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About Me

I am the current Chief Executive Officer of a small, international business investing in enriching websites, Radon Systems.

My job involves working with clients at various levels to enhance and empower their website(s). Additionally, I serve as the ScrumMaster, in projects managed with the Scrum principle.

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  1. shamil

    IPB 3.2 might have touch capabilities

    1. Olivier Turbis

      Haha... I enjoyed your status.

  2. shamil

    A thread's gone missing.... one with criticism in it.

    1. ørret

      Thats how IPS ROLL!

    2. Charles

      What topic are you referring to?

    3. Connor T

      I think I started that, and I didn't intend to.

    4. shamil

      Charles, your thread with a sample of the 3.2 first impressions. :( I was trying to read it. ørret , IPS know better than to censor... I think... I haven't been here long.

    5. Charles

      Oh we weren't censoring. You and Enkidu hijacked what was meant to be a fun topic so I deleted it rather than raise a fuss.

    6. shamil

      My intention was not to hijack. I genuinely don't believe something until it is proven, or I have seen it for myself. The thread was a valuable asset and testimony to 3.2 to some people, but not all.

    7. Charles

      But you and the other guy felt the need to be all cynical and grumpy in the topic so, rather than arguing about it, it was just easier to delete it :)

    8. shamil

      I do apologise if I seemed that way, it certainly wasn't my intention to do so.

  3. sws » shamil

    Hi shamil

  4. shamil

    Really wants to upgrade his IPB-based intranet to 3.2. It looks great.

    1. Glumbo