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  1. GMIC added a post in a topic: Smart Image Handling for Attachments   

    Image size has always been a confusing issue with IPB. I would like a simplistic way of setting maximum image sizes per members group by file size. This combined with the ability for members to upload any size images and the images will be automatically reduced to the maximum limit. I know this is just about currently achievable but it is not straightforward to set up and the size reduction is rather random. 
  2. GMIC added a post in a topic: Recent Topics (Attachments)   

    Fast work cheers !
  3. GMIC added a post in a topic: Recent Topics (Attachments)   

    OK I see so the default thumbnail size in the post regulates the image size. It would be nice if there was an independent method of image resizing for the hook or block.
  4. GMIC added a post in a topic: Recent Topics (Attachments)   

    How do you control the size of the images, as although I can control the width of the text I cant control the images?
  5. GMIC added a post in a topic: How to add images?   

    Cheers really appreciated
    If only there was some basic guidance for Ip Content it would be so much easier....
  6. GMIC added a post in a topic: How to add images?   

    A good point. The default article template allows for only one image to be uploaded. Can this be managed to allow for multiple images to be posted, like within forum posts?
  7. GMIC added a comment on a file: Classifieds Other items from this advertiser   

    Nice hook. Works well.
  8. GMIC added a post in a topic: VPS Needed?   

    My view is don't underestimate the effect a slow server has on membership. I lost members through not upgrading my server quick enough as they got tired of waiting for pages to load or images to upload. It is not only IP board to consider, what other IP add ons are you using Ip Gallery or IP blog, how many hooks etc ?? All impact on performance.
    I have 500,000 post and about 8500 members and I have to run on a dedicated server. Overkill some might say, but the reality is if you want to keep your forum alive in a competitive market then you need to ensure the basics such as a quick loading forum is essential, especially as broadband speeds get faster. I switched to two different managed VPS servers and neither could cope with the demand of my board. I would consider an upgrade sooner rather than later. 
    As mentioned if you are not that adept with managing a server, then a managed VPS is absolutely essential. That slightly extra monthly cost is worth its weight in gold and will make your life a lot more trouble free !
  9. GMIC added a post in a topic: Image resizing Solutions   

    You are right this issue seems to have been sorted. Originally limiting pixel size worked in resizing in dimensions but I originally found this did not significantly reduce memory footprint. This is now not the case as reducing pixel size now also seems to vastly reduce memory size. 
    Thanks sorted !
  10. GMIC added a post in a topic: Long running script time   

    Cheers will have a play around to see what works.
  11. GMIC added a post in a topic: Image resizing Solutions   

    Cheers I need to explore this again as I may have missed something here....
  12. GMIC added a post in a topic: Long running script time   

    I am attempting to facilitate a reasonable max upload size to my forums to allow members who cant be bothered to resize images the facility to load the largest images. Currently server side it is set at16mb which will easily swallow the largest image sizes, which by default using IPB setting are being nicely resized to a reasonable memory size.  
    The issue I have is that images up to about 6 mb load but anything larger creates a website not responding due to a long running script error. Can this be tweaked server side to prevent this or is this a browser issue ?
  13. GMIC added a post in a topic: Image resizing Solutions   

    Any suggestions how to get around this issue. The current solution to uploading images within the IPboard is unsatisfactory. I accept that you can use thumbnails and restrict dimensions but that is only half the battle. I am losing members as a consequence of this and have had a lot of negative feedback about the difficulty in uploading images to my site.
    The problem stems from the memory size for uploads. If I restrict the upload to a maximum size for images say 500kb to 1mb per image this is in reality more than enough to utilise the functionality and purpose of the forum and saves valuable server space. However this relies on the members ability to use imaging software to resize the images prior to uploading. My membership often do not know how to resize images using imaging software or sometimes if they do know they simply cannot be bothered and go to a rival forums which are using other forum software.
    What I want is the ability for members to upload any size image (within reason i.e. 5 to 10 mb) and the software automatically resizes it to a predetermined maximum i.e. 500kb to 1mb. Does anyone have a third party solution as IPB seem to have missed the boat on this one.
  14. GMIC added a post in a topic: Simply put..... add drag and drop uploading   

    Great concept. I am very frustrated with the whole upload situation as rival software seems to have solutions which I cant offer. This is costing me as members are using rival forums instead. I would like the ability for users to simply drag and drop images or even just upload any size images which is automatically reduced in size to a predetermined max size. Image dimensions is only half the battle here, it is the actual footprint memory size as many members just can't be bothered or simply do not how to manipulate images in editors before uploading. This either leads to crazy size images being uploaded or alternatively members just not bothering if the size is too restrictive.
  15. GMIC added a post in a topic: Advanced Tags & Prefixes   

    When I click on prefixes and get the search result I am finding an issue that the wrong date is shown next to the members last post details. It is showing the date of the first post rather than the last post and this is causing confusion. Any ideas ?