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  1. tAPir added a post in a topic: Member not Getting New Content   

    Then I'd suggest opening a support ticket if you can reproduce the error on the IP.Board skin using his login.  They might be able to fix what is wrong.
  2. tAPir added a post in a topic: Member not Getting New Content   

    How about telling us what version of IPB you're using and which browser?  Is it just that member or all?  Is it that member's group or all?
  3. tAPir added a post in a topic: IBSkin Happy New Year   

    As pointed out in your ticket on IBSkin:
    The Happy New Year 2015 skin was updated for 3.4.7.  If you download previous versions they'll be the 2014 version and won't contain any updates issued by IPS.  The skins contain a .psd which enables you to change the logo yourself.  You will need to rename the skin and reset the counter to 2015.
    Having said all that the 3.4.7 version should work perfectly well on 3.4.5 though I would recommend updating as Invision included all security updates in 3.4.7.
    I don't know why you're not allowed to download it here (if you bought it here) but forward the paypal email to support(at)ibskin.com and we'll put it in your Client Area there.
  4. tAPir added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    [Beta 3a]
    Security Center
    Protect Writeable Folders From Dangerous Files
    It is important to protect your site a user uploading a malicious file and using it to compromise your server. To do this, a .htaccess file can be written to the directories where files are uploaded to instruct the server to always treat them as attachments and never execute them.
    Clicking Enable produces the message:
    There was an error writing the htaccess file
    without giving a clue as to which folder/s to make writeable etc.
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  5. tAPir added a post in a topic: 4.0 Beta to 4.0 Release Upgrade Question About Deprecated Files or DB info   

    I think you've misread that Brandon?  I think the OP meant - will there be old stuff left in anything AFTER the upgrade that is not required?
  6. tAPir added a post in a topic: 3.4.7 Strange problem. Replies showing as from Guests   

    Do you allow guests to post on your forum?  I don't so even if the problem existed on my forum I don't see it.  I think you may have to open a support ticket to see if a tech can spot anything.
  7. tAPir added a post in a topic: No Image for Posted Calendar Event in Facebook   

    In your skin find public/style_images/nameofskin/meta_image.png and alter it to what you want to display.  You'll need to do that for each skin you use.
  8. tAPir added a post in a topic: View New Content   

    Just a quick guess - try deleting the cookies for the particular website you're having a problem with and see if that works?
  9. tAPir added a post in a topic: I own 3 (three) lifetime licences, Please explain?   

    Could you tell Support of that offer please because it's at odds with what they're quoting and I can't afford that until payday :)
    I don't have a "Perpetual" license but a Lifetime one so is the same offer available to Lifetime licenses?
  10. tAPir added a post in a topic: 3.4.6 Image Upload Hangs (25.78MB)   

    Get a new host :)
  11. tAPir added a post in a topic: Block or disable super admin from seeing IP address?   

    Then you'll probably find your Admins can log into your ACP.  That code just checks to see if the Group has access to the ACP.
  12. tAPir added a post in a topic: Suspicious IPB_Firewall   

    You will get those indications even for a fresh install of IP products.  Reupload your files and OVERWRITE everything except your conf_global.php.  Recache your skins/language files.
    Once you've reuploaded your files check for any security patches that IPS may have released since the date of your file and apply them.
    Check your includeJS template in all skins to make sure nothing has been added.  (You can normally do this by reverting the template if their have been any changes).  If you find any then you will have to rebuild/recache your skins.
    Check any third party hooks and delete any that are out of date or that you don't use any more.
  13. tAPir added a post in a topic: Where can I find the "Community Offline" template?   

     "displayBoardOffline" in "skin_global_other"
  14. tAPir added a post in a topic: [IF] IPB Shoutbox   

    In that case you need an expert LOL - Shout Pete T :)
  15. tAPir added a post in a topic: [IF] IPB Shoutbox   

    Just above the Shout button - if you hover your mouse the cursor turns into a double up/down arrow.  Click and hold your left mouse button and drag until the Shoutbox is the height you want.

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