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  1. Dave58 added a post in a topic: Unexpected IMG problem (3.4.0)   

    Thanks, but that answer isn't addressing the problem. In efforts to resolve this I turned the lightbox off and it opened the image in a new window and didn't go to the specified target URL.

    Here's a demo of what I mean. I want the target to go to the board index here.

    I don't want it to put the graphic in the lightbox! Is this THE END of being able to have image links?

    The CODE bbcode isn't letting me put a demo. You'll probably need to quote in editor to see what I mean.
  2. Dave58 added a post in a topic: Unexpected IMG problem (3.4.0)   

    I just noticed some behaviour in posts that I'm extremely unhappy about. Can someone tell me if this is a bug or if things are set to stay the same?
    What happens now is that clicking the thumbnail doesn't go to the page as it should, but it opens the thumbnail in the lightbox. If an external page is the target then it will go to that URL - in a new window.tab, but it still opens the thumb in the lightbox.
    I can see in the source that it is putting <span rel="lightbox"> around every image - even emoticons!


    (edit: for some reason it has removed my IMG tags with address of picture.jpg from the above example code - and it won't let me put it back!)
  3. Dave58 added a post in a topic: Measures to Prevent Sign-Ups from Members like 'frsaclouisyk' and 'OpendeEn'   

    I was getting bombed by lots of ridiculous sounding new members a couple of months ago. It stopped dead as soon as I removed the existing Question and Answer Challenge entries and put some new ones in. Make them something specific to your site theme - something that your potential members are likely to know.
  4. Dave58 added a post in a topic: Suggestion - Profile Permissions   

    Thanks to Rimi for the mod, but in addition to CallieJo's ideas - Guests/Everyone - Members Only - Just Friends.