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  1. Bendensin added a post in a topic: CSS Style Sheet Non-existent for Resutls of Purpose   

    When I run a test purchase with 2Checkout, I get a result like this:

    This is a 2Checkout page, I assume I have to upload a CSS style sheet somewhere, but I have no idea how or where I might do it, can someone assist?
  2. Bendensin added a post in a topic: (SD) Company Directory   

    Spanner I love this app. But when you have these choices for download:
    I have no idea which one to download and then upload. I'm using PHP 5.4, so any one of these choices should work, but they don't. I have to download and upload all of them until I find the one which doesn't break everything.
  3. Bendensin added a post in a topic: How Do I Allow HTML in Blogs?   

    Unfortunately, now I have a new problem. I just added the embed code from a Facebook page. When I go to the blog in question, I see this:

    As you can see, the code from Facebook is what is displayed.
    When I click on the title of the blog post, I see this:

    It's displaying, but not at the same width I see it on Facebook, the width is only a little over half of the horizontal space.
    Can someone help me?
  4. Bendensin added a post in a topic: How Do I Allow HTML in Blogs?   

    Thank you Mark.
    I was trying to do it under "Manage Member Permissions" in Admin. I see now that I need to create a group to allow  posting of HTML in the blogs.
  5. Bendensin added a post in a topic: How Do I Allow HTML in Blogs?   

    I need to import things from Facebook and other sites which requires me to post HTML. I can't find any setting in Admin for this, nor can I find an option to turn on HTML in the blogs. I toggled the "HTML/BBcode" switch in the text box also, and that didn't work.
    How would I allow HTML in the blogs?
  6. Bendensin added a post in a topic: (M34) Videos System   

    Thank you, Mike, it worked.
  7. Bendensin added a post in a topic: (M34) Videos System   

    The number of videos in my "Other Videos" category has automatically created a second page. I can access the first page just fine, the first page is here:
    But when I click on the "page 2" link to go to the second page, I get this error:
    I'm doing this as Admin, and I don't know why just clicking to go to page 2 would cause a permissions error. Can you assist?
    I'm using Videos System v3.0.3.
  8. Bendensin added a post in a topic: How would I insert both JavaScript Code and a JavaScript link (to Google) in the Header of a Page Template?   

    Thank you Marcher! That makes complete sense, but it's still not working.
    After making your suggested revision, the page template now looks like this:
    {parse addtohead="" type="javascript"} {parse addtohead="<script src=''></script>" type="raw"} {ccs special_tag="page_content"} Everything works on the page itself, but the DIV which is supposed to contain the map is still empty:
  9. Bendensin added a post in a topic: IPB vs Facebook   

    Facebook was hurting me too. But now Facebook is a source of my traffic. My site, ( ), has the forum but also articles, using IP Content, and tons of photos using IPGallery. Previously I had gotten tired of answering the same questions over and over in my forum, so I wrote articles which covered all of the usual questions ( ). Now I use the articles in the same way with Facebook. I do the same with the photos in the photo gallery.
    Here's what I did:
    First I opened a Facebook PAGE about Turkey under the same name as my site (don't open a Facebook group, you will end up with a second forum).
    Then I joined as many Facebook groups and followed as many pages about Turkey that I could. Now once a week I visit them. I am  looking for two things:
    1. Any content on other pages and groups that I can share on my Facebook page . Just by perusing similar Facebook pages and groups and sharing, my Facebook page has grown substantially in popularity. Of course I also add posts about my articles and interesting topics in my forum.
    In a sitting I sometimes share up to 50 posts and photos from other Facebook pages and groups. All of the good stuff (no BS posts) from multiple pages and groups ends up on my page. Of course every one of those shared posts ends up with a link to my site in the "Say something about this" option which appears every time I share something.

    2. Any comments, or any of the same questions in Facebook groups or pages that I get in my forums, which are answered in my articles. Or a post about something which I have a photo of. When I find something like this, I reply. And my reply includes a link to one of my articles or photos/photo galleries about the same subject. I don't over-do it. Facebook page owners don't mind this practice as long as you're helping a member, and you are! :)
    Think of it as chumming. There's lots of fish guts in the water (a suitable metaphor for most of the content on Facebook), and lots of fish will get a free meal. But you can also throw your line in with a nice chunk of bait and catch a lot of them.
    Think of Facebook, at least those groups and pages about the same thing your site is about, as a chum slick. Happy fishing!
  10. Bendensin added a post in a topic: No Image for Posted Calendar Event in Facebook   

    Thank you tAPir!
  11. Bendensin added a post in a topic: No Image for Posted Calendar Event in Facebook   

    I also saw the same thing recently when posting an article. A big white block.

  12. Bendensin added a post in a topic: How would I insert both JavaScript Code and a JavaScript link (to Google) in the Header of a Page Template?   

    The problem is that one line of JavaScript I can add to the head by using parse addtohead.

    The other line is a link to JavaScript on Google's website. Parse addtohead doesn't work for that, I need to add that directly into the head of the template.

    So apparently I need to create a new template, but I can't figure out where I would get the code for a template that has its own head, into which I can add these lines for both kinds of JavaScript.

    All of the other templates I have seen (which I could copy) don't have the head information in them.
  13. Bendensin added a post in a topic: No Image for Posted Calendar Event in Facebook   

    I wanted to show off my Invision Power calendar for a city (Antalya, Turkey). I posted a link to my calendar in a related Facebook page. As a result, what I saw on Facebook was this:

    There is a space for a logo, or something, to the left. How can I make my logo appear there, or whatever is supposed to appear there? I assume that blank block is supposed to have something in it.
  14. Bendensin added a post in a topic: (SD) Company Directory   

    Two questions/suggestions, and some general feedback...

    1. Is there a way to make the contact e-mail address optional?

    I would like to populate my directory with 1,000 businesses or so with free listings obtained from information that is already online. Basic business information. Then we're going to start approaching these businesses and offer these pages for sale to the business owners, and add much more detailed info, photos, etc., then give them a login name and password so they can manage their pages once they pay. You have a great feature here which enables us to change the owner of the page when somebody buys it.

    A lot of businesses, restaurants for example, don't use a contact e-mail address, so I can't add them to the company directory.

    2. Is there a way to add a tabbed panel, so a page can have more than one language?

    The businesses I deal with are in Turkey. And while my audience is English-speaking, the business owners are definitely going to want a Turkish language option. Rather than having two languages on one page, I'd like to suggest another option.

    As an example, I'm using the Classifieds plug-in to list real estate.

    Example URL:

    It has tabs for the description, one for "Overview" and a second for "Questions." I can also add other tabs for whatever other pages I want, so if this was incorporated into the company directory, it could be used for multiple languages, among other things.

    Some feedback

    This product has tons of potential in my opinion. Everybody uses TripAdvisor to find businesses. But the businesses don't control these pages, TripAdvisor does. While it's nice to have customer reviews, one of their biggest problems here is competitors who pose as reviewers to write false, and bad, information about them. With the business directory, they can have a "TripAdvisor" type page that they own, and can update any time they want. They can also decide for themselves what to do about the reviews.

    Also for us, when we have a page about a business, we (our website) also appears in the Google search results any time somebody searches for that business, and people learn about our website and visit it as a result.

    After we add around a thousand businesses with basic info (so we don't have to go in saying "you're our first business!") we plan to sell these pages cheap. A representative could theoretically just go from place to place with a digital camera and laptop, and create a page for a business, get payment, and move to the next one.

    And by selling yearly subscriptions, it's regular income. I think this could be a real money-maker for us who use this plug-in.