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  1. mikesound added a post in a topic: filter by forum should be 'not in' rather than 'in' ?   

    should be easy to do in theory ?
    ​if theres no chance, hopefully there will be a 'easy' way of resetting all members choice in v4 ?
  2. mikesound added a post in a topic: filter by forum should be 'not in' rather than 'in' ?   

    when choosing which forums to use as a filter for the vnc filter it may be better if the choice was to show what forums you do not want results for rather than the current option
    that way any 'new' forums started after the member made their choice will  no longer be filtered automatically
    plus members then have to actually make a deliberate choice on which forums they want not to see, instead of the current way which encourages the majority of forums to be filtered by default
  3. mikesound added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0 - Minor calendar enhancements   

    two requests...
    in the listings - can  a thumbnail of the event image be used rather than the profile image  if present?
    also if not done already
    can you add a noindex meta to the day listingss if no events -as  google currently picks up every empty day (including all in  last century)  - which adds up to lot of 'thin' content
  4. mikesound added a comment: URLs are parsed inside entry EDITOR if it has bbcodes   

    it be good if we could have the fix  if possible
    as if you do use youtube clips a lot then this is a pain
  5. mikesound added a record in IP.Board   

    logging referers still when logging switched off
    have 'Log all search engine visits' switched to off in acp
    but still getting database inserts into the search_visitors table
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  6. mikesound added a comment: PM Attachments and My Media   

    second the suggestion for it to return as it used to work
    as people have said that they have been using it as a way of uploading images to post in calendar/gallery comments etc 
  7. mikesound added a comment: calender main template has old method of parsing daily urls   

    from what see
    two of the urls generated as  javascript variables do not work
    the weekly one points to the week but in 1969
    the daily one doesn't work as it follows the old style of url
    eg from this site
    ipb.vars['day_url'] = "http://community.invisionpower.com/index.php?app=calendar&module=calendar&section=view&cal_id=1&do=showday";  
    google search engine picks up these links and then reports the daily one as a 404 error in webmaster tools
    if you change them to the current week/daily method of url generation seems ok
    but the relatefd add event javascript variable does get picked by google as a no permissions one if you do not allow guests to post events
  8. mikesound added a record in IP.Calendar   

    calender main template has old method of parsing daily urls
    in the calendarmaincontent template
    the old parsing of daily url seems to be present as below
    google appears to pick this up and adds the day one to your site 404 error report as it fails
    can be seen on this site[code=auto:0] ipb.vars['month_url'] = "http://community.invisionpower.com/index.php?app=calendar&module=calendar&section=view&cal_id=1"; ipb.vars['week_url'] = "http://community.invisionpower.com/index.php?app=calendar&module=calendar&section=view&cal_id=1&do=showweek"; ipb.vars['day_url'] = "http://community.invisionpower.com/index.php?app=calendar&module=calendar&section=view&cal_id=1&do=showday"; ipb.vars['add_event_url'] = "http://community.invisionpower.com/calendar/1-community-calendar/add";[/code]
    are these needed any more as they don't seem to be used now?
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  9. mikesound added a comment on a file: Classifieds   

    sorry but dont agree with this pm malwarky
    can understand people being busy but how long for ?
    got a renewal
    but my thinking is whats the point ?
    do i really have to pm sellers to find out plans for  future
    or indeed plans for bringing back features that have been removed - ipcontent etc
  10. mikesound added a post in a topic: ipcontent - new filter method ?   

    Thanks for the reply
    Frustration did get the better off me with my posts as had spent a fair amount of time trying to use this feature which coupled with the lack of any at hand info or staff reply did make me feel less than impressed

    I still feel it was a big ask, expecting members to be aware of a blog entry from July (over 3 months ago) that seemed to be more about the new tracker setup
    I can understand how those involved in the development/testing etc may think all would be aware, but certainly in my case a link to the blog or a brief description in the announcement would have been helpful.

    Anyway after using it do have to say it is a great and very useful addition to ipcontent
  11. mikesound added a post in a topic: ipcontent - new filter method ?   

    you knew what i meant and so would the other person having the same problem

    where was all this info then ?

    why wasn't it linked?

    how is anyone supposed to get to this almost hidden feature off their own back

    as said not impressed
  12. mikesound added a post in a topic: ipcontent - new filter method ?   

    had the same problems
    there's a ajax option that shows up depending on type of field selected

    as in when adding a new field it appears after selecting
    drop-down, multi-select, and check-boxes only

    have to say not impressed by the lack of any info with this release and feature
  13. mikesound added a post in a topic: ipcontent - new filter method ?   

    any words anywhere about how best to put in place and use the "filter by fields"
    as having no joy with using the url structure used in tracker ?
  14. mikesound added a post in a topic: Suggestion: View ALL New Content   

    super news shows the latest forum posts, gallery additions etc
    my take is that all you need to do to reinforce a "new content view" rather than an "activity" one is just change the wording used on the links display and you will have something very similar to the current vnc
  15. mikesound added a post in a topic: suggestion - topic preview increases topic view count   

    as it says
    add counter into the ajax php routine so topic preview increases the topic view count when viewed
    as ajax shouldn't be a performance issue?
    if feel may be, then could add it so only kicks in if the instant counter updating is turned off