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  1. AtariAge added a post in a topic: Guests can't view New Content   

    I'd like to see "View New Content" exactly where it is for guests as it is for people who are logged in.  The Activity Stream is formatted in a completely different manner, and the side bar on the left is also different.  I want guests to see the exact same "View New Content" presentation that is available to those who have logged in, except the criteria is a bit different (most recently updated topics for the forum, versus stuff I haven't seen yet if I'm logged in). 
  2. AtariAge added a post in a topic: Disappointed In IPS 4   

    ​I like your suggestion, that is very nice, and I do agree with you that the different types of results should be more clearly delineated. 
  3. AtariAge added a post in a topic: Disappointed In IPS 4   

    Well, having read through this entire thread, it's pretty disappointing to see people complaining about the search system.  Allowing users to find relevant search results is one of the most critical features of forum software.  If I can't find what I'm looking for, I'm either going to go to another site to find what I need, or start a new topic about the subject, one that possibly duplicates already existing topics.  But this requires people to create an account if you don't already have one, so I'm sure many times people will just move on.  
    This is a very important feature to me, and I've gone on long rants about problems with the search system in previous versions of the software.  Some issues were addressed, others not.  I also have to use Google to search this site, both with 3.4.x and, now, 4.0.  I should not have to do that, and 95% of the users on my site aren't going to know they can use Google to search my forums to get relevant results.
    Yes, the combined search results are nice.  But the vast majority of the content on my forum is regular forum topics, and that's where I need the search to be strongest.  I know writing a good search engine is not easy (I've had to do it myself for other projects).  But it's so important that it work well, that it pains me to see poor results in 4.0.  This is a potential deal breaker for me to upgrade to 4.0, although there are other lesser issues I'm not terribly happy with as well.  Sigh.
  4. AtariAge added a post in a topic: Disappointed In IPS 4   

    ​The previous version of IB.Board does, and I use it ALL the time.  With over three million posts on a forum, searching in the title allows me to pull up the relevant topic very quickly.  Searching in posts is very tedious by comparison.  Obviously this depends on what you're searching for, but if you have a good idea of the title of the topic (or topics) you're looking for, it's a godsend.
  5. AtariAge added a post in a topic: Forum post numbering?   

    Well, this is a bit disappointing for me, as people on my forum refer to posts by the post number all the time.  Often someone will ask me directly (as admin for the forum) to do something to a specific post number in a thread.  Not everyone knows you can click on the post number to get a link to that post.  And not everyone is going to know that in IP4 you can click on the "share" icon to get a link to the post.  And I'm sure there are tons of references on my site to specific post numbers.  Sure, post numbers may change when a topic is moderated in some fashion, but that is rare overall, and especially so for older threads.  
    This does make me wonder how many such omissions there are in IPS 4.0.  I'll have to upgrade a copy of my forum to the latest RC so I can compare 4.0 to 3.4.7 side-by-side. 
  6. AtariAge added a post in a topic: Still no "Only search in titles" option   

    Yes, this is a good point--when creating a new forum I often have to mass move relevant topics into the newly created forum.  During operations such as this, I'm primarily doing searches on titles to find the bulk of the topics I want to move. 
  7. AtariAge added a post in a topic: Still no "Only search in titles" option   

    ​ ​Yeah, I noticed that as well, which is disappointing.  This is an advanced search page.  It should have advanced options.  If I know the topic or post I'm looking for contains specific words, I ONLY want results that contain all of those words.  Otherwise the potential results can be staggeringly large , potentially making the results useless.
  8. AtariAge added a post in a topic: Still no "Only search in titles" option   

    I just saw this topic for the first time, and then I went and took a look at the advanced search page.  
    I'd like to chime in that I use "Only search in titles" VERY OFTEN on my forum.  I have over three million posts on my forum, and sometimes I need to find a specific topic, versus wading through potentially hundreds (or thousands) of posts looking for that one bit of information I need.  Many times, the term or terms I'm looking for may occur very frequently in posts, but less often in the titles.  Being able to search only the titles gives me a much smaller result set to help narrow down my search.  This works especially well when the topic starter has put some thought into their title.
    Please do not dumb down the search system.  Comparing the 4.0 advanced search page with the 3.4.x advanced search page, I can see that several options have been removed.  I've stated this before and I will state it again.  Being able to search and find content on a forum is a critically important feature.  Please do not dumb down the advanced search because you feel it's not worthwhile.  The better the advanced search tools are in helping me (and others) narrow down the results, the faster I can find what I'm looking for.  
    I need to install Beta 6 of this software on a copy of my existing forum and do some search tests side-by-side.  I will not upgrade to 4.0 if the search system is noticeably worse.
  9. AtariAge added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.3.x, 3.4.x Security Update   

    Has the 3.4.7 download been updated to include this patch?
  10. AtariAge added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.3.x, 3.4.x Security Update   

    Your argument immediately falls apart given Invision has released this (and other) security patches against 3.3.x AND 3.4.x. 
    Security patches are "special" as far as bug fixes go.  I'm not suggesting that Invision back port (or even test) regular bug fixes against older versions of their software.  But when you have a ton of clients a version or two behind, I  do  expect them to test security patches against those versions, and to be clear in their release notes what versions the patches have been tested against.  
    In an ideal world, everyone would upgrade their forum in a timely manner . But that's not how it works in the real world, unfortunately, and responsible companies will make reasonable efforts to make security patches work against recent prior versions of their software.  This is especially true for public facing software, such as forum software, where an exploit in the wild can easily cause many unpatched forums to be compromised.  
    This is the first patch I've seen from Invision that specifically stated it was only for the latest version (in this case 3.4.7).  In the past, they've just labeled them as "3.3.x" and "3.4.x".  Hence, why I wanted to get confirmation that it works against 3.4.5, and judging from the posts here, I am not alone. It's unfortunate that I have to rely on user reports to get confirmation, rather than from Invision themselves. 
  11. AtariAge added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.3.x, 3.4.x Security Update   

    Personally, I feel it is irresponsible for IPS to not maintain several prior versions of their software for applying patches of this nature, most especially for security-related patches.  Not everyone is going to be running the latest version of the software, for one reason or another.  It would not take much time for Invision to have version 3.4.5 and 3.4.6 running on one of their virtual servers and to apply these patches to make sure there are no obvious issues.  This practice is very common with software patches of this nature--they usually are tested against the latest version (of course), as well as one or more versions back.  
    Given how much I'm paying Invision every year, I don't feel this is unreasonable at all. 
  12. AtariAge added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.3.x, 3.4.x Security Update   

    ​So, you work for IPS now?
  13. AtariAge added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.3.x, 3.4.x Security Update   

    ​Thanks, appreciate the information. 
  14. AtariAge added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.3.x, 3.4.x Security Update   

    ​Previous patches have been marked as for "3.4.x" and I've installed them without problems.  This is the first one I've seen explicitly marked for 3.4.7 (or previously, 3.4.6), which is why I asked the question.  Unfortunately, upgrading to 3.4.7 is quite a time consuming progress, as I have a forum with over three million posts, several custom skins, several hooks and applications installed, and several code modifications.  It is not something I can even contemplating doing at the moment..  
  15. AtariAge added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.3.x, 3.4.x Security Update   

    Can you PLEASE answer whether the 3.4.x patch works for 3.4.5?? 
    Thank you.

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