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  1. Bendensin added a post in a topic: IPB vs Facebook   

    Facebook was hurting me too. But now Facebook is a source of my traffic. My site, ( ), has the forum but also articles, using IP Content, and tons of photos using IPGallery. Previously I had gotten tired of answering the same questions over and over in my forum, so I wrote articles which covered all of the usual questions ( ). Now I use the articles in the same way with Facebook. I do the same with the photos in the photo gallery.
    Here's what I did:
    First I opened a Facebook PAGE about Turkey under the same name as my site (don't open a Facebook group, you will end up with a second forum).
    Then I joined as many Facebook groups and followed as many pages about Turkey that I could. Now once a week I visit them. I am  looking for two things:
    1. Any content on other pages and groups that I can share on my Facebook page . Just by perusing similar Facebook pages and groups and sharing, my Facebook page has grown substantially in popularity. Of course I also add posts about my articles and interesting topics in my forum.
    In a sitting I sometimes share up to 50 posts and photos from other Facebook pages and groups. All of the good stuff (no BS posts) from multiple pages and groups ends up on my page. Of course every one of those shared posts ends up with a link to my site in the "Say something about this" option which appears every time I share something.

    2. Any comments, or any of the same questions in Facebook groups or pages that I get in my forums, which are answered in my articles. Or a post about something which I have a photo of. When I find something like this, I reply. And my reply includes a link to one of my articles or photos/photo galleries about the same subject. I don't over-do it. Facebook page owners don't mind this practice as long as you're helping a member, and you are! :)
    Think of it as chumming. There's lots of fish guts in the water (a suitable metaphor for most of the content on Facebook), and lots of fish will get a free meal. But you can also throw your line in with a nice chunk of bait and catch a lot of them.
    Think of Facebook, at least those groups and pages about the same thing your site is about, as a chum slick. Happy fishing!
  2. Bendensin added a comment on a file: (SD) Company Directory   

    This is an excellent app. It definitely exceeded my expectations. In my opinion it is better than TripAdvisor. Well worth the money. 
  3. Bendensin added a comment: [Beta 3a] Upgrader error on step 19   

    This article has helped me understand how these databases and pages work more than anything else I've read.  A question though, how would a user upload a photo? 
    I tried adding a field for "attachments" and used the "Single File Upload" option as the last field, but it uploads the photo to the "Tips, Notes or Other Comments" WYSIWYG editor which is immediately above it.
    Then I look at the recipe itself as displayed on the page for the user to see.
    First there is a thumbnail of the image (at the very top and appearing first), then the word "Attachments" (which automatically appeared there) then the same thumbnail appears again below that.  Next there are the contents of the other fields (ingredient list, preparation etc), which are displaying properly.  Then in the Tips, Notes or Other Comments section the same thumbnail appears a third time.
  4. Bendensin added a comment: [Beta 3a] Upgrader error on step 19   

    Thanks very much for this tutorial!

    But in Step 5, I can't seem to find where to make a page for the database, so I'm stuck... perhaps things have changed? Where would I go to find the "create a new page" section? Would that be creating a new template? I'm using IP Content version 2.1.2.
  5. Bendensin added a post in a topic: Feature Request: IP Brochures   

    I'm very impressed at how Invision Power has basically replaced everything I've done on my site, which is about Turkey (I'm an American living in Turkey). Now, I just want to merge everything under the Invision Power features. You guys are the best, and if I can do everything under your community software, it would make my life a LOT easier.

    But there's one part of my site, which I'm still working on now, that Invision Power hasn't done yet, and I offer this as a suggestion: Brochure Websites.

    Although it's far from finished, you can find an example here (please forgive the lack of refinement):

    Basically this "Brochure" site is for those businesses which don't have websites and which don't want to pay for them, it's for "Mehmet's shish-kebab stand."

    The price for a brochure website like this would be so low, that Mehmet would gladly purchase it. And the effort the forum owner would have to expend would also be so low that it would be worth it to go out and do it. Personally, I think a system like this would be very profitable where I am.

    Everything works from a single control panel, that is, a forum owner can simply upload text, photos, and the geo-coordinates of the business's location, and suddenly that business has a one-page website with everything anybody needs to know about that business.

    Additionally, a forum owner or his/her agents can go to a restaurant (for example), talk to the owner, and in just one hour he/she can make them a brochure website, and walk away with cash in hand. And that brochure website would be integrated into the IPB community suite. It's an instant website which will bring customers to that business from the forum owner's community, and put cash in the pocket of the owner of that forum, just by walking around with a digital camera and a laptop, and talking to local small businesses!

    Of course this is just a suggestion. I'm going to pursue this idea with our without you... But since you've basically replicated everything I've done (in a far more professional way), I thought I'd share my latest idea with you... since I think you could do a far better job of this than I could!