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  1. Lee added a post in a topic: Next community suite release...   

    Am I right in thinking that with the next major release of the IPS community suite, I will be able to mix and match which applications to install? I am only interested in the following: The core, ie - accounts and profiles IP.Content and IP.Nexus. Will it be possible to install those without the forum application as I will have no need for that?
  2. Lee added a post in a topic: IPB 3.3   

    Yes, 3.3.x says it will work with any 3.3 version of IPB. The x is a variable to show this.
  3. Lee added a post in a topic: Package's Custom Field format validation   

    I agree, this would be a pretty important feature for me too.
  4. Lee added a post in a topic: Giving IPB away as contest items   

    IPS don't transfer licences between accounts, unfortunately.
  5. Lee added a post in a topic: No spam service for lifetime license holders!   

    Are you using the built in Q and A option?
  6. Lee added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Gallery 4.0 - Uploading   

    I have a question. What if the geo location hasn't already been set on your computer. Is there a way to associate it with IP.G?
  7. Lee added a post in a topic: IE9 Beta 4   

    That doesn't mean anything! There are plenty of developers out there that know Jack all about anything and make a lot of money ;)

    On another note, IE will always feel like a child's toy to me. I use Chrome, and unless something as quick and easy to use comes along - I always will. :thumbsup:
  8. Lee added a post in a topic: IP.Chat Completely Unreliable   

    Hi Lindy!

    Thanks for the detailed update as to what is happening - I am sorry if I came across as rude in my earlier reply, I was just frustrated to not know what was going on! :shifty:
  9. Lee added a post in a topic: IP.Chat Completely Unreliable   

    So are we going to blessed with some information now? As all the hush hush is what is really frustrating! :thumbsup:
  10. Lee added a post in a topic: Restoring Ipod   

    Forgot to update this, I tried it on another windows 7 computer (Only this time a 32bit machine) and the software was upgraded successfully.

    Thanks for the help guys!
  11. Lee added a post in a topic: Kier's new forum script: Xenforo   

    I agree, I think it looks like an excellent little piece of software. Far from basic already and it is only in an alpha state! Looking very attractive for vB converts, I would imagine.
  12. Lee added a post in a topic: Restoring Ipod   

    Battery is full, i'm getting fairly frustrated with it now!
  13. Lee added a post in a topic: Restoring Ipod   

    No, it wasn't jailbroken - that didn't fix it either. Still hangs during the restore!

    Is there a way to format it using my computer then put the OS back on from scratch??
  14. Lee added a post in a topic: Restoring Ipod   

    That doesn't work, I don't get an option to turn my ipod off at all!

    Just stays in recovery mode, and itunes recognises it as a ipod in need of recovery. Of which hangs when trying to preform :P
  15. Lee added a post in a topic: Restoring Ipod   

    Tried to update the OS on my ipod touch, but it hung and wouldn't do anything!

    Now it is stuck in restore mode, wont restore through itunes and doesn't show up in my computer to force format.

    Windows 7 64bit, itunes newest version. Any ideas??

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    Hi Oliver! I was just wondering if you could help me with something. I am having some trouble with a skin I am making where the BBCode buttons have just stopped working. I have only added some custom css styles and the wrapper of my main website to the skin.
    Any ideas what could be the cause???

  6. Lee

    Is IPS support open now?

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      The ticket system is always open :) , but if your ticket has to go to Tier 2 or 1 there may be a delay, normal Tier 3 is always available :)

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    @charles - hopefully you'll see this! I sent you a pm around a month ago and no reply! if possible, message me?

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    can we turn off twitter and facebook status updates on our installs?

    1. aeharding

      also, is there a 'hide fb and twitter' option for individual users?

    2. .Ian

      check out http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/307327-status-updates-in-31/ - yes and no is the answer at the moment - but feel free to add your thoughts to that topic

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    IPB 3.1 is looking good. Well done guys.

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    I think I managed to fix it with your help! Thanks lewis!

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    Judging by the script, the width: npx; is gathered by the total width of the content of the menu. #top_menu li .sub ul{} has a width:150px; and there is 6 of them in the menu. (150*6) = 900px. If you remove that, it should *fix* it. :)

  18. Lee » Lewis P

    Do you know anything about jquery? I have a script I have installed from one of those free download websites here: http://www.helpmindsheal.com - if you hover over the depression tab at the top you will see it. It adds a style="width: npx;" to the class "sub" and I can't find it in the code to remove it! It goes off the screen as you can see. Any ideas?

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