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  1. The Nomad added a post in a topic: Gallery comment permissions   

    This one is driving me nuts. I have allowed members to add comments without approval. Thats fine and works. I (as admin) always receive a message that I need moderators approval !! I have spent ages ticking all the approval boxes (bypass moderation) plus as admin I would not have thought I would need a Mods approval. Anyway I cannot find any other permissions to tick or approve. Anybody got any suggestions (please) 
  2. The Nomad added a post in a topic: [HQ] Forum Icons   

    I can understand what you are saying but I can assure you that no editing was done on either the IPboard or the many other skins I have and they work perfectly. I'll do a skin edit shortly. 
  3. The Nomad added a post in a topic: [HQ] Forum Icons   

    This works perfectly on my test forum (without any edits and on all skins), just opening another forum using the same settings. The Icon appears in the ACP but not on the forum..strange (and pity) BTW both on 3.4.5  :sad:
  4. The Nomad added a post in a topic: IP.Board 4.0 Wishlist   

    Bit of an unusual request.  :smile:
    Some talented orators to create a video guide for the absolute beginners (potential members) in the basic operations of the IPB board and core applications. 
  5. The Nomad added a post in a topic: [HQ] Forum Icons   

    I'll just ignore the screens folder. Uploaded everything else and used your attachments to update the skin edits (great job) my stupid computer will not highlight one or ? lines, it just highlights the lot !! so your attachments solved that problem. Thanks very much for your help  :thumbsup: all appears well now. 
  6. The Nomad added a post in a topic: [HQ] Forum Icons   

    Thanks for the reply, not had time yet to try this out (apart from a limited amount of time last night.)  
    So basically you have to do skin edits whatever  to appear on the forum ? this is what confused me 
    Just one other point..what do we do with the screen folder
    Thanks again  :thumbsup:
  7. The Nomad added a post in a topic: [HQ] Forum Icons   

    Only just seen this and is what I am after. On a quick look in the ACP it states that if you want the photo next to the icon then no file edits required, is this still correct ? Short of time at present but loaded a photo that appears in the ACP but not on forum (hence my question)  
    one other point is what are we required to do with the screens folder ?  It's 2 am here so will have another try tomorrow.  
  8. The Nomad added a post in a topic: Download: KeyCAPTCHA - Innovative Anti-Spam Service. We Pay For Your Protection.   

    Just for info,
    With 3.4 all you need is the key (once you have registered)  Check with /ips_kernel/classcaptchaplugin to make sure that keycaptcha php  is installed. 
  9. The Nomad added a post in a topic: Quiz System   

    ..... You must have moved to Spain to  :lol:   Even the dial up in the bad old days were quicker than here
  10. The Nomad added a post in a topic: Quiz System   

    (not showing quiz questions untill ready) 
    Mikey, I have tried your code change on page 5 (this forum) and the code is slightly different, have you changed it ? I changed to what you suggested and it still shows the questions. I just cancelled your code and inserted the suggested code..hope that was right  :sad:
    (This is all i can find now)
        <ol> <foreach loop="$questions as $question"> <li><h4 class="rounded">{$question['question_name']}</h4><li> </foreach> </ol> ........................................................................................................................................................................................... (your suggestion) 
                                <foreach loop="$questions as $question">
                                <h4 class="rounded">{$question['question_name']}</h4>
                                    <foreach loop="$question['answers'] as $answer">
                                        <li><input type="radio" name="answer_{$answer['question_id']}" id="answer_{$answer['question_id']}" class="input_radio" value="{$answer['question_id']}"> <label for="answer_{$answer['question_id']}">{$answer['question_name']}</label></li>

    Replace that with whatever you want. For example:
    <p>To view the questions, please take this quiz</p>
  11. The Nomad added a post in a topic: IPB vs Facebook   

    For your topic my first impression you have a very impressive forum. 
    My dealings in the past have been with much older and less 'savvy' members.
    IMO IPB is a first class forum board, but as mentioned above FB and the likes are simplicity itself. I spent a lot of time with "how to" guides, even made videos to help guests and members to understand the the layout, use the message board, gallery (quite complicated to beginners) and the various apps that are available for members. I'm sure that when peeps understand, you become a more attractive alternative to FB. I love sport but because I did not understand the rules of some, I gave them a miss. Cricket was a good example. I took time to understand and now am glued to most TV games.
    I have an adopted (very large) Mexican family. I know of only one who uses FB for anything else other than family and friends, so although only a small example I am not sure that FB will/or does stop those from joining a well thought out and easily explained forum. 
    I do notice that you have quite a few protected forums, there may be a good reason for that, however personally I would open the help desk, let guests begin to understand how the forum operates and (they may be there) add guides on how to use the forum. 
    Hasta luego  :thumbsup:
  12. The Nomad added a post in a topic: First spam PM - next steps?   

    Same here ! Not sure how it works here but would assume that the spammer must be a registered member to PM members ?  Just deleted it but interested in the answer. 
  13. The Nomad added a post in a topic: Links Directory   

    Two questions; first web thumbnail .org.. I had a test site recently and used the link. All i done was to add the url and literally add the url into the links. It started queueing and the next day the thumbnail appeared perfect. Now I feel that this is not the way to do it ?? if not can someone please explain (I see there is an HTML code)  Sadly I deleted the test site  :sad: . 
    I am trying again but keep getting "waiting for robot" which eventually gives up the ghost. 
    Any suggestions and help appreciated 
  14. The Nomad added a post in a topic: It's the Final Countdown   

    First many thanks for the it. 
    Using IP 3.4.3. and most themes for 3.4.2 (just for info) 
    Added this last night and worked fine on the default theme (3rd party theme)   was just checking all the other themes, including the IP board, and the same message "failed to import template"   Anyway, after recaching still no change. I then went through all the themes and made each one the default theme, obviously the default changed as I changed. Now everything is fine  :smile: ..all the themes are showing the countdown. Haven't got a clue why this action caused it to work OK but thought I'd pass it on just in case anyone else has similar problem. 
  15. The Nomad added a post in a topic: Portal   

    Thanks Michael  :thumbsup:   worked a treat. Another lesson learnt.....

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