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  1. Noni added a post in a topic: Blog this not parsing images from topics as thumbnails   

    Because the blog is a place where posts don't get lost among other member activity..
    It's a place where you can easily find your content... easier than the forum
  2. Noni added a post in a topic: Blog this not parsing images from topics as thumbnails   

    I have a blog and a topic where i posted some text with images.

    Here is the exact post:

    Here is the exact blog entry

    I used the 'blog this' feature, removed the tags and published the entry. I was expecting the blog entry to look similar to the topic entry but the images are not showing as thumbnails but as download links.

    From a ticket a member of the ips staff said that this is actually the intended way for he blog to work..

    I don't really agree to this as it's something that makes me put away the blog and use the forum instead.

    Maybe you could reconsider the functionality so that the blog this button copies the content exactly as it is shown in the forum topic.

    Here is the ticket i opened in the tracker:

  3. Noni added a post in a topic: allow for open in same page with ads   

    One year has passed.. and the functionality hasn't changed... i need this too.
  4. Noni added a post in a topic: Question about 3.4   

    Using the live tag editor from the IP.Seo addon, you can change any title you want ;) You don;t have to wait for 3.4
  5. Noni added a post in a topic: Invite members to topics!   

    The same way we can compose messages and invite multiple members we should be able to invite them to participate in topics
  6. Noni added a post in a topic: Invite members to topics!   

    I never ever used it. It;s on the bottom of the page, i don;t know all my friends emails, only if i open my gmail and check them. It's not easy to use at all.

    I want to notify my friends right from the creation of the topic page, and select them just as invites to PM (even easier, to select from my friends list) and optionally to add one or two email addresses as well.
    This way, members should be automatically notified by email that they have been invited to participate in the topic.
  7. Noni added a post in a topic: Invite members to topics!   

    Here it goes, a great idea which might have been discussed already

    Right now, the forum is great to meet new people, to talk about everything.
    The thing is, i want to talk to already known people which may or may not visit the forum daily, which also may or may not follow any topcis/sections/forums (they actually don;t follow anything unfortunately)

    Now, the easiest way to meet with them and talk about anything (for example a motorcycle ride in the weekend) is as it follows:
    - telephone
    - email
    - facebook
    - the last option would be the forum

    I want to make the forum the first option. Although me and my friends are all motorcycle passionates, it's only me that actually plans and discusses things over the forum. They could do that too, share their experience with others... etc.
    The only thing that drives them away from writing on the forum is that they cannot invite their already known friends to talk over on the forum.

    If i could create a topic, and invite them to the discussion (via email, or member names) i believe the forum could be a lot more popular than facebook, group email and stuff like that.

    They could also get notified automatically whenever a new post is made in the topic they were invited. Also, they should have the ability to stop notifications from that topic from one link in the email they get.

    What do you think?
  8. Noni added a post in a topic: Allow albums within albums! here is the reason   

    Let me see if i get it clear..
    I have a global category in which a member has an album with subalbums

    Those subalbums from the members album are moved to the main category? This is not a good approach either in my case. I'd rather move all the images from the subalbums in the members album.

    Although... i'm still hoping you will find a way of sorting - filtering through images.
  9. Noni added a post in a topic: Reply to PM directly from email notifications and Unsubscribe link   

    Although members get an email notification in which a text is written with CAPS LOCK something like this: "Please do not reply to this email directly, but login on the board and respond to the pm"... etc. they still respond directly to the email.

    Now, as i have all IPS apps installed including Nexus, i get these member replies as support tickets. This is not bothering me, but i do think it would be a great thing to let members respond directly to messages from email.

    Members might get notifications for various reasons as well as newsletters (bulk email)
    I think that 2 kind of links should be added to the emails sent from the board:

    a) when sending newsletters (bulk email) an unsubscribe link should be automatically included. This link should automatically unsubscribe members from further bulk email automatically. Now they have to login, find that box in their notification panel and uncheck it. Now that's something that none of my mebers seems to like. They rather report the email as spam if they cannot unsubscribe with one click.

    b) When it comes to notifications, 2 more links should be included in the email: Stop all notifications or stop notifications from this topic, gallery album.. whatever.

    Maybe just adding "Stop ALL notifications from from" would do it.
  10. Noni added a post in a topic: Allow albums within albums! here is the reason   

    I've just looked over my stats.. i have 812 albums. With 3100 albums, did you notice any problems with the loading of the albums?

    I have to mention that from 800 albums, maybe 25-30 albums in my community have subalbums, but these albums are the best motorcycle trips and experiences described. Merging each one of them in one album will make them less user-friendly, less explicit, less attractive to browse (they also have lots of images)
  11. Noni added a post in a topic: Allow albums within albums! here is the reason   

    Anyhow, anyway... there has to be a solution... otherwise, 500 pictures (why not, even 100) in an album won't make any sense without being able to filter them based on some keywords that can be mass added to pictures without hundreds of clicks and scrolling through infinitely long pages such as the ones you get when reviewing the images in an album - this is also annoying, by the way.

    Description, copyright and other fields should be visible only if i want them to, because 99.9% of the time any member (including me) just scrolls down to the bottom of the page to click approve and make visible.
  12. Noni added a post in a topic: Allow albums within albums! here is the reason   

    I'm not marching for subalbums necessarily but a way to filter images through the main album.

    Subalbums was a suggestions that is already in place
    Filters / Filtering (...with mass tagging) is another one which could easily replace subalbums.
  13. Noni added a post in a topic: Allow albums within albums! here is the reason   

    I don't have 1000 albums with or without subalbums , nor the majority of us i believe.. And for the handful of communities that do have, you should make a notice and let the admin choose what to do.
    Though, if you are considering after all to remove subalbums, at least make from the existing subalbums some sort of filters for the parent albums. I mean, " tag" the images in them with the name of the subalbum, and put the filters on the left or right so users can easily sort through them.

    In my case, merging subalbums into albums will make a complete chaos through the pictures. There are pictures that simply don't say anything or are not expressing what they should without them being placed in the current subalbums. So i need these filters or subalbums - one way or another. Tags are not sufficient. And tagging images one by one is painfully slow and irrelevant for me and the most of the members, though filters and mass applying them to pictures could help a lot.
  14. Noni added a post in a topic: Allow albums within albums! here is the reason   

    I'm thinking that maybe an alternative to allowing subalbums is to be able to add some filters (like checkboxes in an online store) for albums with a lot of pictures.
    These filters could be setup right at the step of creating an album. They should make the members understand that for each bunch of files uploaded they can attach some tags (automatically, for each bunch) which will become filters. (like checkboxes in an online store which filter out for example clothing - tshirts, shirts, pants..etc)
  15. Noni added a post in a topic: Allow albums within albums! here is the reason   

    IPS you should really take this suggestion Cyrem mentioned above..

    A major feature of an image gallery is that users can organise their photos how they want