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  1. Sefket added a post in a topic: WordPress IPSConnect   

    Is it possible to get rid of the "Last Cache" part above "Recent Posts" and "Hot Topics"? I don't want that showing to my visitors.
  2. Sefket added a post in a topic: A certain permission mask to only reply to their own topic   

    This is for my friends forum actually, not mine. They run a website for a game and it's their clan so people apply and they wanted this for it so those applicants who want to get in the clan can only reply to their own applications and not the other applications in that forum.
  3. Sefket added a post in a topic: A certain permission mask to only reply to their own topic   

    I don't think the title sounds right but how do I make one permission mask to be able to only reply to their own topic in a specific forum?
    I can create a permission mask being able to only reply to their own topic and not to other topics, but only global. I just want to do this in one specific forum. At least 5 administrators looked into this matter on my forum and we cant' seem to find this. On SMF forums this was a standard feature..Any idea?
    Any idea?
  4. Sefket added a post in a topic: Modifying Sign In page   

    I definely like this idea. It would be very helpful.
    I also reported this so they can move it to IPB Board Feedback.
  5. Sefket added a post in a topic: Refer Friend with Facebook/Twitter   

    I wanted to know if someone can code a function so people can refer a friend/family member to our forums. They click Facebook or Twitter, then it allows them to connect to one of the Social Media Networks and click their friend and it sends them an invitation for them to join forums. And they can log out and click Facebook or Twitter and do the same thing again. It could be with Ajax but I don't want it resource heavy, that's the only thing I don't want.
    I will definely pay for this as well since I'm sure it's hard to code.
    Thank you!
  6. Sefket added a post in a topic: Global Forum Message   

    I'm getting this error when I go on forums on my iTouch:
    Fatal error: Method hookGlobalGlobalForumMessage does not exist in contentMenuBar in [BLANKED]/sources/classes/output/publicOutput.php on line 4042
    Any idea?
  7. Sefket added a post in a topic: IPB Mobile   

    Is there a way I can get the mobile skin for IPB without paying for support?
    Thank you!
  8. Sefket added a post in a topic: Tumblr Share Link   

    I didn't mean it like that. I meant for the future, is it easy for people to hack through a website if you have an unsupported hook?
  9. Sefket added a post in a topic: Move Share buttons to the top of the post?   

    Done :smile: . Thank you again!
  10. Sefket added a post in a topic: Tumblr Share Link   

    I really want this. Is it fine if I install it even if its unsupported?
  11. Sefket added a post in a topic: Move Share buttons to the top of the post?   

    Thank you! It works now. I used another same version of the skin but before this messed up. It's on every post when I though it'd be on the topic starter. This even more better. Thank you!
  12. Sefket added a post in a topic: Move Share buttons to the top of the post?   

    Oh okay. No problem. So far so good, except the date on the post template is gone LOL. Any way to get that back?
  13. Sefket added a post in a topic: Move Share buttons to the top of the post?   

