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  1. Edward Shephard added a post in a topic: Back to top option   

    I think you mean:  You are probably lost and have no idea how to get back to the top.
  2. Edward Shephard added a post in a topic: Member Map   

    Just to let you know that this is now resolved.  Apparently the MIME the was not setup for JSON on the server.
    Thanks for looking into this for me, you're ongoing support for this is much appreciated. 
  3. Edward Shephard added a post in a topic: Member Map   

    Am still at a loss to understand why this isn't working.  Would welcome any advice please.
  4. Edward Shephard added a post in a topic: Member Map   

    Not as far as i know?!
  5. Edward Shephard added a post in a topic: Member Map   

    Yes it's odd.  Web Developer is showing a 404 error for both cache files.  But when i look on the server they are definitely there and as far as I can tell editable and full of data.  When i reached everything the timestamp on the files updated correctly, but still no markers.

    The maps and pins are appearing okay in individual profiles, just not on the main page.
  6. Edward Shephard added a post in a topic: Member Map   

    I have upgraded to 2.0.0, put in my API, checked skins and css and rebuilt all of the caches but still cannot get any markers to appear on the main map.  Any suggestions please?
  7. Edward Shephard added a post in a topic: Mailchimp Integration   

    Can you explain how you go about setting this up with mailchimp please.
    I have a mailchimp account and a list of about 2000 users.  When i install this app in my forums and tell it to look at list X how does it coordinate its settings with those on the MC list.  Does it run though both lists automatically and look for matches based on the user email address or is there a process that you need to go though?
  8. Edward Shephard added a post in a topic: Notification of User Email Change   

    Does anyone know of an option or process to generate an admin notification if a user changes their registered email address?

    When a user completes the change of their address I should like to generate an email (preferably not PM) to an external admin simply saying the 'user X has changed their email address to xxxxxxx'.

  9. Edward Shephard added a post in a topic: Admin Bulk Upload?   

    Maybe not huge amounts. One of my user has, I think, several hundred to upload.
  10. Edward Shephard added a post in a topic: Admin Bulk Upload?   

    Are there any facilities in Gallery for admins to do bulk uploads?  I can't believe that there isn't but I can't find anything!
  11. Edward Shephard added a post in a topic: How to test if a field is empty ?   

    Glad you sorted it.  My example was taken from a feed block template but as you have found it may be slightly different in other situations.
  12. Edward Shephard added a post in a topic: How to test if a field is empty ?   

    Assuming you have an image field called 'image' then something like:
    <!-- ci-dessous l'illustration --> <if test="$r['image']"> <div class="ipsBox"> <div class="ipsBox_container ipsPad ipsType_textblock"> <h3 align="center">ILLUSTRATION</h3> <img src='{$r['image']}' {parse resize_image="$r['image']" maxheight="XXX" maxwidth="YYY"} alt='{$r['title']}' style="padding: 0px" /> </div> <!-- ferme ipsBox_container ipsPad ipsType_textblock--> </div> </if> <!-- ferme ipsBox_container ipsPad ipsType_textblock-->
  13. Edward Shephard added a post in a topic: How to NOT truncate a record in a block ?   

    I don't think strip tags will have any functional context without the rest of the line of code. If you want to keep the strip tags in there then I think you will need to use the whole thing and just set the truncate threshold to 10000 or some such.

    Do you need to strip the tags? In most instances it is only there because the truncate command could leave you with an open tag which then breaks the formatting of the rest of the page.
  14. Edward Shephard added a post in a topic: How to NOT truncate a record in a block ?   

