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  1. Pogue Moran added a post in a topic: How can I set countries as dropdown for profile field to prevent members writing useless locations?   

    I used to have a mod like this before the upgrade to 3.4.6, I even modified the code for it so that I could list favorite sports teams as well.  I seem to have misplaced it though I'll have to look around for it.
    Okay I had it as follows in the option content:
  2. Pogue Moran added a post in a topic: Sports Pick 'Ems Application   

    I also got the header errors when I added some open games to the list.  I'm not sure what the issue is:

    I've recached themes and the variables.
  3. Pogue Moran added a post in a topic: Youtube Videos In Profile   

    Can you post the edit?  I seem to be having problems with playlists showing.

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