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  1. VBMX added a post in a topic: "Permission Denied" Error on New Post Attempt   

    Problem solved!  
    Rackspace ran a global script that changed the permissions of thousands of email-related files.
    It changed the owner of the file to root and the permissions to 030 which, in my case, broke the process.
    They restored it to the other permissions, and it is working again.
    I think I am going to get working on that 3.x upgrade now, even though the 2.x was not the problem.
    Thanks for the replies here!
  2. VBMX added a post in a topic: "Permission Denied" Error on New Post Attempt   

    Thanks for the reply.   class_email.php  is currently set to 030.  I tried to set it to 777, just to see what would happen, and it reverts back to 030.
    Maybe that's the issue, and the host requires it be to 030?
    Any idea what it should be?  Is there a doc that lists out all the permissions for the various directories and files?
  3. VBMX added a post in a topic: "Permission Denied" Error on New Post Attempt   

    Can I still post 2.x questions here?     I am running 2.3.6 and yesterday, out of nowhere, my users started getting a white screen when trying to create a new post or reply.   I enabled error reporting, and discovered this is the error causing the problem:   Warning: require_once(/content/community/sources/classes/class_email.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /content/community/sources/classes/post/class_post.php on line 100     There have not been any material changes to the hosting environment in the last week or two, so I am more than a little stumped.     I have been trying to limp along with this version until 4 comes out, because I am loathe to do a major update on a high-traffic site, only to have to do it again in a month or two.     Can anyone offer suggestions?     Thanks   Mike
  4. VBMX added a post in a topic: Any Known Gremlins With IPB 2.1 and PHP 5.3?   

    Thanks guys. Will give those tricks a try.

    Apologies for the errant category placement.


  5. VBMX added a post in a topic: Any Known Gremlins With IPB 2.1 and PHP 5.3?   

    Hi All,

    I am pretty sure my host (Rackspace Cloud) just updated our server to PHP 5.3. This seems to have broken the registration process of my board.

    I realize 2.x is EOL and it is wholly uncool for me not to be updating to the latest and greatest. I am trying to do that, but with a high-traffic site, I am finding that it's like trying to convert a Black & White TV to Color without missing a line of dialogue.

    When users try to sign up now, the validation that checks whether valid characters are in the chosen login and display name is throwing an error, even when the characters are legit.


    Does anyone have experience with how to fix this, or if something other than the PHP 5.3 update may be causing it?

    Also, any other gremlins I should be on the lookout for with the 5.3 update?

    I am putting the IPB 3.x upgrade on the fast track, but not having much luck finding skins I like, even here in the marketplace.

    Any help would be appreciated.


  6. VBMX added a post in a topic: "Passive Banning" - An Idea for IPB Add-on / Modification / Future Feature   

    [quote name='Marcher Technologies' timestamp='1346986076' post='2305913']
    I "Think" what he means is nobody but the member and moderators can see it at all, without the logged-in member ever realizing it... along the lines of mod queu, but without the message and the content being visible to the member, silently, and effectively quarantining their erratic activity *without* encouraging the troll, guest is guest, yes, the illusion would be broken if the user logged out and viewed the item(would not be shown), but most never log out to figure that out.

    Yes, precisely! The posting member and mod/admin only can see it.
  7. VBMX added a post in a topic: "Passive Banning" - An Idea for IPB Add-on / Modification / Future Feature   

    It IS sneaky, no doubt. But I don't have any guilt around that...afterall, if they are being banned, by that point they had flipped the bird to a friendly request to settle it down, a warning, a 7 day suspension, and a final warning. The only thing left to do is ban them. I'd kick 'em in the walnuts if I could.

    The other thing I would use this for is to simmer someone down. They get super heated up on a given topic, and it turns into a situation where they are coming over the top on every post. Like those War Games movies, where a couple little tracks go from one side to the other, then in the next few seconds, the whole board lights up with blips. That's how some of my users get.

    I had looked into Miserable Users before, but decided it was not going to accomplish my goal. These problem users are, by nature, the most vocal. When you flat-out ban them (the "unsneaky way"), they now go on facebook and just start slamming you over there, and on twitter.

    By using Miserable Users, they will start saying "that site doesn't even work half the time" (with screen shots), and people believe them.

    Most trolls would not have a clue there is such a thing as passive banning, since most users stay logged in (at least my users do).

    So many of these problem users are on about something in the here and now. Once they see nobody is biting, they lose interest, and move on. It diffuses the situation without the confrontation of "you're banned," and related retaliation they always feel compelled to exact. Obviously, banning them outright would be the "last resort" option on top of Passive Banning.

    In thinking a bit deeper, it would be much better as a topic-by-topic setting instead of/in addition to global.

    Hoping someone takes this on.


  8. VBMX added a post in a topic: Cooking SPAM Accounts   

    Thanks guys, definitely keep the feedback coming, if anyone has any other advice not otherwise covered.

    I definitely want to upgrade to 3.x, and have been trying to do so for more than a year, but my site has a custom skin and fairly heavy traffic, so it has been a challenge.

    Regarding the account deletions, maybe what I can do is change them all to "banned" status, so at least they cannot awaken one day to clobber me.

    I am going to look into the rest of the advice given here more closely over the weekend so, again, thank you!


  9. VBMX added a post in a topic: "Passive Banning" - An Idea for IPB Add-on / Modification / Future Feature   

    Hi Gang,

    I had this idea for a IPB add-on last year, and was hoping to figure out a way to implement it and maybe sell it as a marketplace item. But, I do not have the skills to make it happen, so thought I would put it out to the world, and maybe someone wants to run with it.

    The concept is called "Passive Banning," or "Post Cloaking" and it basically cloaks the posts of a problem user without them knowing it.

    This add-on would allow an admin option for "cloak all posts," or "cloak all new posts."

    Under a "cloak" condition, the user being cloaked can see the content he posts, but nobody else can (well, mods and admins can too). He just thinks nobody is responding because they don't care...and, let's be honest, most problem users do what they do because they want to stir the pot and get a rise out of people.

    So, what do you think? Is it do-able? Does it already exist in a parallel universe, and I just didn't know it?

    Thanks for any feedback!


  10. VBMX added a post in a topic: Cooking SPAM Accounts   


    I have recently been blitzed by Eastern-bloc spam-bots creating dozens of accounts a day.

    I locked the board down, and temporarily suspended all new account creations, and have been adding IP blocks to ban filters.

    This has caused some of my legit users to be unable to access the board. Things are getting messy, so I thought I would ask a few questions here to see if anyone has been through this and come out smelling good on the other side.

    1). If I ban a whole block (41.*.*.*), is there any way for me to ALLOW certain addresses, while disallowing all others?

    2). I have identified about 400 accounts that are clearly spam. I want to wipe them out. Do any of you know of a way to do this effectively? If I do it via PHPmyadmin, what tables do I have to delete from in order to wipe the member off the map (most have 0 posts)

    is it just (delete from ibf_members where id = 25629) and one query for every account I want to delete? Or do I have to delete from other tables as well?

    I am running 2.x by the way (not sure if that makes a difference, and not sure which dot-version I am running).

    Thanks for any advice or guidance you can provide.