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    Mark what about rolling back to a backup pre-seo self destruct? Then just re-import the newer posts. 

    Honestly we had a very similar thing happen in 2009 when we moved from ipboard 2 to ipboard 3. Our SEO got completely trashed and ad revenue dropped to 1/3rd what it was. If I was smart I would have just rolled back and waited for 3.0 to become more mature. But we kept on it and a year later the ad revenue pretty much bounced back/recovered fully.  And I'm interested in testing 4.0 carefully this time for the same reason and to better identify what link structures would change and forward them appropriately (hopefully little to no negative changes).
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    Flagged as Spammer Deleted Content Bypasses ModerateCP Removed Content
    When a moderator or admin flags a spammer and delete content setting is enabled for flag spammers; That users content is completely gone forever without recovery. In my case an admin flagged a user as a spammer who was actually causing problems on the forum and I had no way to review what happened. Any deleted content from the flagged as spammer setting group should be recoverable both via backend and moderatorcp. It would be ideal to have a setting to save deleted spammer content for X amount of time similar to the way the IPB is supposed to preserve deleted posts based on the preserve deleted content. This also should be considered a bug or problem that needs to be remedied in IPB 4.0
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    Best sidebar Block ever, helps keep topics alive! Must have. Great developer too.