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  1. Vicros » Stars25

    Hey bro, can u let me purchase the Blue Octane skin?

  2. Stars25

    Is the hide sidebar button cut off for anyone else?

    1. Glumbo

      It is

    2. Ichirō


    3. Rubicon


  3. Stars25

    Where is the promised 3.2 blog?!? :)

    1. Charles


    2. Stars25

      Well not promised, but the staff said there would be a blog every M/W/F.

    3. Charles

      Where did we say that? I hope we didn't.

    4. Stars25

      I will have to look for it, but I am almost 100% sure I saw it unless I was dreaming..

    5. Herofiles ★

      Yupp, first blog post about 3.2, they said what Stars says! Now i cant find it anymore.. -.-

    6. Charles

      We never ever said there would be a blog post ever m/w/f forever.

    7. Stars25

      Yeah but it was said just a couple weeks ago!

    8. Aisha

      Yeah, I remember someone said it in a status update, but it wasn't promised or anything. Still I was looking forward to it. :(

    9. SCS

      Charles said "every M/W/F through end of Feb" on his status update, that's all I've seen (and it doesn't mean forever)

    10. Ryan Ashbrook

      Like SCS said, the only promised blog entries were for February through timed publishing. There are still many more to come, though! Once they are ready, of course.

  4. Stars25

    Is there a reason why when upgrading to Nexus 1.2.0 that the upgrader said it was Alpha 1?

    1. .Ian

      usually goes through each release during the upgrade.

    2. Stars25

      I don't remember every seeing something like this before though when I updated anything.

    3. Michael

      Yeah, it's always done it that way. Each version could have its own specific SQL to run. You probably just didn't notice this before, or the app you upgraded didn't have any alpha/beta versions with SQL queries to execute.

  5. Stars25

    I think all status updates that ask for support should be deleted like a few hours after they are locked. Because now they are cluttering up statuses that could be useful!

    1. Fishfish0001


    2. iRobbo

      +1 = topic locked! :L

    3. iRobbo

      On a serious note at least others realise not to do it.

    4. Stars25

      That's true, but I'm sick of seeing a gazillion of those locked icons!

    5. Collin S.

      They will eventually weed out, just like locked topics. We don't want people to start posting status updates saying "WHERE ARE MY STATUS UPDATES?!"

    6. Stars25

      Yeah I know they will eventually disappear from the list, but the problem is that is makes statuses that could potentially be full of information or be important to be kicked off the list.

  6. Stars25

    Octane Orange now available! Blue version coming soon!

    1. csm

      I thought this looked great. I'll check your site. I was considering trying to find another skin. How long after IPB makes a change does it take you to reflect that in the design? Good job

    2. Stars25

      It depends on the change. When they release a simple app update then that is usually reflected in my skins within the first day or two. If there is a major change like the new gallery or 3.2 then that will be a little bit longer.

  7. Stars25

    Skin submission has been approved, just waiting on the blog! :)

    1. .Brian

      Very nice.

    2. Stars25

      Thank you :)

    3. Andrej

      I like it m8. Nice skin.

    4. AndyF

      Only just seen your status :) , but I checked and approved the Blog entries about three hours ago, including yours :)

  8. Stars25

    New skin submitted to the Marketplace :)

  9. Stars25

    My new skin has been approved and is now available! :)

    1. iRobbo

      Looks amazing dude, love the colours very clean :) Going to consider this as I am after a new skin.

    2. Stars25

      Thanks :)

    3. TheGamingCenter

      Nice Man!

    4. Shadow82x

      Very nice theme!

    5. alexp999

      Just spent the whole weekend looking for a skin, I loved lots of different bits about lots of different skins, none quite did it as a whole. I couldnt afford a custom skin, but if I could, this would be it. Its perfect! All the little features and design styles I wanted. Will be purchasing pronto. Thank you!

  10. Stars25

    Just submitted a new light skin to the marketplace! :) Waiting for approval!

    1. TheGamingCenter

      Can we have a demo?

    2. Stars25

      There is a demo of it in the listing. Just be patient until then!