    You could just use the $r['content'] tag or simply increase the 32 figure to something very high.
  15. Edward Shephard added a post in a topic: Map with entries in an IP.C Database   

    As an example I have an events' database that uses longitude and latitude fields to show location:  http://www.bn.org.uk/activities/big_days_out.php#mapblock
    I have added a feed block into the category template which displays a map of all of the events.  I wouldn't claim it is the best code in the world but it works for me...
    <meta name="viewport" content="initial-scale=1.0, user-scalable=no" /> <script type="text/javascript" src="http://maps.google.com/maps/api/js?sensor=false"></script> <style type="text/css"> .gmnoprint img { max-width: none; } #map_canvas img{ max-width:none } </style> <script type="text/javascript"> //<![CDATA[ var map = null; function initialize() { var myOptions = { zoom: 6, center: new google.maps.LatLng(54.5,-4.0), mapTypeControl: true, mapTypeControlOptions: {style: google.maps.MapTypeControlStyle.DROPDOWN_MENU}, navigationControl: true, mapTypeId: google.maps.MapTypeId.ROADMAP } map = new google.maps.Map(document.getElementById("map_canvas"), myOptions); google.maps.event.addListener(map, 'click', function() { infowindow.close(); }); // Add markers to the map // Set up markers with info windows <if test="is_array( $records ) && count( $records )"> <foreach loop="$records as $r"> <php> $StartDate = "{$r['field_167_value']}"; $StartDateParts = explode('-', $StartDate); $EndDate = "{$r['field_168_value']}"; $EndDateParts = explode('-', $EndDate); $FormattedDate = ""; $AttendanceValue = "{$r['field_172']}"; $Attendance = ""; if ($StartDate == $EndDate){ $FormattedDate = ($StartDateParts[0] . " " . $StartDateParts[1] . " " . $StartDateParts[2]); } elseif (($StartDateParts[0] != $EndDateParts[0]) && ($StartDateParts[1] == $EndDateParts[1]) && ($StartDateParts[2] == $EndDateParts[2])) { $FormattedDate = ($StartDateParts[0] . " - " . $EndDateParts[0] . " " . $StartDateParts[1] . " " . $StartDateParts[2]); } elseif (($StartDateParts[1] != $EndDateParts[1]) && ($StartDateParts[2] == $EndDateParts[2])) { $FormattedDate = ($StartDateParts[0] . " " . $StartDateParts[1] . " - " . $EndDateParts[0] . " " . $EndDateParts[1] . " " . $StartDateParts[2]); } elseif ($StartDateParts[2] != $EndDateParts[2]) { $FormattedDate = ($StartDateParts[0] . " " . $StartDateParts[1] . " " . $StartDateParts[2] . " to " . $EndDateParts[0] . " " . $EndDateParts[1] . " " . $EndDateParts[2]); } if ($AttendanceValue == "M") { $Attendance = "This event is for BN members only."; } else { $Attendance = "This event is open to the public."; } </php> var image = 'http://www.bn.org.uk/community/ccs_files/places/marker{$r['field_172']}.png'; var point = new google.maps.LatLng({$r['bdoLatitude']},{$r['bdoLongitude']}); var html = "<p><a style='font-size:1.2em' href='{$r['url']}'>{$r['title']}</a></p><p class='ipsBadge ipsBadge_lightgrey' style='font-size:0.7em; font-weight: strong'>$FormattedDate</p><br><p style='font-size:0.9em'>$Attendance</p>"; var marker = createMarker(point,html,image) </foreach> </if> var point = new google.maps.LatLng(54,-4.5); } var infowindow = new google.maps.InfoWindow( { size: new google.maps.Size(150,50) }); function createMarker(latlng, html, image) { var contentString = html; var marker = new google.maps.Marker({ position: latlng, map: map, icon: image, zIndex: Math.round(latlng.lat()*-100000)<<5 }); google.maps.event.addListener(marker, 'click', function() { infowindow.setContent(contentString); infowindow.open(map,marker); }); } google.maps.event.addDomListener(window, 'load', initialize); </script> <div class='maintitle'>{$title}</div> <div class='ccsBase ccsBlock'><h2 class='ccsBlockTitle'><img src="http://www.bn.org.uk/community/ccs_files/places/markerP.png" width="15" height="26"> These events are open to the public &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <img src="http://www.bn.org.uk/community/ccs_files/places/markerM2.png" width="15" height="26"> These events are for BN members only</h2></div> <div class='ipsBox' style="height:700px;"> <div id="map_canvas" style="height:700px;"></div> </div>

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