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  1. LKW-Allrad added a post in a topic: Request: Allow for pre-orders   

    Me 2 :smile:
  2. LKW-Allrad added a post in a topic: IPB Unlimited by IPS Themes   

    thanks for update to 3.34 !!
    No tested @ all.....
  3. LKW-Allrad added a post in a topic: Nexus and i dont (will) need a forum in the background   

    For a long time i do a forum with more than 2000 Members.
    Time is changing..
    the plan is to use nexus but without the forum in the background, only for the memberlist

    What i need is:

    and a mainsite from the domain without the forum-view !

    Now the problems:
    to set up a new forum with integrating the older user database (Memberlist)
    and start a new website.
    New users must can do a new registration.. (paymant / newsletter and so on..)

    I will sell some physical-stuff ==> "videos" with nexus, thats the way i like to do.
    It ist possible without IP-Content ?
    Just using nexus for the sell-things ??

    Many thansk for answers.

    More i will like an system Nexus as standalone without the IP-Forums.....
  4. LKW-Allrad added a post in a topic: Edit Nexus homepage html   

    My dream :)
    will be to make Nexus my first page
    without any thing of Forums

    Same i'am looking for.....
    i dont need a Forum, i do it 10 years.... (a to) long time :D
    It is possible without a forum, i only need the registered users !
    with the chance that they can reg like before.
    With no Forum anymore..... (not visible...for the clients/viewers)
  5. LKW-Allrad added a post in a topic: IPS Marketplace is powered by IP.Nexus?   

    what i need ist the following thing:
    First i stop my Forum @ April this year,
    i did like to use Nexus on the based existing Userlist,
    without the Forum,
    is this possible ?

    IP-Download i have to get again,
    this will not a problem. Logical.
    Thanks for Answer :smile:
  6. LKW-Allrad added a post in a topic: Adverts: Home page take overs and skins   

    i did like to know this 2 :smile:
    Thanks for answers
    what i got is
    IP-Board only and the forum is OFFLINE
    Is it possible to do it without IP.Content (for me its to complicated)
  7. LKW-Allrad added a comment on a file: IPB Unlimited by IPS Themes   

    i got an litle Problem since the uodate to the V.3.30:

    when i try to make a post...
    anyone same problems ?
    And the color picker is gone away....

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