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  1. Willy_Coyote added a comment: PHP warning in /admin/sources/like/composite.php   

    I have this error---

    Warning: sprintf() [[url="http://www.sfidabipolare.net/forum/bipoforum/index.php/forum/5-incontro-di-famigliari-e-amici-di-bipo/function.sprintf"]function.sprintf[/url]]: Too few arguments in ...../admin/sources/classes/like/composite.php on line 1625

    is the same error?
  2. Willy_Coyote added a comment: IP.Chat - Mobile Issue   

    I have same problem with lg optimus dual android 2.2
  3. Willy_Coyote added a comment: Team icons ... bug?   

    same problem
  4. Willy_Coyote added a comment: Topic icons missing   

    [quote name='Dmacleo' timestamp='1314014616' post='126203']
    thank you.please consider re-adding them.
  5. Willy_Coyote added a comment: Mobile skin assignments   

    I have the same problem with lg dual optimus android 2.2

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