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  1. Sannis added a comment on a blog entry: IPB 3: Creating a new framework using PHP 5   

    [quote name='Jaggi' date='May 12 2008, 02:20 PM']technically speaking depending on how its done it should be possible just to extend/include the post classes and call on existing methods so you wouldn't need a api which would just end up being code duplication. Depending on how it works they might have to make a api if the post class gets too complicated although this shouldn't really be the case.
    Thanks for this, really convenient.
  2. Sannis added a comment on a blog entry: IPB 3: Making Templating Easier   

    Greetings, colleagues.
    I think many designers can tell you very much for this improvement :)

    Interested in the question: how will I editing such a large template? Will this be supported by forum ACP or can be edited as a template file?

    Sorry for my English.

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Russian parallel programming and IPB developer.
Physicist with interests in nonlinear optics field, atmosphere filamentation and numeric experiments.

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