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  1. Wolf added a post in a topic: Pay to Unlock Forums   

    Please add integration with the economy modification.
  2. Wolf added a post in a topic: [HQ] Awards   

    Is it possible to hide the awards tab, with it still being functional as a system? Need to know before I buy.
  3. Wolf added a comment on a file: Promote Members by Reputation Points/Likes   

    I would like a way to combine this with the other methods (ex. require rep + posts)
  4. Wolf added a post in a topic: VIP Members   

    Nevermind, fixed.
  5. Wolf added a comment on a file: [CH59] Award Icons - Light Icons   

    Thank you very much!
  6. Wolf added a post in a topic: Status Updates eating up all the CPU?   

    They get posted, but the loading bar hangs and you don't see the nice ajax status appear. It seems to be specific to my account (or perhaps accounts that were previously tied with Facebook or Twitter)  - My SQA account can post status updates just fine. It hangs apache when I do on my regular account.
  7. Wolf added a post in a topic: Status Updates eating up all the CPU?   

    I'm bumping this considering this is an important issue.
  8. Wolf added a post in a topic: Status Updates eating up all the CPU?   

    Nothing is being pushed out. We are on a VPS as well...
  9. Wolf added a post in a topic: Status Updates eating up all the CPU?   

    Whenever I do a status update on my main admin account, apache2 eats up all the CPU and memory.
  10. Wolf added a post in a topic: Forum Restriction based on Age   

    I too would like a modification that does this. Ideally, it would require a birthday to be entered on registration and not allow it to be changed, then in the per-forum settings you could set an age requirement.
  11. Wolf added a post in a topic: IPS Connect & Drupal   

    The title is pretty self explanatory. I would like to see a module that integrates Drupal with IP.Board and IP.Board as the master installation. I am currently using a very sloppy hack to integrate logins, and would like to do it in a clean way. If at all possible, profile field mapping would be nice too.
  12. Wolf added a post in a topic: Change a user's group?   

    I am referring to doing so via a PHP file outside of the board.
  13. Wolf added a post in a topic: Change a user's group?   

    Is there an easy way to change a user's group or add an additional usergroup?
  14. Wolf added a post in a topic: Download: Delicate   

    There are still glitches with this skin related to the 'users browsing this forum' feature. I have replaced this section of the skin's code with the one from the IPB default skin, as followed:

    <if test="showactiveusers:|:is_array( $active_user_data ) AND count( $active_user_data )">             <div id='forum_active_users' class='active_users stats_list'>                 <h4 class='statistics_head'>{parse expression="sprintf( $this->lang->words['active_users_titlef'], $active_user_data['stats']['total'] )"}</h4>                 <p class='statistics_brief'>{parse expression="sprintf( $this->lang->words['active_users_detail'], $active_user_data['stats']['members'], $active_user_data['stats']['guests'], $active_user_data['stats']['anon'] )"}</p>                 <br />                 <ul class='ipsList_inline'>                     <if test="hasactiveusers:|:is_array( $active_user_data['names'] ) AND count( $active_user_data['names'] )">                         {parse expression="implode( ', ', $active_user_data['names'] )"}                     </if>                 </ul> This fixed the problem.
  15. Wolf added a post in a topic: MyBB to IPB   

    IPS can do this for you for a fee, submit a support ticket :)

About Me

I am Shiro Ulv. I’m an eighteen year old wolf therianthrope & PSI Vampire
with Asperger’s Syndrome living in Brunswick, GA. I graduated from
Glynn Academy High School in January of 2012. My passions are security,
computers, and wolves. I program in C++, C, Python, PHP, Python, and
Visual Basic.

I am the founder of and I currently administrate both Wulf Howl and HowlNET IRC. I
also am staff at The Werelist. I am active in the therianthropy and
otherkin communites as: Shiro, theriwolf, UlvWolf, and Wolfeh. I have
been awakened since age 12, and was first active on Werenet (now
defunct). I enjoy talking with others who identify as otherkin or

Outside of the otherkin community, my hobbies include: Programming, Lock picking,
Building security systems, Bicycle Riding, Running, Swimming, Paintball,
Yoga, Gymnastics, Urban Exploration, Playing video games, Hanging out
with friends & my pack, and being in the woods. I am very open about
expressing myself, especially with how I dress, I often wear various
wolf shirts and jewelry. I’m outspoken, and I consider myself a
self-advocate. I’m very loyal and protective of people, as well as ideas
and thoughts that matter to me.

I can come off as “blunt” or “rude” because I lack a filter from thought
to speech/text. This often gets me into trouble and I end up offending
people without even realizing it. I’m really nice once you get to know
me though, honest! Well, that’s about it. If you want to find out more,
feel free to ask, I don’t bite…. hard….

Status Feed

  1. Wolf » Woof

    Your profile picture is adorable.

  2. Wolf

    loves 3.1

  3. Wolf

    is sick of -Calypso-'s and others' dramallamaing

    1. Eduardo Bautista

      Calypso should leave...

    2. Wolf

      He did, very loudly. He can be an awesome coder, but he doesn't need to be rude, bigheaded etc.

    3. .Ian

      must admit I missed that LOL

    4. Kyanar

      Where is the drama nowadays? I know they bolted from here and took their forums offline (I bet their customers are furious NOW)

    5. Olivier Turbis

      Wow they all moved to MyBB. Not sure I understand the big drama.

    6. Wolf

      Here's some background to the story:

      - CalyPSO has a commerce modification for sale.

      - IPS starts on IP.Nexus

      - Calypso is furious, attacks IPS.

      - Calypso discovers that his modification is not compatible with 3.1.x

      - Calypso and his friends hatemonger IPS on their forums.

      - Calypso leaves.

    7. AlexJ

      hrm according to one of his post on his forums, didn't he mentioned that IPB added code, so that his commerce modification will not work?

    8. Wolf

      IPB is visible source, there are ways around it, and I doubt it is intentional.

  4. Wolf

    Free Modification Week :3 http://tinyurl.com/fmwipb

  5. Wolf

    Charles is requested in the chat, we have a sacrifice for him :)

    1. RenegadeFamily

      Hurry Charles! It might spoil!

    2. Wolfie

      Here Chucky Chucky Chucky!

  6. Wolf

    IPS wolves unite! Wolf, Wolfie, and unknown wolves!

    1. Eduardo Bautista

      Eddy is here!

    2. Michael


  7. Wolf

    thinks the ajax in the status hook is cool -.-

  8. Wolf

    is tired of religious propaganda on the stats hook. ;)

  9. Wolf » Wolfie

    i will eat you

  10. tranceandy » Wolf

    Wolf <3s the new stats hook!
    It's pretty awesome, like a mini shoutbox :D

  11. Wolf » Digoman

    Play furcadia by any chance "Digoman"? :P