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  1. DeeJayFIA added a comment on a blog entry: Topic Templates   

    This sounds just like what i've been looking for :) thank you!
  2. DeeJayFIA added a post in a topic: 3.1.3 soon?   

    Would like to see this released as it fixes many of the bug my board has been experiencing... it's end of the month time :)
  3. DeeJayFIA added a comment: VNC --> Duplicate posts on other pages   

    Ok Matt, will look into doing that and shall send you a PM accordingly, cheers
  4. DeeJayFIA added a comment: VNC --> Duplicate posts on other pages   

    Just FYI... we appear to have fixed the problem by tweaking a search setting in the admin CP so searching does not rely on a "Sphinx" server
    That seems to have fixed got search functions working again, although we are now intermittently been getting error messages (about memory allocation errors - not sure if its related or not!)
  5. DeeJayFIA added a comment: Latest Discussions Portal Bug   

    But... it's bloody annoying I KNOW!
    i'm not usually one to complain, but this and the View New Content bug are both pretty major issues IMHO
  6. DeeJayFIA added a comment: VNC --> Duplicate posts on other pages   

    Just confirming that I have this problem also, and its bloody annoying and results in lots of complaints from my members.
    Surely there's more than just a few of us experiencing it though?

    An upgrade of the issue to something more urgent would be appreciated
  7. DeeJayFIA added a post in a topic: Gallery 4.0 - Slightly more than a sneak peek   

    +1 Vote for this Feature please :)
    Been trying to work out how to do it with the current Gallery, and it ain't easy for a layman like moi :D
    Otherwise... looking awesome Matt
  8. DeeJayFIA added a comment: Portal plugin "recent discussions" optimizations   

    Same here... I was given this reason for 'Latest Discussions' on my Portal Page giving weird numbers.
    But why would it only be on some boards? Surely the IPB forums are large enough and they don't have the same problem?
  9. DeeJayFIA added a comment: Links are not clickable on search page   

    You might be the man to help me Tom!
    I've entered code for a rotating banner on my Global Template, but I can move it from the LHS of my screen :-(
    [url=""][/url] If you reckon, you'd be able to help me out, could you please email me: [email=""]My Email[/email]

    Hopefully, a big thank you in advance!
  10. DeeJayFIA added a comment on a blog entry: What's new in IP.Board 3.1.2? Incomplete Members   

    I agree with you cirem, but it's a necessary evil these days... if you're not linked to them, then you're simply out of the loop.
    (mind you, I know this will be abused by my members once i make it available to them for sure...) dammed if ya do/dammed if ya don't! :)
  11. DeeJayFIA added a comment on a blog entry: What's new in IP.Board 3.1.2? (Part 1)   

    Great stuff guys... I can't wait to upgrade from my old 2.x version :)

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    WIshes AndyJ & Co all the best, I consider it ironically an exact chip off the old block... I bear him no ill feeling, only gratitude for years of service. I taught him well, and he's follwing in my footsteps nicely, in his own FIA now... If he has half the success we had together, he'll kick ass :-)

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