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  1. Morrigan added a review on a file: Pokes   

    I love it! I certainly think it's amazing.
    3 suggestions though for look and feel and usability:
    It would be nice if there was a class on the "Pokes" so that you could more easily skin them. To boot adding in ☞ and ☜ dingbats would be amazing for the poke and poke back. Use the ::before CSS and people can change it as they please. It would fit really well with the other things on like the hover card.Add a "Poke" to the profile. Probably right next to the "Follow Member" thinger.Not right now but in the future a "Total pokes received" could really be a lot of fun. Especially if the admin can reset it monthly or something to make a game out of it.Great mod though! Super glad it's here!
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  2. Morrigan added a post in a topic: Profile fields   

    It would be awesome if there was a way when you created a field group that you can choose whether it makes a "tab" or is displayed in the profile sidebar. Just a switch that says "tab y/n" and then if it's yes, instead of being listed in the side it is it's own tab and displays there instead.
    Just a hope upon hope. (now needs to figure out how to do this herself in the interim).
  3. Morrigan added a post in a topic: Mod wanted: Tag Groups   

    For those still confused on this.
    What I mean is tagging like @Moderators and it would notify moderators that they have been tagged into a topic. It would be especially important for teams that do specific tasks and members need to contact them in a staff contact type forum.
    It would help me in managing my staff groups a lot easier instead of individually tagging each member into a topic.
  4. Morrigan added a post in a topic: Not able to edit sidebar?   

    5 installs later and I'm still getting the same issue where when I upgrade I just cannot seem to get the sidebar to show.
    It appears like a few others are having the same issue.
    One of my biggest issues is also editing blocks! It says that I do not have permission to edit the sidebar. The really weird part about this is there is no setting!! *flails about* I'm so pounding my head against the table for this.
  5. Morrigan added a post in a topic: Not able to edit sidebar?   

    Not at all. Not on default skin, not on new skin. I remember it was rather easy to edit before and that's why I was so frustrated with it. If you want I can PM you my info for my dev board and you can take a look?
  6. Morrigan added a post in a topic: Not able to edit sidebar?   

    So I give up. I didn't have this on previous upgrade tests but I can't seem to find or be able to edit the sidebar.

    I can choose location in the theme but nothing shows up, no pre-installed widgets (like recent topics or anything installed) and when I try to edit a Pages block I get this:
    Any help would be appreciated. I feel like a dunce.
  7. Morrigan added a comment: RC1: Avatars   

    Awesome. Would that mean I can skin the uncropped image into my skin to replace the ones there now by changing the variable then?
  8. Morrigan added a comment: RC1: Avatars   

    Thanks!! I appreciate it. 
  9. Morrigan added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    RC1: Avatars
    Since my previous report was dismissed without actually being looked at I need to know if this is WAI or if it can be fixed.
    This is VERY important for my community as avatars represent each person and their websites which they are very proud of. We are very graphics heavy and I NEED to know if I need to change avatar sizes now or if it will be fixed.
    As previously reported:
    This seems odd to me but I like big rectangular photos and it appears the thumb photo functionality is gone requiring that a photo must be square. I checked it a few times but my settings show:
    200x300 (which is the size I want them to be in the posts)
    But when you upload it, it has you crop it and then only the part that you crop out shows anywhere.
    I attached photos.
    Crop screen:
    Post screen:
    I ran an array to see if it even had two separate images, which it does so I'm just mildly confused as to why it creates a duplicate of the same image.
    Example here:
    Full size:

    Thumb size:

    My settings show 200x300 should be my full sized photo but it crops both images and so now I have the same image two times on my server which is moot I'd think....
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  10. Morrigan added a post in a topic: Looks like RC1 is out :)   

    I do that sometimes! But WOO RC1!
  11. Morrigan added a post in a topic: Mod wanted: Tag Groups   

    @Draffi Not what I mean. I mean like member tagging with the @symbol using it to tag in groups instead of individuals.
  12. Morrigan added a post in a topic: Mod wanted: Tag Groups   

    Just because I know this will likely never be core I would love if someone made some sort of mod to be able to tag groups (with a setting to choose which groups can be tagged). That way an entire group can come to look at a post.
  13. Morrigan added a post in a topic: Feature Addition: Mass Notify   

    While I think it would be alright for a third party addon I think a function like this is better to be something IPS offers.
    This is likely the only thing that I like about being a member of Xenforo communities over IPB.
  14. Morrigan added a post in a topic: Feature Addition: Better Follow Options (Admin)   

    My favorite, favorite, favorite feature of IPB since 3.0 has been notifications. The only problem is I find them lacking.
    Now, in the new version it appears that it may be a bit better because it will now notify mods when there is pending content (YOU HAS NO IDEA HOW HAPPY THIS MAKES A MORRPANDA) but there is no way for administrators to get members to follow proper content. Like with people that I follow it's a blanket follow option. I would love the addition into forums that you can pick and choose which forums are auto-followed (for example an announcements forum and a challenges forum) or blogs (like Staff blogs) or galleries. I'm not overly concerned about the rest but I certainly think the "auto-folllow" feature could be added to the forums as such:
    Add a turn off and on for forums that state "Auto-Follow Forum" with the description of "If the New members content follow is enabled then new accounts will be auto subscribed to this forum on registration".
    I know it's a little more than that but that would be better than a blanket "Follow everything" rule.
  15. Morrigan added a post in a topic: Feature Addition: Mass Notify   

    Perhaps this is there but I can't find it! I would find it amazing if I could just Mass notify my members of something. Not force them to follow forums or members or anything like that but be able to (and to allow my staff to) enter a "status" type message, choose the groups it goes to and send and it adds a custom notification to their list!
    This would negate my need to Mass PM and mitigate my need to Bulk mail members if I could do the notify thing. It makes announcing new things/events easy and fun!!