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  1. Solomon added a post in a topic: Admin Panel - Suggestion   

    It would be nice if you remove this message, as it's now 6 months old and getting quite stale:

    and while you're there it would also be nice to increase the width of the text field and align the button?

  2. Solomon added a post in a topic: Marking topics and forums as read   

    Talking on the same subject, is there a button to mark a post or forum or board as unread ?

    This could be helpful sometimes to return and continue to read or remember reading unread post/s after having erroneously marked the board as read.

    Is there a way..?
  3. Solomon added a post in a topic: music links   


    Any idea how to get the music links to work on 3.0.0. Had no problem playing these before on 2.3.6. It shows now only a grayed out player..
  4. Solomon added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3: Skin update   

    Just a small request from me on the way of all the great improvements taking place.

    When you are composing a post and if for whatever reason you need to refer back to something - using the back button or other means - your post that you were composing with great alacrity which may sometime be quite long and tediously put together, is GONE . I am sure all of you have at one time or another experienced this. When this happens the user either starts all over again on a now ever more arduous task or simply gives up in utter disgusting exasperation and logs out.

    There should be some way to protect this unfinished and unsent post. You could perhaps also achieve it, among other possibilities at your disposal, by opening the Editor Console in a separate tab for example. It may thus even be retrievable from a browser crashed session.

    A post is after all the very lifeline of any Forum ! :)

  5. Solomon added a comment: [Beta 2] Can't Disable Designer Mode After Upgrade.   

    Under 1:
    In some cases the steps may be as follows:
    1. cPanel
    2. phpMyAdmin
    3. _ipb database
    4. highlight ipf_sessions (in the list of tables in left panel)
    5. Operations in the menu at the top (in the right panel)
    6. Pull-down menu for Storage Engine (under Table Options; always shows MyISAM by default)
    7. Select HEAP
    8. OK

    Please note: When you click (after undergoing the procedure above) on the main _ipb database in the left panel, you will find the table now shows HEAP under the TYPE Column for ibf_sessions on the right. If this is not the case, you may have to repeat the steps above.