon Code ► 4JUL20 - PLUS - A new skin released! "EVAVE". Check it out at www.ibskin.com

  14. IBTheme » AndyF

    Happy Birthday Andy! :D

    1. AndyF


  15. IBTheme

    We're still having our 30% off sale at IBSkin until Tuesday, June 19th, and today I just released the all new "Call Of Duty" skin!

  16. IBTheme


    1. okaydeathisgone

      Thanks fore the skins

    2. IBTheme

      Thanks! My Pleasure! :)

  17. The Old Man » IBTheme

    Thanks for the awesome Christmas skins Sherri - brilliant as always!

  18. IBTheme

    Pumpkin Patch 3.2.3 Released at IBSkin!

  19. IBTheme

    2 new skins for IPB 3.2 released at IBSkin, and I'll have another one ready for release this evening or tomorrow morning!

  20. IBTheme

    Preview the next new skin to be released (after I get some more upgrades out) http://www.ibskin.com/hosted/xeriteq-ss-1.png

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    2. IBTheme

      Well... long story somewhat short... Me, my husband and our 2 children sat on the living room floor in his dad's house, just staring at the walls for 3 days and 4 nights, it total shock. We couldn't eat, we couldn't fall asleep, we couldn't even think straight. It took us all nearly 5 months to come to terms with his passing, since we had just lost my dad exactly 1 year before that, and his mom passed exactly 2 years before. So we lost one a year, for 3 years, all in May &...

    3. IBTheme

      & June. My dad passed on or 13th wedding anniversary (also mothers day) and his mom passed away on my daughter's birthday, and his dad passed away exactly 10 days after his own birthday. We didn't know how to cope. So I didn't skin for several months, and when I finally returned to skinning, IPS had released the new 3.1 version a few months before my return, and I got busy on upgrading holiday skins as fast as I could, and this "Xeriteq" skin was just forgotten and lo...

    4. IBTheme

      lost in all our trauma and shock. I would have never remembered that I even created and completed that skin if it were not for a customer of mine asking me about it and why it was never released. I had to go dig it out. Anyhooo... that's my story. LOL (I bet you wasn't wanting THAT MUCH of an explaination, huh? LOL =P

  21. IBTheme

    Tropical Breeze Skin upgraded to work with IPB 3.1.4 and all the latest stable releases of the gallery, blogs, downloads & nexus. - http://www.ibskin.com/forums/index.php/store/product/21-tropical-breeze-31/

  22. IBTheme

    ★ ★ UPDATED!!! - Preview the 4th of July Remembrance Skin Here: http://www.ibskin.com/hosted/remb-ss-1.png ★ ★

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    2. IBTheme

      Thank You Shadow! :)

    3. .Ian

      Wasn't this skin out a couple of years ago? Or is my memory doing tricks on me.

    4. IBTheme

      Yes, it was out for IPB 2.3 about 3 or years ago. But instead of "upgrading" it, I just redesigned it completely. New colors, new designed header, new icons, etc. :)

  23. IBTheme

    ★ ★ Preview the 4th of July Remembrance Skin Here: http://www.ibskin.com/hosted/remb-ss-1.png ★ ★

    1. Breadfan

      Looks really cool! :)

    2. DarkGizmo

      Really nice work as always Sherri! How are you feeling hun? :-)

    3. IBTheme

      Thank you so much guys! @DarkGizmo: Thankfully, much, much better. I've got 90% feeling back in my left hand and 70% feeling back in my right hand. I'm just thankful I'm able to use the computer again. Finally got a grip on the whole anxiety thing, I think, so it's all down hill from here. *Progress!*

  24. IBTheme

    OMG! Been gone for a few weeks, come back, and WOW!!! 3.2 looks like a skin designers dream come true. I'm blown away! IPS has really gone above and beyond any expectations I could have had, and I'm so excited to see this glimpse of near perfection headed our way. Thank You IPS!!!! ♥

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. AndyF

      Welcome back :)

    3. Rikki

      Thanks Sherri! I've put a lot of effort into trying to make the CSS easier for both skinners and developers working on new apps. I hope I've succeeded!

    4. IBTheme

      Thank you AndyF, and you're very welcome, Rikki. I am so excited, it makes it hard to concentrate on my skin work for 3.1 now. lol This skin is awesome! (although, the icons still bug me. lol)