    3. TheGamingCenter

      ok :)

    4. Olivier Turbis

      How is it called?

    5. Stars25

      It's called Indentation!

  11. Stars25

    @Matt, could you take a look at our PM conversation? I'm still having the issues with the permissions.

    1. .Brian

      He is sleeping.

    2. Stars25

      Liar! He was last active 26 minutes ago!

    3. TheRevTastic

      And now he is on again!

    4. .Brian

      It's 4AM there...

    5. Mikey

      he never sleeps!

    1. ørret

      At least you get an answer ^^. IPS want feedback but they don't respond to it. It was not like this half a year ago. I think the weekly updates, and all the new apps going on is eating up their time for support etc. I'm quite dissapointed myself.

    2. Mark

      ørret, I must be missing something - you say support time is slipping but right now, you have no open support tickets, and the last one you submitted was resolved in under 24 hours.
      Feel free to drop me a PM if you have any concerns - I'm interested to know what makes you say that :)

      Of course, I'm assuming you're submitting support tickets for support issues, not posting them in the feedback area, as the big box at the top of that page tells you not to do ;)

    3. mat206

      Stars25, to be honest, this is your fault for using the wrong forum. Open a tech support request. Company Feedback is not a support forum.

    4. Stars25

      I'm suggesting that they add checkboxes to the package fields and that they have the option to cost money. In my world that is feedback.

    5. ørret

      Mostly referring to the need for feedback, and when we give you feedback, you won't bother write a line as response. I'm just not bothering anymore, so no need to ask for feedback (it won't be seen anyway) If you want to pick up good ideas I suggest you add a mod to keep track on posts with no response, the problem on these forums is that new topics will fall off the first page pretty quick and be forgotten.

    6. Charles

      If we replied to every feedback topic that's all we would do all day. They are all read though.

    7. ørret

      I love you man.

    1. ørret

      Nice =)

    2. Mikey

      The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

    3. Stars25

      It is working normal for me?

  12. Stars25

    Cyantic is on sale! There are five coupons available!

    1. Sokii

      Skin demo? the link doesn't allow guests...

    2. Stars25

      The skin is being used on the forum.

  13. Stars25

    Cyantic is on sale! There are five coupons available!

    1. Patrick B.

      That looks great man. Really came out like I thought it would.

    2. ørret


    3. Stars25

      ørret, PM me your email you would like it sent to :)

  14. Stars25

    Thinking about upgrading my iPhone 3G to the iPhone4. Is it worth it?

    1. Matt

      Yes! Faster, better screen, iOS4. You won't be disappointed.

    2. ᴡᴅツ

      no no no no no

    3. Jaggi


    4. Rοb

      Paid £299 for my iPhone4, got £95 for my old Nokia. Am on a 12 month contract and will sell iPhone for a profit when iPhone5 is out. Not hard at all if you're smart :p

    5. DarkGizmo

      It's worth it but be sure you get a case for it that'll fix the antenna issue. :)

    6. Robulosity2

      Upgrading to an iPhone4 is like being a cave man and discovering fire only to be told there's better options a year later..

  15. AndyF » Stars25

    Welcome ;) :)

  16. Stars25

    Thanks DawPi! :)

  17. DawPi » Stars25

    Congratz! :)

  18. Stars25

    Anyone have their hosting with GoDaddy? I called them to increase my memory limit from 64M to 128M but they said there is nothing they can do...

    1. EBrown

      Is it dedicated, virtual dedicated, or shared?

    2. Stars25

      It's shared and they said that's the reason, but there's gotta be something...

    3. EBrown

      Send me a PM. I will tell you how.

    4. Glumbo

      Don't use Godaddy for hosting

    5. I am Freddy G

      I haven't had any problems with godaddy >_<

    6. FadE.


      Edit the .htaccess file in the Drupal root directory. Look for the section:

      # Override PHP settings. More in sites/default/settings.php
      # but the following cannot be changed at runtime.

      and immediately after this add the following line:

      php_value memory_limit 32M

    7. Nick²

      Try adding this to your conf_global.php:

      ini_set('memory_limit', '128M');