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  1. mmalacarne added a post in a topic: Bugs in the Translations-feature   

    i don't know if this is the right place to say this things.
    i just see the traslation interface, a month or two after the implementation. I'm late, i know.

    I just want to say that with this page i will be impossible to do a right traslation. There is no coordination (is there?) and without knowing where a string will be applied there is no way to know which is the right traslation.

    Do a pair of examples:

    1) the word "post" can be traslated in 2-3 ways depending on who translate.
    2) the word "post" in the string is the noun or the verb? How can i know?

    So, it's impossible to use this method of traslation to translate a simple language (enghish) in a more complex one.

    Other than this, i cannot know if the string will be put in a place with limited space. Knowing that i can use a shorter translation (less clear too).

    Thank you.
  2. mmalacarne added a post in a topic: Thread rating in listing   

  3. mmalacarne added a post in a topic: #hashtags IPB   

    As i said in other post, the @people tagging will be great applied to invision.
    Friend or staff (or groups) tagging to notify them about a post or a topic. Simply great.

    #hashtag? i don't have a clear opinion.
  4. mmalacarne added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Gallery 4.2.0: Tagging, ModCP and Quick Navigation   

    i thought "tagging" was for "members tagging" :(
  5. mmalacarne added a post in a topic: Post Edit History - REALLY NEED THIS   

    wikipb? sounds good, but i don't know the average of posts modified by users
  6. mmalacarne added a post in a topic: Thread rating in listing   

    Because rating a topic from 1 to 5 is perfect for flame-wars. Never seen a vote from 2 to 4, user always rate 5 when agree with topic starter and 1 when disagree.
    Then, what means the rating of a topic? The QUALITY? The quality of what?

    "Oh, i never posted but it's a good topic".
    "ah, posters are my friends but this is only a two star topic, they are not motivating enough".
    "I'm posting 300 messages in this topic but this is only a 3 stars topic".

    Topic rating must be somithing automatic. If a topic was open two weeks ago, has 20 user posting a total of 20 messages a day, no moderator action and other 40 user reading, maybe it's a GOOD topic, no?
    Other topic open two weeks ago, nobody replies, maybe it's a stupid topic.
    You don't need a 5 star system to understand this.

    (the only way to use this feature, i think, is in a forum where a single topic is a specific content: a review, a shot story, a picture. In this case the system can be used as is.)

    Another thing: there is no need of 5 stars. Or a topic it's good, or it's no good. But again, if it's good, you read or post, so topic value is still given by reads or replies.

    On the contrary, i think it's good to rate a post.
    A topic can be good but a reply can be stupid. Or there can be a vote for the best opinion.
    I already posted about this, and i will like a more powerfull content rating system which not sum + and - but expose separatly.
    The rate of the topic can be the sum of post rating and statistic data.

    So, if the rating does not reflect in any way in the forum use, it will be better to simply remove it.
  7. mmalacarne added a post in a topic: Thread rating in listing   

    remove all the rating system, inside the topic view too.
  8. mmalacarne added a post in a topic: Features removed from 3.1.4   

    This is the justification.
    You used this board since update (18 post in 40 days) and you did not realize they removed a such important feature. Maybe the feature was not so important.
  9. mmalacarne added a comment: members cant upload but admins can.   

    got this bug in final version, updated from 3.1.4 board and not from beta.
  10. mmalacarne added a comment: Upgrade 3.1.4 to 3.2.0 fails (reputation_cache)   

    i get this error too.
    after upgrade everything goes well but topic view with reputation enabled.

    i manually run a sql query shown in database checker and all seems to work fine.
    I have to run that file?
  11. mmalacarne added a post in a topic: Facebook API Key is Gone   

    farewell beloved facebook api key. We will remember you with love! <3
  12. mmalacarne added a post in a topic: Wanted feature: Tagging people   


    Good idea!

    ok go, we'll arrive later.
  13. mmalacarne added a post in a topic: Wanted feature: Tagging people   

    Why ipb notify pm? you can't telephone other user when you send him a pm?
    Because it's simple and automatic! It's like notify when someone quote your post, just a little bit powerful.
  14. mmalacarne added a post in a topic: Wanted feature: Tagging people   

    Or when you want to ask him a question in a larger topic, or when you want to let them know that you are speaking about them.
    It's a great idea.
  15. mmalacarne added a comment: Like a post - charset?   

    still there with another pc (ff5 on windows7). Italian version.
    (maybe it's useful to know)

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