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  1. Alex added a post in a topic: European Union cookie law. Yes another topic!   

    I am of the opinion that it's up to you as a site owner to make sure you comply to local laws. If IP.Board implements this cookie law for example, what would stop some customers from another country demanding that their laws are adhered to? Things like this, and COPPA (which is another silly law) compliance are definitely up to the site owner :smile:

    Just do what the BBC and the majority of major UK sites I have seen use, put a small banner at the top that says along the lines of "By using this site you agree to us storing cookies, leave now if you do not wish to". IP.Board wouldn't have stored anything by that point.
  2. Alex added a post in a topic: Download: WordPress SSO Integration   

    I'll look into that this weekend, but the passwords can only be synced if they manually log in to IP.Board or WordPress (in other words, they don't use the automatic SSO) - SSO itself won't transfer passwords due to them being unreadable as hashes.

    There's no reason to say why this won't work on 3.4.0 but I will be testing it with the new WordPress release this weekend and get back to you.
  3. Alex added a post in a topic: IPS and Wordpress Integration   

    It's been out for around 18 months, I just unapproved the file so I can look into a few things - the current version doesn't use IPS Connect so it would work on 3.2+. Should be back up this weekend.
  4. Alex added a post in a topic: IPS and Wordpress Integration   

    I'll be looking at it this weekend. :)
  5. Alex added a post in a topic: PhotoPost 7 to IP.Gallery Conversion issues   

    Can you submit a ticket FAO of myself so I can look into the site in detail and run a test conversion?
  6. Alex added a post in a topic: conversion nightmare.. how much for service?   

    There are technical reasons why we can't convert the permissions. What other bugs are you stuck on? I personally converted 4 forums yesterday after our most recent patch and they all went smooth (XenForo, vBulletin 4, Kunena, and a PHPBB board)
  7. Alex added a post in a topic: PhotoPost 7 to IP.Gallery Conversion issues   

    That file shouldn't be included.. PhotoPost 8 is the one for Gallery 5 - can you upgrade to 8 before switching?
  8. Alex added a post in a topic: conversion nightmare.. how much for service?   

    Please redownload the converters - there was an issue that caused the links to not work. If you setup a conversion and make sure you don't tick 'merge' on vBulletin, it will also work. Either way download the new build.

    Also, from what you have explained you shouldn't be checking 'Merge' on the conversion setup as you are not merging two or more forums into IPB.

    Boards not showing up isn't a bug - we cannot convert permissions from any forum software, it's something that you have to do post-conversion.
  9. Alex added a post in a topic: Posts and Topics mixed up   

    This has been resolved in v1.2.3 of the converters and as such you will need to download this build and rerun the conversion - that solves the mix up with topics and posts.
  10. Alex added a post in a topic: UBB converter problem   

    That should rectify the problem if you run the conversion from the top to the bottom again.
  11. Alex added a post in a topic: UBB converter problem   

    That is strange, can you run this query and return the results to me please?

    SELECT app_id, name, app_merge FROM conv_apps
  12. Alex added a post in a topic: UBB converter problem   

    Hm, the package doesn't contain the right query - I'll get that updated first thing in the morning. For now you can run these two and it should get you running.

    ALTER TABLE conv_apps MODIFY app_merge TINYINT(1) NOT NULL DEFAULT 1; UPDATE conv_apps SET app_merge=1;

  13. Alex added a post in a topic: Big Board Conversion   

    Yes it is, though that specific change only applies to vBulletin conversions at this stage, we can roll it out to others with ease if requested but vBulletin is where we see the bulk of the very large forums coming from.
  14. Alex added a post in a topic: Media youtube tag after coverting from Xenforo   

    The following query *should* work, however please, please make a backup before attempting this, the nature of the query in the sense of it altering post content means you must be prepared to roll back.

    =" );
    UPDATE posts SET post=REPLACE(post, "[media=youtube]", "[media]

    That will update the posts to find all of the media=youtube tag and replace it with the appropriate format. adjust UPDATE posts to include your SQL table prefix if necessary (e.g. UPDATE ibf_posts).

    TCWT - your best bet is to add a new BBCode under Look and Feel for and use the YouTube Embed code in the replacement. This will avoid you having to run queries.
  15. Alex added a post in a topic: Conversion from phpBB3 to IPBoard   


    You can setup the forums to how you wish before rolling out, however at roll out you will need to reconvert any area which has changed (so usually members, topics, posts, pms, and attachments.. in that order). You won't need to create a new install of IP.Board.

