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  1. loccom added a post in a topic: Silencing Nexus While Upgraded members   

    Hi Guys
    I am looking to convert members from a 3rd party system to Nexus subscrioptions. However, To add the member to Nexus I need to create an invoice. 
    Problem is this sends an email out and I dont want that. I want to upgrade them in the background silently.
    Does anyone have any suggestions to upgrade members to Nexus without them being sent the invoice?
  2. loccom added a post in a topic: [RESOLVED] Email after validation   

    hey thanks! 
  3. loccom added a post in a topic: [RESOLVED] Email after validation   

    Hi Guys
    Just wondering if there is a feaure in IPB to email members after they have validated.. just a welcome email etc.
    I tried searching the forums and marketplace but cannot see anything.
  4. loccom added a post in a topic: Membership Number   

    We use Wordpress for the front ends on a multisite level.
    I have a few other clubs that do use Nexus and I am contemplating what to do. I am looking at getting a script written to export data into a CSV for me to send membership cards. I have been doing it via aMember for years but would like to use Nexus as its great for the subscription of user groups.

    I would like to display the membership number to the user if possible. But privately. I guess using the Member ID in the database will be fine as long as its unique.
  5. loccom added a post in a topic: Membership Number   

    Is there anyway I can create a membership number automatically in Nexus?
    If not is there any way I can display their IPB ID number and use that as their membership number?
  6. loccom added a post in a topic: Saving user uploads to one server in a load balanced system   

    We are migrating our clubs to a load balanced system with two servers. We need user uploads to be saved to the "master" server so they can then be synced across to the "slave" server using lsyncd. There is an option to do this in IPB in the system settings -> General Configuration called " Upload form action domain ", which was made for this purpose, but for whatever reason it isn't honoured, as confirmed by IPB support. We need a hook that would ensure uploads can be directed to a specific server as soon as possible as we are looking to migrate today or tomorrow and this is our final hurdle.
  7. loccom added a post in a topic: WordPress IPSConnect   

    Hi Marcher,
    We run many websites, each with an IPB forum. We also have single Wordpress MultiUser installation. Each site has a Wordpress blog within that MU setup.
    We would like to use this plugin allow a SSO between Wordpress and IPB for each site and to give us access to latest forum topics on Wordpress, and have a couple of questions:
    Will the SSO be isolated for each website? So will there be many one to one relationships, one for each installation of IPB? Would we only need one licence as it is for one Wordpress installation? Thanks,
  8. loccom added a post in a topic: German language for IPB 3.4?   

    same for me as well
  9. loccom added a post in a topic: Security Patch - Sep 2013 files   

    i am at 3.4.3 and I cannot upgrade yet... will the patch still work?
  10. loccom added a post in a topic: author_id set to zero for all posts   

    We are experiencing a weird problem. Today we noticed that all posts from early this morning back have all been dissociated from the user,. when checking the databse all the posts author_id have been set to zero. Posts from that point are ok, but we now have half a million posts with the words Guest_ in front of their username. This also includes PMs
    At the weekend we had a corrupt db, not sure if the table the crashed but the site was fine after we repaired the table, but that was about 5 days ago. Not sure if it has any relation to this problem.
    would the scheduler do something to set all author ID's to zero?
    i did create a ticket and awaiting a response.
  11. loccom added a comment on a file: [HQ] Google CSE -pro-   

    works great, can we have longer listings instead of 4 results per page?
  12. loccom added a post in a topic: like system table size   

    Tried searching but could not find the answer.
    How big is the like reputation_table likely to get over time? I enabled the like reputation and already at 419,000 entries since last thursday.
    Does the scheduler come and clean the reputations table cache? or is this forever growing? Gets quite big!!!
  13. loccom added a post in a topic: <#TOPIC_ID#> not parsing in reply notifications   

    i guess i should upgrade and see what happens
  14. loccom added a post in a topic: <#TOPIC_ID#> not parsing in reply notifications   

    I have notived that the showtopic id numbers are not displaying in the notification emails.
    I have compared code with a board that works and nothing is missing. It seems that <#TOPIC_ID#> is not parsing the topic ID in the url
    how can I fix this?