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  1. GMIC added a post in a topic: Minor skin issue   

    Thanks for the help appreciated. 
  2. GMIC added a post in a topic: Minor skin issue   

    Thanks of the suggestion it is not a custom skin so what stylesheet does .ipsbox sit in as i can't seem to find it.
  3. GMIC added a post in a topic: Minor skin issue   

    I seem to be getting a lot of white space in  short posts with not much text any ideas. Thanks.

  4. GMIC added a post in a topic: Text Editor   

    Ok managed to fix this eventually. It was something to do with the skin not loading properly and creating a new default skin fixed it.
  5. GMIC added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    Text Editor Not Functioning on Upgrade
    Clean upgraded from 3.4.7 to Beta 3 Text Editor is greyed out with no tool bar. Cannot enter any text. Tried reinstall ckeditor file no changes.
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  6. GMIC added a post in a topic: Text Editor   

    Just upgraded my test site to Beta 3 and the text editor is just greyed out with no tool bar showing and not letting me enter any text. Have I overlooked something simple?
  7. GMIC added a post in a topic: Smart Image Handling for Attachments   

    Image size has always been a confusing issue with IPB. I would like a simplistic way of setting maximum image sizes per members group by file size. This combined with the ability for members to upload any size images and the images will be automatically reduced to the maximum limit. I know this is just about currently achievable but it is not straightforward to set up and the size reduction is rather random.
  8. GMIC added a comment on a file: Classifieds Other items from this advertiser   

    Nice hook. Works well.
  9. GMIC added a post in a topic: Simply put..... add drag and drop uploading   

    Great concept. I am very frustrated with the whole upload situation as rival software seems to have solutions which I cant offer. This is costing me as members are using rival forums instead. I would like the ability for users to simply drag and drop images or even just upload any size images which is automatically reduced in size to a predetermined max size. Image dimensions is only half the battle here, it is the actual footprint memory size as many members just can't be bothered or simply do not how to manipulate images in editors before uploading. This either leads to crazy size images being uploaded or alternatively members just not bothering if the size is too restrictive.
  10. GMIC added a comment on a blog entry: Classifieds 1.3 Dev Update: Category Options and What to Expect   

    Is there any work on the hook for the sidebar. The ability to show images of the sale item as opposed to the sellers avatar would be so beneficial. Also a random add in the index page sidebar would be a great feature.
  11. GMIC added a comment on a blog entry: Classifieds 1.3 Dev Update: Category Options and What to Expect   

    I second that this is really a vital aspect of multi national boards, many of my members wish to advertise and receive payment in their own currency. The ability to select what currency they advertise in is REALLY an important feature for me. When your board was in Beta I was able to modify it to achieve this, but when you changed to using language settings for currency this became defunct. PLEASE update it to allow multiple currencies.
  12. GMIC added a record in IP.Board   

    Bulk Email Images Lost in Sending
    When I use the bulk email images appear in the editor in both standard mode and HTML mode but links to images are then lost when email is sent. Therefore I can't seem to use Bulk Email to include any images at all as they mysteriously disappear on sending. The text remains in place including variables around font size colour etc but images and their links despite using variants on html tags just don't seem to stay.
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  13. GMIC added a record in IP.Board   

    Editing Hidden Topics Text Editor Error
    If I try and edit a hidden topic, whilst the topic remains hidden the text editor shows all BB code making it difficult to edit. When I unhide it reverts to normal text editing.
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  14. GMIC added a post in a topic: Compression for Uploads   

    After much confusion I have realised that the image compression settings within IP Board are for dynamic images. I know you can restrict max image size per group but this is dependent on the user being able to resize images prior to upload.

    Is there any thought into creating a feature similar to Gallery where a default max upload size can be set per user group and any images uploaded over that limit will be compressed to that size. This is a really useful feature and would help users who are not familiar with image resizing or too lazy to resize prior to posting.
  15. GMIC added a comment: Advanced member search and page # 1 - ACP   

    Just found same issue on advanced members search in ACP lists 12 pages for relevant search on members from allocated join date, 1st page is relevant when click on next it reverts to full members list not relevant to search cannot get past the first page when re tried.