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  1. Telemacus2 added a comment on a file: [BBCODE ] Score Place   

    Could you please provide a little more information on how exactly the mod works? 
    Is that image what it'll look like once the data is inserted?
    So, I just add something like: Real Madrid 4 - Bayern Munich 0 between the bbcode and that's it?
  2. Telemacus2 added a comment: Group/Content/Can upload files? not working   

    Thanks a lot for this Andy, much appreciated! :)
  3. Telemacus2 added a post in a topic: Polling improvements please   

    I know this is a little old, but guest votes are still not possible in ipb, are they?
    I'd be interested in a mod that allowed this (and recorded the guest's ip so that he couldn' vote again) on the same poll.
  4. Telemacus2 added a comment on a blog entry: IPB Wiki - Revival Development   

    I'm following progress on this, particularly the integration of mediawiki into ipb's skin. 
  5. Telemacus2 added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0: Charts & Graphs   

    I think this is great! :)
    By the way, some of you might be interested in the "Google charts bbcode" (which works with ipb 3.4.5) already available in the marketplace: 

    ipb thinkbox inspired by the marketplace? ;)
  6. Telemacus2 added a comment on a file: Keyword Tooltips   

    Absolutely outstanding mod. Can be used as a glossary to help your users with unusual words, as non intrusive publicity, etc.  
    Really easy to set up, you can use images with text, supports foreign characters, you can use either one word or a multiple words, etc. Check it out! 
  7. Telemacus2 added a post in a topic: Market place: pretty hard to find things!   

    I'm not sure if the Market place search system is any good, but I've always had trouble finding things.
    Here are examples which you can try yourself:

    - Try to find the FAQ system by HQ. If you type "FAQ", nothing will be found. If you type "questions", nothing will be found. If you type the name of the app, [HSC] FAQ System nothing will be found!. If you try "system", 17 pages, but I couldn't be bothered...

    - I remember Adriano made a lottery mod. I typed "lottery" and found just one app, the points system, which isn't his. I went to Adriano's profile, but only some of his recent apps can be found. :-? why can we get a list of all the apps by a coder ?

    IT's not the first time I've had trouble finding apps that I know exist...
  8. Telemacus2 added a comment on a file: Animated Site Intro Block   

    Very nice indeed.
    Are you planning any html 5 versions? Some users on mobile devices won't be able to see the demo at present...
  9. Telemacus2 added a post in a topic: Customer blogs are gone. Why?   

    I just noticed the other day that customers are no longer allowed to write blogs on this site.
    I understand that staff blogs are probably more important and a way for you guys to stay in touch with the community and keep us up to date and everything, but I think it would be nice to give us some personal space where we could write our blogs, even if it's in a different category or something, not to mention that the blog app would get a bit more exposure...

  10. Telemacus2 added a comment on a blog entry: Shoutbox Support & Update Infomation   

    So all versions will be free? (I prefer paid versions, but I'm just asking)
  11. Telemacus2 added a comment on a blog entry: Links: New Developer, Feature Roadmap, EOL Announcement   

    Very glad to hear someone as experienced as you is taking over. 
    One request that I kept making over the years (I've had this mod for years!) is the ability to add "weight" to links, so as to be able to control where abouts on a category list the links appear, the heavy ones appearing at the top, the light ones, last. 
    I hope you can consider this suggestion for a future version.
  12. Telemacus2 added a comment on a file: User Geolocation Restriction   

    "My certainty about the legitimacy of the above numbers comes from the fact that my community is 100% Greek spoken, so I doubt any member coming from those countries wanted to become an active member of it for any reason other than for spamming."
    Really?? er... what about Greek Speaking People living in those countries?  
  13. Telemacus2 added a comment on a blog entry: JLogica new apps   

    [quote name='JLogica' timestamp='1347411805']
    No it is a commercial system coding from start to finish ... estimates of usage are like Facebook. Will be aws based worldwide. Just Australia the projection is 100k paid users (on a 3% penetration rate), already have a patent application for one of the new technology widgets we have invented. It is really mind numbingly exciting.

    That sounds pretty big indeed!
  14. Telemacus2 added a comment on a blog entry: JLogica new apps   

    Nice that you're taking over those apps.
    So, the big project that you mentioned, is it ipb related?
  15. Telemacus2 added a comment on a file: Sports Pick 'Ems Application   

    Adding an image for each team can be tedious, but it looks so much better! I wouldn't want a team I support to be represented by a generic image.
    Don't forget that this app can be used for international sporting competitions. Can you imagine the US being represented by a generic image? most team logos are available on the internet, in fact there are website where you can download the logos for a whole league, so I don't think it's such a big deal, and your users will love it!

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    hey, you need to fix your homepage url. I'm afraid you can only leave one. You wrote two down and it concatenated them into a dead page.

  2. Telemacus2

    Quoting Michael (the guy behind the tutorials, the shoutbox, etc.) "I'm seriously contemplating getting out of the IP.Board world". Why don't you visit and tell him why he shouldn´t?

  3. Telemacus2

    I'm actually beginning to like this skin a lot more than before!

  4. Telemacus2

    One of the most amazing mods EVER has been released by IPBCODING Sudoku for ipb 3.x (available from their site)

    1. media

      I know... IT is a fun mod... I have it for 5 years and my members love it...

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      ok, ok, but you had to probably googled it! :)

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    I knew it was going to be IP.Commerce, and I predicted it!! :)

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