    That's very strange. I don't have that in Post Screen >postFormTemplate
    Here is my coding:
    <if test="open_close_perm:|:$formData['modOptionsData']['canSetOpenTime'] == 1 || $formData['modOptionsData']['canSetCloseTime'] == 1"> {parse addtohead="{$this->settings['public_dir']}style_css/{$this->registry->output->skin['_csscacheid']}/calendar_select.css" type="css"} <script type='text/javascript' src='{$this->settings['public_dir']}js/3rd_party/calendar_date_select/calendar_date_select.js'></script> <script type='text/javascript' src='{$this->settings['public_dir']}js/3rd_party/calendar_date_select/format_american.js'></script> </if> {parse js_module="post"} {parse striping="post_stripe" classes="row1,row2"} <h1 class='ipsType_pagetitle'>{$formData['title']}</h1> <br /> <!--FORUM RULES--> <form id='postingform' action='{$this->settings['base_url']}' method='post' enctype='multipart/form-data'> <div class='ipsBox ipsForm_vertical ipsLayout ipsLayout_withright ipsPostForm clearfix'> <div class='ipsBox_container ipsLayout_right ipsPostForm_sidebar'> <if test="pollboxHtml:|:$formData['pollBoxHTML']"> <h3 class='bar'>{$this->lang->words['post_poll']}</h3> <fieldset id='poll_fieldset' class='ipsPad' style='display: none'> {$formData['pollBoxHTML']} </fieldset> <script type='text/javascript'> $('poll_fieldset').show(); </script> </if> <div class='ipsPostForm_sidebar_block'> <h3 class='bar'>{$this->lang->words['post_options']}</h3> <ul class='ipsPad ipsForm ipsForm_vertical ipsType_small'> <if test="htmlstatus:|:$formData['checkBoxes']['html'] !== null"> <li class='ipsField ipsField_checkbox'> <input type="checkbox" name="post_htmlstatus" class="input_check" value="1" id='post_htmlstatus' {$formData['checkBoxes']['html']} /> <p class='ipsField_content'> <label for='post_htmlstatus' data-tooltip='{$this->lang->words['pp_html_tooltip']}'>{$this->lang->words['pp_html']}</label> </p> </li> </if> <li class='ipsField ipsField_checkbox'> <input type="checkbox" name="enableemo" class="input_check" value="yes" id='enable_emo' {$formData['checkBoxes']['emo']} /> <p class='ipsField_content'> <label for='enable_emo'>{$this->lang->words['enable_emo']}</label> </p> </li> <if test="enablesig:|:$this->memberData['member_id']"> <li class='ipsField ipsField_checkbox'> <input type="checkbox" name="enablesig" class="input_check" value="yes" id='enable_sig' {$formData['checkBoxes']['sig']} /> <p class='ipsField_content'> <label for='enable_sig'>{$this->lang->words['enable_sig']}</label> </p> </li> <li class='ipsField ipsField_checkbox'> <input type="checkbox" name="enabletrack" class="input_check" id='enable_track' value="1" {$formData['checkBoxes']['tra']} <if test="tracking:|:$formData['checkBoxes']['tra'] == '-tracking-'">checked='checked'</if> /> <p class='ipsField_content'> <label for='enable_track'>{$this->lang->words['enable_track']}</label> </p> </li> </if> </ul> </div> <if test="showModOptions:|:$formData['modOptionsData']['dropDownOptions'] || $formData['modOptionsData']['canSetOpenTime'] || $formData['modOptionsData']['canSetCloseTime']"> <div class='ipsPostForm_sidebar_block'> <h3 class='bar'>{$this->lang->words['moderator_options']}</h3> <ul class='ipsPad ipsForm ipsForm_vertical'> <if test="mod_options_check:|:$formData['modOptionsData']['dropDownOptions'] != """> <li class='ipsField'> <label for='forminput'><strong>{$this->lang->words['after_posting_pf']}</strong></label> <p class='ipsField_content'> {$formData['modOptionsData']['dropDownOptions']}</select> </p> </li> </if> <if test="open_time_check:|:$formData['modOptionsData']['canSetOpenTime'] == 1 "> <li class='ipsField'> <label for='mod_open_date'><strong>{$this->lang->words['mod_open_time']}</strong></label> <p class='ipsField_content'> <input type='text' size='7' name='open_time_time' id='mod_open_time' class='date input_text' value='{$formData['modOptionsData']['myTimes']['open_time']}' tabindex='62' />&nbsp; <input type='text' size='16' name='open_time_date' id='mod_open_date' class='input_text date' value='{$formData['modOptionsData']['myTimes']['open_date']}' tabindex='63' /> <img src='{$this->settings['img_url']}/date.png' alt='{$this->lang->words['generic_date']}' id='mod_open_date_icon' class='clickable' /> </p> </li> </if> <if test="close_time_check:|:$formData['modOptionsData']['canSetCloseTime'] == 1"> <li class='ipsField'> <label for='mod_close_date'><strong>{$this->lang->words['mod_close_time']}</strong></label> <p class='ipsField_content'> <input type='text' size='7' name='close_time_time' id='mod_close_time' class='date input_text' value='{$formData['modOptionsData']['myTimes']['close_time']}' tabindex='64' />&nbsp; <input type='text' size='16' name='close_time_date' id='mod_close_date' class='date input_text' value='{$formData['modOptionsData']['myTimes']['close_date']}' tabindex='65' /> <img src='{$this->settings['img_url']}/date.png' alt='{$this->lang->words['generic_date']}' id='mod_close_date_icon' class='clickable' /> </li> </if> </ul> <script type='text/javascript'> document.observe("dom:loaded", function(){ if( $('mod_open_time') ){ $('mod_open_time').defaultize( "{$this->lang->words['mod_time_format']}" ); 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  14. Sefket added a post in a topic: Move Share buttons to the top of the post?   

    Can you show me please?
  15. Sefket added a post in a topic: Move Share buttons to the top of the post?   

    Yeah, I meant in the topic template :P .

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