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  1. Phillyman added a post in a topic: Contributors Database Block   

    I have an IP Content database that is set up to allow my members to contribute to it wiki style. I was wondering if anyone could help me out with a custom block. All I want is a side block that shows my members names if they have made a contribution to the database record. Nothing too fancy, just something similar to the Online Users, where it shows their name and you can hover over it for the member would just pull their names from the revision list, rather than the online list.
  2. Phillyman added a post in a topic: Google Analytics - Monitor IP Content Edits?   

    I am sort of interested in how many of my members are clicking the "Edit Record" button in my IP Content databases. Each of these urls follows a similar structure.... So I guess what I am asking is, can I monitor for the number of times a webpage is visited that contains ?do=edit. This would let me know how many people are viewing the edit pages of my records....versus how many edits are being made each month.
  3. Phillyman added a post in a topic: Extract IP Content Database Fields to CSV (Daily)   

    How hard would it be to run a nightly CRON job that went into one of my IP Content databases and dumped four fields to a CSV file, based on a fifth field being populated? 
  4. Phillyman added a post in a topic: Pull IP Content Record Contributors   

    Is there an way to create an IP Content block that would just list out members that have made contributions to that particular record? Sort of like a collapsed version of the Revisions page. 
  5. Phillyman added a post in a topic: Updating a custom IP.Content database via a scheduled task   

    I am interested in this. Were you able to use the IPB task scheduler to run SQL queries against a IP Content custom database? If so I am looking to do the same. I have about 8 queries that need to be run nightly on various IP Content databases I have. Most of them look to see if a certain field has been populated, and if will change the status of another field within the same database. Right now I have to manually run them each week, but it would be great if they could be nightly tasks within IPB. 
    example of queries I need to run nightly....
    UPDATE `ccs_custom_database_5` SET `record_static_furl`=`record_dynamic_furl` WHERE `field_26`='usa' AND `record_static_furl`=''; UPDATE `ccs_custom_database_5` SET `field_77`='p' WHERE `field_26`='usa' AND `field_76` <> '';
  6. Phillyman added a post in a topic: iCredits   

    +1 for IP Content points for activity. I have 20,000 records that I want my users to contribute to :)
  7. Phillyman added a post in a topic: iCredits   

    Is that what the Forum Activity setting was for? Would it be possible in the future to have greater control over IP Gallery points awarded. I want to reward users for uploading images to specific categories, but not for uploading images to their personal album's. Sort of like how we can give points on a per forum section, would be nice for the Gallery. 
  8. Phillyman added a post in a topic: iCredits   

    Also would it be possible to award points for logging in each day, controllable by a max rate per day/hour. Maybe something like, 10 points per visit, time between visits 6 hours. This would prevent users from visiting and signing out and back in to get the points.
  9. Phillyman added a post in a topic: iCredits   

    Can we give points for members making edits to IP Content Databases? Or even better, assign points per field in IP Content Databases!
  10. Phillyman added a post in a topic: SEO: Why is my WordPress site out ranking my Invision Site?   

    I have an IPBoard in which I talk about video game magazines, the site has been around for 9+ years. I created another magazine site based off of WordPress (before I starting using IP Content). So how in the world is my WordPress site, out performing my IP Content site? Take the following for example.....
    Google: "Nintendo Power Issue 72"
    The number 1 result I get is my Wordpress site at the following page.....

    Feel free to change the issue number, GamingMagz pops up in the top 10 results almost every time! However my Invision site is NO WHERE to be found.
    IP Content Page
    Gallery Page
    Now just for comparison, the Invision site is an older domain, with more links back from other sites, updated more often (havent touched the WordPress site in 2 years). I am just baffled at this point, because a free CMS, with a free Google Sitemap Plugin and only 299 pages of content......should not be beating out a site with 4000 posts, 12,000 IP content pages and much more activity. Is it because the Invision site is much more bloated with 3800+ lines of code, where as the WordPress site is at 780+ lines?
    Any insight is appreciated.
  11. Phillyman added a post in a topic: What colors are available for IPS Badges?   

    What I ended up doing was I found out I could do the following......
    <span class="ipsBadge" style="background:blue;">{$record['field_77_value']}</span> Looks like that method I can use colors like black, yellow, blue, etc...
  12. Phillyman added a post in a topic: What colors are available for IPS Badges?   

    I wrote this small piece of code to color code one of my IP Content database fields. What colors are available? Because blue and black do not seem to work.
    <if test="$record['field_77'] == 'm'"> <span class="ipsBadge ipsBadge_grey">{$record['field_77_value']}</span> </if> <if test="$record['field_77'] == 'a'"> <span class="ipsBadge ipsBadge_blue">{$record['field_77_value']}</span> </if> <if test="$record['field_77'] == 's'"> <span class="ipsBadge ipsBadge_orange">{$record['field_77_value']}</span> </if> <if test="$record['field_77'] == 'e'"> <span class="ipsBadge ipsBadge_purple">{$record['field_77_value']}</span> </if> <if test="$record['field_77'] == 'p'"> <span class="ipsBadge ipsBadge_green">{$record['field_77_value']}</span> </if> <if test="$record['field_77'] == 'x'"> <span class="ipsBadge ipsBadge_red">{$record['field_77_value']}</span> </if>
  13. Phillyman added a post in a topic: My 4.0 IP.Content Wishlist   

    I am still hoping for database records within records. Easiest example I can give is a Music CD. The database record for a Music CD will have things like....
    Name of CD
    Year Released
    Number of Tracks
    But then it would be nice to build a track database from within that record, listing.....
    Song Name
    Written by
  14. Phillyman added a post in a topic: IP Nexus, Can it fit my needs?   

    I am looking to take the next step with my community, and start selling physical items. I would guess that I will have somewhere in the ballpark of 5000 unique items to sell. At first I was just going to use IP Content to create a database that contained all my products and then assign generic Paypal code to each item for purchasing. However the simple Paypal button code will not allow me to prevent overselling. If I want to prevent selling an item that is out of stock, then I need to log into the Paypal website and generate an encrypted button to track stock. Now with 5000 items, that is just not a task I want to take on. I am not familiar enough with the API calls for Paypal to generate on the fly buy it now buttons. Plus running a sale (ex 25%) looks to be even more work when using these buttons.
    My other concern is organization. With 5000 items, I will need to have some way to know where product is when it is sold. Again with IP Content I was going to have a hidden field in the Database that only I could see....that would tell me where that product is stored. It would just be a text field like "Box 1". Can Nexus do something along these lines?
    I wouldn't mind also letting my members sell items through my marketplace. I assume that I can allow them to set up stores? Can I charge them a flat store rate for each month? Or can I only do a percentage of the final sale price?
    With 5000 products, I am looking to keep things tidy. Can I allow IP Gallery to handle the images and use them from within Nexus?
    Last question, I remember there was a product or mod that allowed people to donate and be automatically moved into a new member group.....and after a set time....they would move back to their old group. Does IP Nexus now handle that as well?
  15. Phillyman added a post in a topic: Help with Creating an Edit Button?   

    When I view my IP Content Database and show all the records in a category, I get this button that shows up for adding new records. If I am signed out it shows up as message that I do not have the ability to add. I would like to have the same type of button when viewing an individual record, that lets the person know they can edit the issue.