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  1. John Swallow added a post in a topic: The most limited platform ever built   

    He's not talking about IP.Board, even though he's put it in the IP.Board category, he's talking about IP.Content

    And I'm sorry to say, he has a point. I love IP.Board as much as the next person, but I've just decided to revert from IP.Content to Drupal, running a site with IP.Content for the last year (which I eventually managed to set up properly) has been a royal pain. IP.Content still an incredibly difficult piece of software to get fully conversant with (and yes, Drupal is, but is much more readily extendable as it has a more active developer community).
  2. John Swallow added a post in a topic: Using date fields - can I do this with IP.Content?   

    Thanks Edward. :)

    Putting 'today' in the filter will give me any episode that airs today - could work though and be a slightly different approach for how things work on my site (just because it's worked one way for the last 15 years doesn't really mean it has to keep working in the same way in the future).

    I'm going to have a play around this theme and see how it pans out.
  3. John Swallow added a post in a topic: Using date fields - can I do this with IP.Content?   

    I'm in the midst of converting a website onto IP.Content, and have good progress but have got stuck on the last thing I need to do.

    One of the functions I used to have on my old site was an episode database, which could then be used to display Spoilers of upcoming episodes.

    I had a date/time field called TransmissionTime and produced a Spoilers page to list episode records if TransmissionTime > "the current date and time"

    I've created a database with a "Date Entry" field type, but don't know how I can create a custom query/view to show only records where the transmission time hasn't passed.

    Please can anyone help?
  4. John Swallow added a post in a topic: Sorting database by custom date field   

    I'm in the process of migrating my website to IP.Content

    The site is for a television show, so I list episodes by transmission date. In my old site I had an Episodes table in my database, which I'm trying to recreate in IP.Content:-

    Here's the fields I've used:

    "Transmission Date"
    The date the episode transmits, in full text
    Text input box

    "Press Office Spoiler"
    The spoiler text from the Press Office
    Text area

    "Sort Date"
    Date Time Sort Field
    Date Entry

    "Episode Alert"
    If this episode is not being shown at a regular time then show an alert here
    Text input box

    Picture from media library
    Shared Media


    The Sort Date is the key one for me, as it allows me to group episodes by month, show the details of episodes which haven't aired yet (i.e. Spoilers) etc.

    I've created a very simple episodes.html page which does a simple parse of the new Episodes database. The default parse does weird things.

    1) It won't display the media field on the first record, but will on subsequent ones. Not really worried about this at the moment ...
    2) It won't let me do a sort on the 'Sort Date' field.

    Can anyone please give me a clue or pointer on what I need to be doing so that I can actually do a sort on the 'Sort Date' field?

    The dummy page I've created can be found at:

    Thanks in advance
  5. John Swallow added a post in a topic: "Passive Banning" - An Idea for IPB Add-on / Modification / Future Feature   

    It's an interesting idea worth investigating further. But the person would soon find out they're been passively banned - what if they log in as a guest for example and see all their posts missing? (Well, I suppose you could show them to guests still, on the basis that guests wouldn't be able to reply).

    In my eyes, it's a bit of a sneaky way to ban people (like making people "miserable" is). If only there were a reliable way to ban someone for ever.
  6. John Swallow added a post in a topic: Subscriptions Manager   

    I've started getting emails in the last two days from Paypal saying that my IPNs are failing.

    I haven't changed anything in Subscription manager, but have installed IP.Gallery and IP.Content.

    On the Paypal gateway screen in Subscription manager there's a link that's supposed to tell you how to check if your Gateway is setup properly, but it goes to a bad link/dead page.

    Could someone please help me out so I can check what's up and if anything has changed inadvertently?
  7. John Swallow added a post in a topic: Gallery question (and IP.Content)   

    Thanks for replying, that makes sense and would work for me. :)
  8. John Swallow added a post in a topic: Gallery question (and IP.Content)   


    I've just installed IP.Content at the weekend and am getting to grips with it.

    One thing that I have on my current website is a huge library of reusable pictures, so if I want to accompany a story about person X, then I can call up any picture of person X and reuse it in that article.

    At the moment with IP.Content I have to upload a picture to go with each article I create (or at least that's what I'm assuming based on my limited playing).

    I want to use IP.Gallery to store all these pictures (as I let people browse the picture library I have). Would this then let me reuse pictures in IP.Content for articles more easily?