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  1. Carl M added a post in a topic: RC5?   

    They also said it would be finished well over a year ago. Deadlines/timescales change. People should be used to this with IPS now. 
  2. Carl M added a post in a topic: RC2 is out...   

    Yeah i downloaded RC2 but soon as installed a fresh test install i couldn't log in on the test site. Obviously no idea if this was the reason it was pulled or just a coincidence. 
  3. Carl M added a post in a topic: Which bugs are fixed in 5a? What's difference between 5 and 5a?   

    Yep I've renewed my 6 monthly subscription twice in the hope it would be released soon to no avail. Sods law it runs out next month when it will probably end up being released but I'm pretty apathetic about the whole situation now and might now renew anyway. 
  4. Carl M added a post in a topic: IPB 4.0 Beta Released for Active Licenses only?   

    Personally i hope they take another 6 months, i mean we can all wait forever right.
  5. Carl M added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0 - Messenger   

    I wasn't the one who said it was going to be out in early 2014 (or not so early) 
  6. Carl M added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0 - Messenger   

    Great. We might see it sometime early in 2014. Oh wait. 
  7. Carl M added a post in a topic: When is IPB 4.0 ?   

    The second quarter of a calendar year (April, May, June) Second quarter: from the beginning of April to the end of June
  8. Carl M added a post in a topic: When is IPB 4.0 ?   

    Yep this place feels very stale at the moment, I'm coming back a week at a time and nothings changed, just IPS missed a loose deadline they originally set and now pretty much leaving their customers waiting in the dark. Very odd - there's been a remarkable change at IPS.
  9. Carl M added a post in a topic: When is IPB 4.0 ?   

    Exactly this. I can understand why people are getting disappointed/annoyed with the unannounced delay.
  10. Carl M added a comment on a blog entry: Enterprise Spam Mitigation   

    Cant imagine a big demand for this service at that cost. IPS seem to be turning into VB. 
  11. Carl M added a post in a topic: When is IPB 4.0 ?   

    So since Charles said sometime this year it appears comments of late that the date is being pushed back now it would seem to indicate it won't be released now in any form in 2013? (beta etc)
  12. Carl M added a post in a topic: Serious User Interface update   

    Or a demo preview board for us users and admins to give some feedback like you did with ipb3. :)
  13. Carl M added a post in a topic: IP.Board 4.0 Wishlist   

    Im aware of that blog.

    Last update 29th July. More than a month ago. :)
  14. Carl M added a post in a topic: IP.Board 4.0 Wishlist   

    Possibly finding out some stuff about 4.0 would be good, pretty much nothing worth visiting this site for at the moment.
  15. Carl M added a post in a topic: Serious User Interface update   

    Would be nice to get some more 4.0 details - seems very sparse around here at the moment.

Status Feed

  1. Carl M

    Still nothing to see here. Yawn

  2. Carl M

    Its been a while - but just renewed and thinking of converting a Xenforo site to IPB!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. media

      This kind of voting means NOTHING...

    3. Wolfie

      ProBoards and XenForo have the most fanboys. Wait until the true leader, IPB, is on top because of real votes, not fanboy votes. :)

    4. Gaffney

      Sort of useless, who cares about the owner of a forum which has 100 members and 3000 posts over a full year ?

      IPB is for serious forums, free isn't really serious.

  3. Carl M

    Is IP Board developed anymore? ;)

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Francismori7_2

      IP.Board died 5 years ago. The people whom are here want it back.

    3. Claudia999

      No. It's a vB clone.

    4. xCurlyx

      ip board has not been developed in a long time due to nazi zombies breaching their offices and killing it off

  4. Carl M

    anyone recommend me some ipad apps?

  5. Carl M

    No new update blog yesterday then?

  6. Carl M

    Yawn Yawn - anything happening around here beside the Gallery and Nexus?

    1. ørret

      No update since forever. I think IPS is eating donuts right now ^^.

    2. Andy Millne

      mmm donuts

    3. AlexJ

      Donuts are f*king awesome! - Harold and Kumar2

  7. Carl M

    I leave my current job after almost 5 years tomorrow! Off to work for the Welsh Ambulance Service!

    1. giggsey

      Good luck :)

    2. Zhana

      Good luck bro.

  8. Carl M

    its really really really boring here at the moment - oh look some paint is drying! Catch you soon!

  9. Carl M

    things are very very quiet on the IPB front at the moment.

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    2. Carl M

      That was what i thought :)

    3. ørret

      They're not working, they're eating donuts. ^^



  10. Carl M

    If you head to my forum homepage does it take a few seconds to load?

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    2. Carl M

      yeah its only been like this since this afternoon - will interrogate my host!

    3. Tony.M

      Yes it does

    4. Carl M

      turns out it was Twitter Connect turned that off it works fine.

  11. Carl M

    Handed in my notice at work today! Start my new job in 4 weeks time! :)

  12. Carl M

    Just managed to sell someone my vB4 license!

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Fluent Inc

      Where is a good place to sell licenses?

    3. Jandar

      Where'd you sell Carl? I'm looking to offload mine.

    4. Carl M

      I sold mine here

  13. Carl M

    Its good to be back using IPB converted my vB forum over :)

    1. Flows

      back from vb to ipb, wow! welcome back buddy

    2. Carl M

      I never really left IPB i sold my last IPB forum and now just bringing the other vB site over to IPB! :)

  14. Carl M

    Got offered a new job today - means moving to Wales too :)

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    2. Carl M

      Im sure i will too - moving to be live with my girlfriend and a job that suits my skills too :)

    3. Iestyn

      I live in Wales, where do you live in Wales Chris T?

    4. AnthonyKinson

      My girlfriend is from Bangor :) her dad owns a farm there :)

  15. Carl M

    anyone else loving their iPhone 4?

    1. SkimPappa

      not sure if I love the reception & proximity sensor issues (yes I have two new iphones with this issue)

  16. Carl M

    Come on England!

  17. Carl M

    just uninstalling the beta it was too advanced it was cooking and cleaning and everything - g/f was jealous!

  18. Carl M

    won VIP tickets to tomorrows Barnsley FC game including 3 course meal and executive box!

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    2. Carl M

      It probably will be Tom - we have been shocking in our last 10-15 games!

    3. .Ian

      enjoy :)

    4. Carl M

      @Tom - told you that you would beat us. We had 2 one on ones and didnt score from either one! You guys missed an absolute sitter too btw!

      @Ian - it was a great afternoon more info on it here for anyone thats interested

  19. Carl M

    Of course David Cameron cycles now, but if he wins the election he'll go everywhere by foxhunt

    1. Interferon

      I still think we should not have multiple comment boxes at once!

  20. Carl M

    Where do i find my license key in the Client Area?

    1. Steve H

      Should be in your packages tab > then in the specific forum package.

  21. Carl M

    is a fully licensed IPB customer again :)

  22. Carl M

    recommend me a film to see?

    1. I am Freddy G

      The Crazies

    2. Carl M

      Thank you - shall give that one a go! :)

    3. Olivier Turbis


  23. Carl M » AndyF

    Glad you enjoyed it and yeah i probably should have said it was a little gruesome in parts - i didnt really expect much from it maybe thats why i thought it was so good - but an 8/10 is reasonable!