    You would also have to visit the recount and rebuild areas after your second conversion to make sure all the caches are up to date :)

Status Feed

  1. Alex

    Very impressed with IPS Community Suite 4.0. Great job to everyone involved. :)

  2. AndyF » Alex

    You visited but forgot to leave me a message :(

  3. Con » Alex

    IP.Tracker 2.1 Beta 3 is virtually unusable in IPB 3.2.3! Please help when you can. It's a great mod and it's a shame if it isn't made more compatible with the latest version of IPB.

  4. Alex

    Finally got internet back, woo!

    1. AndyF

      Welcome back. :) , did you 'forget' to pay ? :P

    2. Alex

      I wish :P Weather severely damaged Virgin's fibre cabinet.. a 6 hour fix went to over 24 hours :(

    3. ørret

      But you're alive right?

  5. Alex » teraßyte

    I've overtaken you on rep nah nah ;)

  6. Alex

    For those wondering, you can *now* report Tracker bugs, hoozah!

    1. Lewis P

      You'll regret that when I get digging. :p

    2. Jake Sully

      looool Lewis P xD

  7. Alex

    Go on, admit it, who's impressed!

    1. The Heff

      You baked a cake?

    2. xChris777

      Is it chocolate?

    3. tranceandy

      I'm visually impressed!

    4. AlexJ

      I am!!

    5. ZakRhyno

      Impressed with what?

    6. AlexJ

      New Visual Skin Editor... :)

    7. .Peter

      I'm impressed.

    8. AndyF

      Never mind about that, whens 237 coming out ? :P

    9. media

      @.Peter me too.. :)

    10. IBSkin

      I'm VERRRY Impressed! This is awesome!

  8. Alex

    Go on, admit it, who's impressed!

  9. Alex

    This Wednesday marks 2 and a half years since the IP.Board 3 reveal, that time has gone so fast, and look where we're at now!

    1. Brian Guerra

      Crazy stuff

    2. ørret

      3.2 is so amazing you wont need to update it for 5 years.

    3. ørret

      (SKIN/DESIGN) :)

  10. larva » Alex

    sorry for bother , the [AH30] Reputation 1.0.2 , is not working in ipb 3.1.4 , you plan to release a fix ?

  11. AlexJ » Alex

    There is php errors in latest version of Tracker. Can I PM the errors to you?

  12. Alex

    My shoulders been hurting all day today :s coming down with some bug aswell :(

    1. AndyF

      :( I've had it twice lol. Second round is slightly easier though but that's no consolation I know.

  13. Alex » AndyF

    yay, i've missed you. Tracker 2.0.1 is pretty damn stable, very pleased with it :)

  14. AndyF » Alex

    I'm back now :p

  15. AlexJ » Alex

    Missing front side shiny updates shown in mock up video :( Any help would be appreciated to get it working correctly.

  16. Alex

    Can anyone with IE8 go into the Tracker here, F5 to load new CSS etc, and then go to the IP.Tracker project, screenshot it and PM me it please :) Need to check the severity column width bug.

    1. media

      Sent... :)

    2. Alex

      Thanks a bunch :)

  17. Alex

    Just had a fun bug-fixing session with IP.Tracker, all reported bugs dealt with!

    1. DawPi

      love you. love me?

    2. media

      Great news :)

    3. AlexJ

      Please tell me u removed 'Started by'!
      I will love you big time :D

    4. Alex

      No I didn't, can't change the column title to that because otherwise it will be 'Started By' 0 posts, which is a bit odd - and because we need to save as much column space as possible for stuff like versions, can't do too much about it :/

  18. Alex » AndyF

    Thanks, yeah could've been worse :P Got to manually fix versions that messed up, but apart from that nothing major messed up :)

  19. AndyF » Alex

    Tracker's looking good now its on here :) , 'real world' test is best as it was quite stable. I am not aware of a bigger tracker db than here.

  20. Alex » AndyF


  21. Alex

    First time I've woken up before 8am since before Christmas. Not too keen on it either..

    1. AndyF

      I woke early today too. I saw a bit of the eclipse on tv.

    2. ørret

      You watched the eclipse on tv with the eclipse glasses on right? :P

  22. Alex

    Phew, upgraders are not fun. Tackled the 1.3 -> 2.0 Tracker upgrader in a day, now for extensive testing!

    1. Jaggi

      Been there done that, updated one of my mods in a day, 3 days later still testing!

    2. media

      Thank you some much for your hard work... We appiracte your effort.. :)