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  1. Valtasar added a post in a topic: Member Map   

    Dear Stuart,
    I wanted to check more what is the problem with the code of the old version (Member Maps 1.0.9) so I installed a clean version of the test board with 1.0.9 today, entered my  APIs Console key  (as explained here: ), and magically everything worked: The map appeared, I was able to add a custom marker and my location (as a member) using google geocoding. So I am very happy (previously in my live board I was getting a stuck screen with 1.0.9).
    Were you aware of this?
    Maybe there is a way for those of us that really need the custom markers to "downgrade" to the (working?) old version, until you upgrade the beta version?
    Please explain what is/was the problem more specifically, including some technical details if possible, please!
    PS: As I see,  Google Maps JavaScript API v3  allows for up to 25k requests/day, which seems very fine for me!
  2. Valtasar added a post in a topic: [EDITED] Update to Facebook Login/FB Connect Setup   

    Many thanks! I was trying for so many times without success and using your advice I finally made my first post to facebook!
    Two more questions though:
    a) Is there any way to be able to share links without activating Facebook Connect.
    b) If the answer to a) is no, is there a way to disable registrations from facebook (when FC is activated?)?
  3. Valtasar added a post in a topic: Member Map   

    In our board we were using Member 1.0.7 and had created (and still wish to use) some custom markers.
    Starting from a few weeks ago, the main page stucks when I load membermap, and as I understand this is related to the application not supporting google maps API v3 yet. (@stoo2000: Is this true? I see some part of the javascript code having been converted to v3 API. Can you please explain what forced you to move to BIng maps API? (sorry for asking - I am sure you have been asked this question again!).
    I then upgraded to 1.0.9 (after seeing that the 2.0.0 beta does not support custom markers yet) but still I get the same "stuck" page.
    So, (as others ask above) will custom markers be supported soon, or you encountered problems for implementing this in Bing maps API and you think this will be delayed?
    Keep up the good work! 
  4. Valtasar added a post in a topic: Please Revert the Moderating Team Page   

    One very simple change to admin/applications/forums/modules_public/extras/stats.php to sort the groups, e.g. for IPB 3.3.4 is:

    where 4,6,14,9,7,12 are the group IDs for my custom moderating team, i.e. 4 is the Root admin, 6 is Admin, 9 is Global Mod, 7 Mod etc. Be sure to list all IDs of your team there, otherwise the unknown IDs are listed first.
    Line: 378 Change: 'select' => 'm.*, m.member_id as my_member_id' To: 'select' => 'm.*, m.member_id as my_member_id,field(m.member_group_id,4,6,14,9,7,12) as group_sort' and Line 395: From: 'order' => 'm.members_display_name', To: 'order' => 'group_sort,m.members_display_name',
  5. Valtasar added a file in Maintenance   

    Update IPB External Translations v
    Simple php script to UPDATE any PREVIOUSLY (externally) translated language files from an older IPB version for a newly released IPB version.
    Reads all *.php and *.js language files from "translate" folder, replacing any (translated) language bits found from the corresponding file in "translate/old_translation" folder.
    Results are finally written to "translate/new_translation" folder (same filename).
    New (untranslated) strings are added at the END of each file, so they can be immediately detected when viewing/editing each file!
    One can then examine the output files, make any necessary edits/additional tranlations and finally copy ALL files from "translate/old_translation" to "translate" so that they can be re-imported to the database from the ACP.

    How to run:
    1) ACP>Look&Feel>Manage Languages : Activate "External Translation" for your new language. An external translation session will start and language files will be placed in "translate" folder under IPB root folder.
    2) Place "update_translation.php" file at IPB root folder.
    3) Create two new folders: "translate/new_translation" and "translate/old_translation"
    4) Place any PREVIOUSLY translated files from a previous IPB version at folder "translate/old_translation".
    5) Run php script (from commandline or from web)
    6) Examine the (output) files at "translate/new_translation" and translate any untranslated strings (they are at the end of each file).
    7) When finished editing, copy the files from "translate/old_translation" to "translate".
    8) Re-import the translated files from the ACP using the "External translation" tool.

    SPECIAL strings that DO NOT exist in ENGLISH (they NEED to be added ONLY in languages OTHER than english e.g.: 'calendar_display_title', 'blog_display_title', etc in core_public_global.php) are NOT copied from old translations.
    You need to add these language bits manually at the end!
  6. Valtasar added a file in Maintenance   

    ipb2_utf8_convert_v1.0.php v
    Experimental PHP script to convert the content of an IPB 2.3 database to utf8

    INSTALLATION: put in IPB home folder, check/modify the configuration parameters and run it from command line - the script may require several hours to complete.

    - Fully automatic - it will examine your database and convert only "char varchar text enum set tinytext mediumtext longtext" fields.
    - Fields with other (known) encodings can be specified.
    - Fields to be ignored can be specified.
    - Lengths in fields that are serialized are properly corrected after the conversion.

    If you get "MySQL Server has gone away" message", try setting the MySQL server variable "max_allowed_packet" to a high value (e.g. 24M), or decrease the value of the $limit configuration parameter.