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  1. Shadow Wolf added a post in a topic: If Statement for 2 different pages?   

    I am using an 'If' statement to display a sub-menu. It works great when that condition, when I'm on the one page the submenu shows up. For example I am using the following:
    <if test="$this->request['app'] == 'ccs' and $this->request['page'] == 'InterstellarCrisis'"> <div id='primary_nav' class='clearfix'> <div class='main_width'> <ul class='ipsList_inline' id='community_app_menu'> <li id='nav_menu_20' class="left "> <a href='' title='Factions' >Factions</a> </li> </ul> </div> </div> </if> The issue I have is that it does display if I'm on that page, but I also the submenu to continue display on a couple other pages. For example if I go to the link in the sub-menu (Factions), the submenu will vanish since I'm no longer in the 'InterstellarCrisis' page. Is ther a way to keep write the 'If' to show for multiple pages, instead of just one?
  2. Shadow Wolf added a post in a topic: Dynamic Menu?   

    That might solve my issue actually. I was trying to do something with making the block show or hidden depending on what was active. But that seems much simpler... I'll have to try that to see if it works.
    ProMenu doesn't display properly on iPad or Mobile devices, at least the demo doesn't. 
  3. Shadow Wolf added a post in a topic: Dynamic Menu?   

    I am not sure what kind of menu it would be called but I am trying to create a dynamic menu based on what the current active link/URL is. Example A shows a different bottom menu bar for Shop menu option. Example B shows a different bottom menu option when they are in the Games menu part.
    Example A:

    Example B:

  4. Shadow Wolf added a post in a topic: Maxx 2013: The Smart one   

    You can fix this by doing the following:
    1 - Upload the image you want to use for Google+ into your ' forums/public/style_images/<name>/images ' directory where the other icons are. I've attached an icon which I've named ' s_9.png ' just to keep the same naming style as the other images.

    2 - Go to Admin Control Panel -> Look & Feel -> Manage Template & CSS -> Global Templates -> footer_bar
    #socials #vimeo{background: url('{style_images_url}/images/s_8.png') no-repeat left top; } Add Below:
    #socials #google{background: url('{style_images_url}/images/s_9.png') no-repeat left top; } Find:
    <if test="$this->settings[$this->settings['ipsskinscom_name'].'_youtube']"> <a href="{$this->settings[$this->settings['ipsskinscom_name'].'_youtube']}" id="youtube" target="_blank">YouTube</a> </if> Add Below:
    <if test="$this->settings[$this->settings['ipsskinscom_name'].'_google']"> <a href="{$this->settings[$this->settings['ipsskinscom_name'].'_google']}" id="google" target="_blank">Google+</a> </if>
  5. Shadow Wolf added a post in a topic: White Line in Header   

    You did however finally help me find it. Your answer pointed me in the right direction. THANK YOU!
    The answer was in '#slider-cont'. For some reason it has an issue with the 'width' being set at 100%, must be something with Firefox and IE since Chrome isn't effected.. Changing the width to the size of the forum '949px' fixed the issue. 
  6. Shadow Wolf added a post in a topic: White Line in Header   

    It is a good way to mask the issue. I can resort to that for short term but it unfortunately doesn't fix the issue. Whatever is causing the issue causes the right border to be slightly skewed. Most people probably won't notice it if I mask the background but it is still off. Thank you for the attempt at least.
    It really is odd. I've even tried to just make it larger but something keeps causing an issue with it.
  7. Shadow Wolf added a post in a topic: White Line in Header   

    This only happens in Internet Explorer and Firefox. It doesn't appear in Chrome. It doesn't seem to happen on any page except on the IP.Content article page. I've tried going through with Firebug and removing anything that had padding, width restraints to try to figure out what is making that extend and I can't figure it out. 
    My guess is that it has something to do with margin somewhere. I notice if I extend my browser out larger, the line switches to the left side instead of the right. 
    Can anyone point me in the direction or what I am supposed to change? Thank you.
    Effected Browser: Firefox, Internet Explorer
    Example URL (where it appears):
    Example URL (where it doesn't appear):

  8. Shadow Wolf added a post in a topic: Maxx 2013: The Smart one   

    This has been fixed. It was an issue with the Navigation Link URL being incorrect.
  9. Shadow Wolf added a post in a topic: Maxx 2013: The Smart one   

    I also noticed that the color scheme for "Build a Theme" works in IP.Board, IP.Gallery, IP.Nexus but once you go into pages or something in IP.Content it reverts to the default colors set for the skin. The custom settings don't seem to carry over for some reason.
  10. Shadow Wolf added a post in a topic: Maxx 2013: The Smart one   

    Ok thank you! Now that I have my blocks figured out. I just need to figure out some minor edits.
    I've been searching for how I can change my the main slider image size. I wanted to get rid of the padding and border, which I have done, so it can be up against the image border I have created for it. The image though is a certain size and I can't seem to find where to change its width. I checked the various CSS as well as the css in the skin and none of them appear to have the classes to edit that container. Where would I edit that from?
  11. Shadow Wolf added a post in a topic: Auto-Hide Articles older than...   

    Not that I know of at first glance. This would need to be added to the template most likely.
  12. Shadow Wolf added a post in a topic: Maxx 2013: The Smart one   

    I have tried using the "extra free ip.content blocks"; the article block with images and hover effects, pricing tables, and quote board feed block but I can't save them. I get the following error. IP.Board Message The contents that you submitted would create a parser error when compiled into appropriate PHP code. Please verify any PHP code, template tags and template plugin tags (such as parse blocks) and resubmit your data.
  13. Shadow Wolf added a post in a topic: (Sin) IP.Content Database Template   

    Yeah I was hoping you had a method or submission method to put items into the database without having to give someone access to the ACP to it.
  14. Shadow Wolf added a post in a topic: (Sin) IP.Content Database Template   

    Do you have a frontend that you use to upload/update the review into the database or do you do that all from with admin control panel manually?
  15. Shadow Wolf added a post in a topic: Increment Post Count?   

    If your article gets posted onto your forums and you share comments with the forums, the post count should already increase for the comment and article.

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I have been working in the tech industry for 10+ years, starting out with sales then working up through PC hardware support. Currently I'm a Project Manager & Training Coordinator for a software company. I get to travel sometimes when doing installs and having to do training with new customers, although mostly I work in the office.

I have experience and understanding of HTML, PHP, java, JavaScript, Perl but am considered a novice by far, in my opinion. I do know how long programming work can take and have the basic understanding to know what needs to be done for projects based on my own experience and knowledge. That tends to make me good at my job. I can understand both sides of the coin, the front end user and back end user. In a way we're a lot like a Coach of a sports team, we get the blame when the project (product) fails and the team gets the glory when the product succeeds well. That's fine with me as we often have to make the hard decisions on what we have to cut. Often we would love to include every feature in every product, however due to time and money we often can't, so have to predict which features will be the best sellers and overall meet the needs of a greater market.

I'm an old school table top gamer. I first learned table-top role playing your basic AD&D and then started to get into White Wolf gaming, GURPs and other RPGs. That led to my love for Roleplaying & Real Time Strategy CPU games (Starcraft, Warcraft, C&C) and moving from that to miniature gaming like Warhammer 40K, Full Thrust and Battletech. I'm a huge Battletech fan and have been playing Mechwarrior Online and Mechwarrior Tactics.

I now provide you with your moment of Zen:

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