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  1. joelle added a post in a topic: Page views for blog entries, images   

    Thanks for filing a a bug report.
    I can only see the page view for the featured entry  on top of this page. All the other views count show just all views of a user's blog but not for every single blog entry.
  2. joelle added a post in a topic: Page views for blog entries, images   

    Please bring back page views for blog entries and gallery images  (like in 3.4.x) for the IPS 4 suite. Even though those page view numbers can easily be manipulated , they give users an overview about which content is popular. It motivates users to create better content.
  3. joelle added a post in a topic: Full SSL   

    Will the site traffic automatically redirect from " http:// to https:// " whenever a user loads an old topic URL?
  4. joelle added a post in a topic: Are you "actively" using the new +Create button?   

    The create button is a nice shortcut to quickly upload a gallery image. I have noticed that's what I am using it for at the moment but I am sure that users will also like it for other apps. It would enrich the visual feel if the links in the dropdown menu would have icons showing the purpose of its links.
  5. joelle added a post in a topic: show code in posts with enhanced colors   

    My forum would not need to show better color coded code.
    But whenever I am reading code on any community forum or blog I wish that they had proper color coding like e.g. in sublime text. And even this community could also need better color formatted code. Please make use of it and make life easier to read code on the web.
    Here is a good example of how code can be displayed on the web.
  6. joelle added a gallery image in Member's Gallery   

    On the beach
    Somewhere beyond the sea
  7. joelle added a post in a topic: Fastest software to date?   

    @Aussie Cable  
    It is definitely too early to measure page speed since there are still lots of bugs to fix but please do your speed tests again when IPS 4 is released.
  8. joelle added a post in a topic: This forum is only available to those logged in with a client account   

    I am getting this error message when clicking on this topic even though I am logged in with my client area password.
  9. joelle added a post in a topic: 4.0 suggestion automating ad sales   

    I don't have to manually accept advertisers?
  10. joelle added a post in a topic: 4.0 suggestion automating ad sales   

    Yes you are right, it should include all payment options.
    Automating the ad sale procedure is important for advertisers and forum owners.
  11. joelle added a post in a topic: 4.0 suggestion automating ad sales   

    It would be great if we could automate the ad sale process using the bitcoin protocol.
    Here is ad selling procedure I would love to see:
    1. Advertiser picks predefined forum adspot location
    2. Advertiser agrees to terms (no violence, hate, adult content, ...)
    3. Advertiser pays for the ad placement using the bitcoin protocol
    4. Advertisement automatically shows up after bitcoin transaction is confirmed in the blockchain
    What are yout thoughts about this advertisement automatition?
  12. joelle added a post in a topic: Changing Ad Code to Avoid Adblock   

    It would be great if admins could easyly change the ad class name so that very forum had its own terminology. This way, it would be difficult for adblock to filter the ads.
  13. joelle added a post in a topic: iCredits   

    I like the idea that you can set a price (points) for downloadable files.
  14. joelle added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0 - Profiles   

    As Andy already pointed out I would let either the admin set the default tab or let the profile user decide which tab should be default since the profile represents his personal space. Also, my users are always asking for more control who is able to access their profile. They do know that the content could also be viewed through the forum but the profile acts like a central hub for a specific user and that is the reason why they would like more control of their own space.
  15. joelle added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0 - Profiles   

    It would be a lot cleaner if the 'About me', 'Albums', 'Blogs' and the 'Status Feed' had its own Profile page (tab).
    It is really sad that everything else looks decent but the really important user profile page evokes a big question mark.

Status Feed

  1. joelle » Cheapy

    Hi Cheapy, when did you switch to IP.Board? Did you notice any decline in traffic?

    1. Cheapy

      That is kinda hard to tell. Having other issues though:

    2. joelle

      Wow, such delays are pretty bad if you want to keep an engaged community. Thanks for your reply.

    3. Cheapy

      Its a mess.

    4. joelle

      It sure is. Hopefully that will change. Just out of curiosity, are you using Skimlinks/ Viglink on your board or did you create your own affiliate plugin? I would also like to use automatic link affiliates but I am hesitating using Viglink.

    5. Cheapy

      We have our own custom solution.

    6. joelle


  2. joelle » Mikey

    Hi Mikey, do you have a suggestion how I could solve this sidebar problem?

    1. TSP

      Replied :) I follow the topic so I do receive notification of replies in it.

    2. joelle

      Thanks :)

  3. joelle

    Are you going to forumcon?

  4. joelle » Baron Von Awesome

    Hi there, I would be interested to know why you want to convert from xenforo to IP.Board

    1. Enkidu

      HI Joelle, what is the question?

  5. joelle

    what happened to the VNC blog view?

  6. joelle » svit

    The dubai architecture pictures on your site look really good.

    1. svit

      Many thanks, I was using the Panasonic LX-3, which has a very wide angle lens + very nice dynamic range, there are rumours of having LX-6 released later this year, let us see! :)

  7. joelle

    Why is IP.Gallery offline on this site?

  8. joelle

    Option - Disable wysiwyg editor for fast reply

  9. joelle

    One day mankind will have to officially admit that, this what we call reality, is a much bigger illusion than the world of dreaming.

  10. joelle

    Sadly, the "Complete the Suite is back" discount is already gone

    1. PSNation

      got my IP.Content cheaper so it was good while it lasted

    2. joelle

      I was trying to buy IP.Downloads and it showed the regular price...

    3. The Heff

      I fell foul of this, it's still 17th in UK. I didn't think. :(

  11. joelle

    IP.Board 3.2 will lead the pack

  12. joelle

    why not change "Community Status Updates" into "Community Updates" with all activity updates :)

    1. mistera

      check supernewsfeed app, Esther has made it :)

  13. joelle

    guest visitors are increasing which is a good thing

    1. Hennet

      most of it are bots, definitely not a good thing.

    2. joelle

      How would you know if real visitors come?

    1. Olivier Turbis

      bug bug bug

    2. Amy T

      Has it been reported?

    3. joelle

      Yes, it has been reported.

    4. Amy T

      Good good.

    1. ♥ Adam ♠


    2. dogpatch

      awwwwwwwwwwww too cute

  14. joelle

    This is the reason why the description overlay is not a good idea

  15. joelle

    wow (: that's something

  16. joelle

    I've just renewed my IPB license because of Gallery 4 :)

    1. LuckyRiver

      M2! Buying Gallery had me to renew IPB licence since it requires 3.14 but worth it! :)

  17. joelle

    Thinking about upgrading to the new Gallery, but the iPoints module keeps me from upgrading