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  1. LivingAfterWLS added a post in a topic: Loot of spam registration today   

    They have been getting my board for the last week or so. I had IPB install the upgrade version 3.3.4 and I thought the security patch was supposed to help. It has not. I understand that many attempts are stuck in validating and the IPB thing bans them. But somehow even these can post to the "Recent Status Update" live feed. Is there a way to prevent this??

    I am so frustrated by this. In a world where my little piece of Heaven is competing with the big dogs of social media this is just one more community killer. I have branded my board as a "Safe Haven" but it sure as H :devil: LL doesn't look safe when this is going on. Frustrating indeed.

    This is a sample of one of my test questions. I read a tutorial somewhere that said to include numbers (numerical and spelled) then follow or preceed with the real unrelated question. This was working between the great spambot attack of Friday the 13th January 2012 until just last week. pLEASE confirm you are human by typing your answer to this riddle: If 6 plus four is 10 and seven + 4 is eleven then what color is a tomato?? (answers) red, RED, orange, ORANGE, pink, PINK

    I'll be following this thread and hope we can all find solutions and save our boards. :thumbsup:
  2. LivingAfterWLS added a comment on a file: Members Online Today   

    Another useful app - thank you Michael.
  3. LivingAfterWLS added a comment on a file: Facebook Like Box   

    Thanks Michael. I was able to install this all by myself!! And that's saying a lot. Nice addition to my forum. And as always, your work is flawless. Thank you very much.