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  1. RyPingu added a post in a topic: IPB Cancelling Perpetual Licenses - Confirmed!   

    I have a couple of licences, one of which is an old lifetime one. tbh I feel i have gotten good value out of it and wil be changing it to a more modern licence type in the near future so I can take advantage of some of the diff features.

    tbh if you had bought a copy of MS word 2002 you wouldnt expect MS to give you free versions of word 2010 so I dont see this as being any different. If i want to us ethe new features.. i will update my licence type... in fact i think i wil go do it now :)
  2. RyPingu added a post in a topic: Suggestion - IP Addresses   

    nice idea

    would certainly help with tracking down those who attempt to mask their true Ip address - as well as helping AOL users
  3. RyPingu added a post in a topic: best way to upgrade   

    its also something that is incredibly easy to do. tbh if you cant upgrade a vanilla IPB install then you probably shouldnt be thinking about doing it in the first place
  4. RyPingu added a post in a topic: Ticket Response Time?   

    tbh its quite well hidden... :cool:
  5. RyPingu added a post in a topic: best way to upgrade   

    tbh it will depend on which apps you have installed and how they install. if they are hooks etc and are listed as compatable with 3.12 then there shouldnt be any issues. I dont know of any skin issues going from 3.11 to 3.12 but it again will depend on which skins they are and what edits, if any, you have made

    If you have manually edited any code however then i would guess that you will have to make those edits again.

    try it on a test board first and see
  6. RyPingu added a post in a topic: best way to upgrade   

    tbh it will depend on the upgrade. If its a major version change then there are probably going to be issues with incompatability with skins or mods. if its a security fix then less so. However if you have made manual edits to the php files then if they are changed in the new version then you will have to redo those edits

    the REALLY easy way to get an upgrade to to raise a support ticket and ask invision to do it for you but to do it yourself isnt a problem - its really very very easy.

    ftp the files across and run the upgrade script.. go make a cup of tea and ... your board is upgraded

    I would STRONGLY suggest that you perfrom a test upgrade on a seperate install first though to make sure that you will like the "after" version and that everything goes across properly
  7. RyPingu added a record in IP.Board   

    Facebook connect setting missing from user CP since 3.02
    since updating to 3.0.2 yesterday the user cp control for facebook connect is not showing up in browsers other than IE
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  8. RyPingu added a post in a topic: IPB 3.1.0 features   

    i would just like it to work with IE6...
  9. RyPingu added a comment: Internet Explorer 7   

    i am seeing the same thing on my forum

    works fine in iE8, Firefox and Chrome but users who use IE7 are reporting forum crashes and inability to view topics etc.

    there is no way I am trawling through 600k posts and 1700 member profiles just in case there is a errant bit of code that v 3.01 cant render properly. a lot of users are reluctant to upgrade to IE8 and tbh I dont see why this should be the only option for them (for some downloading a diff browser isnt an option either). most of my members are not technically aware and are starting to get quite annoyed

    this should work with IE7 if its works fine in other browsers.

    support ticket has been raised
  10. RyPingu added a record in IP.Board   

    fastreply not working
    when using fastreply typed text stays grey and when post button pressed message "[#103130] You must enter a post." is displayed
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