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    Has anyone successfully upgraded a Invision 3.4.7 board to 4.0 beta 3?  It failed badly with beta 2 and I read a remark that my issues would be fixed in beta 3.  That was not the case.  Once the upgrade begin I start getting missing columns from various tables.  First one:
    I confirmed that this column is indeed not there.  If I hit continue it will fall for similar reasons on dozens of tables. 
  2. xplanedotorg added a comment on a file: Member Reviews   

    Guys if you dont like the price, move on.
  3. xplanedotorg added a comment on a blog entry: 2Checkout Free Setup Fee Offer   

    [quote name='Black-Elmo' timestamp='1310811128'] Rates are 5.5% of the transaction total, plus $0.45. More information can be found at https://www.2checkout.com/documentation/op_regs_a.html

    That's huge. Way more than paypal or other cc processing companies.

    What do they offer than others don't