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  1. Peter.B added a post in a topic: Request for API endpoints, IPConnect and documentation   

    I didn't see any mention of REST in the source code though so not holding out much hope there.
    It is possible to bootstrap the whole system, but there are issues in that cookies are only set in whichever folder your forum is installed rather than site-wide so this has limited usefulness and you can't override the cookie path without changing a core file.
    In prior versions you could set cookie paths, but not v4 for some reason
  2. Peter.B added a post in a topic: IPB 4.0 different responsive theme for mobile devices   

    The 4.0 theme doesn't use images - it uses an icon font which should alleviate this on mobile.
  3. Peter.B added a post in a topic: Addon's   

    You mean the IPS Marketplace (link at the top of the forums here :)).
  4. Peter.B added a post in a topic: Request: Add option to mark post/topic "unread"   

    I'm keen to have a hook or some core functionality to do this as well.

    Where's the best place to ask someone about making a hook for it? Willing to stump up some cash for this.
  5. Peter.B added a comment: Code environment loses line breaks when using the basic editor   

    Same happens with code inside a code block - everything in the PHP tags should be on its own line, but editing it shows it all on one line in the editor:
    [code]<?php echo "hi";     indent 1         indent 2 ?>[/code]
  6. Peter.B added a comment on a blog entry: Switch to IPS   

    [quote name='xunyx' timestamp='1346146844']It would greatly help to know what "will be released soon" means. If developers are trying to plan their next moves, or even a switch, it is absolutely necesary to have at least an estimation of when the next version will be out. Al least a rough timeframe...

    Good developers don't give time estimates on products this complicated - this is also why they don't tell us what will be in a future version until they're sure it will actually be in that version (i.e. a month or so before).

    It's just impossible to say how long something will take on a product of this scale - even if they've got all the code complete the beta testers might find more (or less!) bugs than expected so testing might go on longer.

    In the history of programming web applications, people always get pissy when they're given even an estimated release date and the product isn't released by that date. I've seen a while back when someone gave an estimate of "a few months" and someone literally held them to that meaning "60 days". It's just not worth the hassle.

    My guess however would be that it will be released in the next week or two - there's little point enticing new customers with a discount and saying the release is approaching unless the release is reasonably close.

    On the skins/mods side of things, all I've read about 3.4 leads me to believe there won't be that much changing in terms of skinning, and certainly not a huge code rewrite so I'd be tempted to say that neither of those would be affected greatly. Version 4.0 however... ;)
  7. Peter.B added a comment: Indentaion Bug   

    Hehe, plus the original issue where it's indented by 8 spaces instead of 4 makes it all the worse
  8. Peter.B added a comment: Indentaion Bug   

    Related to this, if you edit a post with indentation either using the quick editor or full editor, it removes a full level of spacing:
    [php]// This should be indented a bit on screen, but when you edit it it loses some indentation:
    if ($something = "fishy") {
    if ($this == "that") {
    echo "Wow";
  9. Peter.B added a comment: Indentaion Bug   

    Darnit, the topic title should read "Indenta[b]t[/b]ion Bug". Silly fingers.
  10. Peter.B added a record in IP.Board   

    Indentaion Bug
    When you indent code blocks, as soon as you indent by 4 spaces or more it automatically adds on another 4 spaces:

    [code]0 spaces
    1 space
    2 spaces
    3 spaces
    4 spaces
    5 spaces
    6 spaces
    7 spaces
    8 spaces
    9 spaces
    ...and so on[/code]

    Seems to be multiples of four anyway.
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  11. Peter.B added a comment: Double line spaces in PMs   

    Forgot to mention that this is using the latest Firefox on Windows 7 if that helps.
  12. Peter.B added a record in IP.Board   

    Template Merge Can't See Buttons
    If you go to "Manually Edit/Resolve Conflicts" in the template merge centre, you can't see the buttons at the bottom.

    For example I see this:


    There's a lack of buttons at the bottom of that modal window.

    This is using the latest Firefox on a screen res of 1920x1080.

    On another note, why only allow one attachment for the tracker? It's very hard to show a comparison without editing things further in Photoshop (or other popular editors). Also, "This upload failed" isn't a particularly useful message - I couldn't work out why it was failing. Perhaps stopping the flash uploader allowing you to upload more than one file if that's the limit would be better?

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  13. Peter.B added a record in IP.Board   

    Double line spaces in PMs
    I'm pretty sure that in 3.3.0 when I wrote a PM it somehos stripped out all line spaces.

    Now in 3.3.1 it does the opposite - pressing enter ONCE when writing a message results in the displayed message having a space between that line and the next (as in how you would expect it to be with two line spaces).

    So if you press enter TWICE after finishind a paragraph you now end up with two blank lines between one paragraph and the next.

    Better than before, but still not quite right
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  14. Peter.B added a comment: Rebuild post content remove break from post content   

    Cheers - I can confirm that this works fine and that I've fixed my posts table.

    Upgrading from 2.3.6 was well overdue and I have a lot of happy visitors now! Thanks
  15. Peter.B added a comment: Rebuild post content remove break from post content   

    Ah, I compared them and you've left a bad line in:

    [code]'where' => ' > 20108',// . $start,[/code]

    I'll change that to what it should be and presumably the other change further down the rebuild file will fix the issue