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  1. Jυra added a post in a topic: Disposable/temp email addresses   

    But they're not checking into a hotel with a name...
  2. Jυra added a post in a topic: Where is the Feedback and Suggestions forum for IPBoard?   

    People were posting suggestions for IPB in two forums when there was a forum for it.
  3. Jυra added a post in a topic: Disposable/temp email addresses   

    It's not exactly lying to the site owner. They're registering to a site that asked for an email to be inputed into a field and they did.
    Having to create an email address and making it forward would be "fake" and temporary. Someone doesn't have to be afraid to want to use such sites, as they could just value privacy or think it's just wise. 
  4. Jυra added a post in a topic: Sell / Buy Images!   

    I would not use it, but it would make sense and could open new types of sites using the software.
  5. Jυra added a post in a topic: Disposable/temp email addresses   

    So what I get is that it's more of an ego issue than anything else from your reply. I personally set that aside and give a little benefit of doubt until there's a reason not to.
  6. Jυra added a post in a topic: Disposable/temp email addresses   

    Please don't go crazy with banning email domains unless you have problems. I use email addresses to cover my real one so that my email isn't leaked in a breach, spammed by the administrators, or sold/shared.
  7. Jυra added a post in a topic: "Views" count in all IPS apps are fake !   

    As an administrator and member of forums I think thread and other view counts should be removed. They mean nearly nothing and can frustrate people that see their thread get views, but no replies. If I were to be interested in anything similar, it would be a list of which signed-in members viewed the thread and not how many.
  8. Jυra added a post in a topic: Perpetual licenses being done away with.   

    If IPS is a company that prides itself in doing the right thing then do the right thing.
    Those people are having what they paid for removed.
    I don't have such a license but there will be a time when something like this will happen to me by IPS. I would like to hope the community would show their support and not rigorously defend a bad decision. It's not like someone is going to give you gifts just for defending the brand by sucking up.
  9. Jυra added a post in a topic: Invalid emails on members accounts   

    The blacklist thing is a concern. This feature likely won't help already existing forums, but there isn't any point to forums having email features if they can't get messages sent.

    Much more useful feature than status updates.
  10. Jυra added a post in a topic: Links Directory   

    I had a single category that had uploaded images where the links were listed. I can't seem to re-enable it. Where is the feature? The images haven't been deleted thankfully, but I'd like to get this fixed pretty soon.
  11. Jυra added a post in a topic: Links Directory   

    I saw that too, so I just pasted in the category description into the category notes for each in addition to the description. It's not a fix, but it looks nice.
  12. Jυra added a post in a topic: Shrinking embedded videos to fit skin   

    This no longer works. QQ

  13. Jυra added a post in a topic: Trader Feedback System   

    How easy is it just to use the profile part of this and not the topic view or page parts? Settings?
  14. Jυra added a post in a topic: Time limit option to delete posts?   

    That is very disingenuous if you're trying to say all the law does is raise awareness. It takes webmaster particiaption, not just government.
    If you take a look at the computers of the users you'll still see cookies that didn't have notices. See cookie law video above. I'm not against countries regulating or getting involved with the Internet, but it has to make sense and benefit people.
  15. Jυra added a post in a topic: Time limit option to delete posts?   

    The EU could have instead made policy of raising awareness. Those users still have those cookies and nobody benefited from the law. The EU could have even developed browser plugins (or something similar) themselves. I don't see what this has to do with the NSA.


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    IP.Converge modules need some love.

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      They've needed some love for a couple years now. No one wants to pick them up, though.

  3. Jυra » Festtem

    Yes, very much into Japanese animation.

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    I've seen your anime-il.com site before from Google and just wanted to say I've always liked its neat gold coloring and style.

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    My ball fell in your yard. Will you get it for me?

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    Make sure I know when the system is ready for IPB3. I'll buy it when I upgrade.

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    Is your Video System mod going to be upgraded for IPB3 and will there be a way to upgrade it if I install it on 2.3.6? I was looking into it..

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    You are my hero.

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    It must be nice to work with people who support you and are so confident in your ability.

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    Someone wrote on your arms with Crayons.

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    Make your kids work for IPS.

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    ibskins.com is a site in the making?
    Also, can you tell me if the new default layouts for IPB are tested well in Opera and Safari? = (

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    You have a very wonderful looking site.

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    Your forum is huge. How did you grow it?

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    Thanks so much for your help. Maybe you'll be available to convert my forum skin for IPB3 sometime.

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