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    updated to a new version
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    [quote name='DreadfulGlory' timestamp='1341966809']
    Really nice. I love the look of the awards bar in the miniprofile and the fact it gives you an option to add it below the signature. But I just find it a huge hassle that it doesn't automatically resize images.

    This is an option in the ACP. It will create thumbnails for each award image when it is uploaded based on a new thumbnail setting in the Awards Management settings.
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    It works with 3.3.x as can be seen on my display site (
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    updated once more

    @Moscow: Thanks for the kind comments
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    updated again
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    updated again
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    Disable ACP Dropdown Menus v1.0.0
    If you dislike the ACP Dropdown Menus you can disable them by installing this hook
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    Awards System v1.1.7
    Awards System
    The Awards System is, as the name suggests, an awards management system. It allows you, as the admin, to create and define awards categories and place awards within those categories. It gives you the power to decide who is able to view, give and take awards on a per category basis. You are also able to designate any number of groups as "Global Awards Mods", these Global Awards Mods will be able to see, give and take awards from all of your categories. On the admin side you are able to restrict admins from accessing each of the main functions of the awards mod.

    Two hooks ship with this mod, one to place the mod buttons in the profile for those who have the permissions to give and remove awards and the other is the awards cabinet that is shown in the topic view which has two options when enabled in the Awards Settings.

    You can choose how many images will be the maximum allowed to be displayed in either view and the hook will pull only the latest x number of awards that have been given to each user.

    New in the 1.1.7 update: [*]Found and fixed the root cause of the illegal offset error that was affecting some users [*]Reissued corrected database changes [*]General 3.4.x compatibility upgrade [*]Improvements to the database table structure [*]Introduced FURLs into the app [*]Fixed a bug that caused people to be unable to give awards to users unless they already had awards [*]Fixed a link in the ACP that was being pointed to localhost instead of the correct site url [*]Added some code that should prevent an illegal offset error that has affected some users [*]Fixed a bug that caused the Awards Categories in the ACP to appear not to update position when dragged and dropped [*]Fixed a bug that was causing deleted awards to still be included in a members "display" on the topic view [*]Awards are now saved on the server instead of by urls as was previously the case [*]Admins can now choose a size for the awards images to be displayed as in the topic views (mini-profile & signature) - After changing this setting you must reupload the images for each of the awards so that the app can resize them (a tool to bulk resize all of the images without needing to reupload the images is planned for a future update). [*]Ensure that all of the awards images still resolve to their correct urls (the upgrade process downloads the awards images from their current url location and saves them on your server). [*]Make sure you follow the steps laid out in the upgrade instructions included in the download.

    New in the 1.1.6 update:

    New in the 1.1.5 update:

    New in the 1.1.4 update:

    Note: As the 1.1.4 update includes major changes to the manner in which awards are both stored and displayed you should do the following before upgrading:


Status Feed

  1. Ace` » Peter F.

    Hi, I was wondering if you have plans to upgrade the (PIN) Awards system for 3.2? If so is there a timeframe? A few weeks, months, never? Thanks.

    1. Peter F.

      It'll be early next week by the time I release it. But thanks for your comments.

    2. Ace`

      Thanks! I am not an active customer so I can't view the topic, but I will send the link to the owner of the site that we use the awards system on.

    3. Ace07369

      Hi again, from what I understand the upgraded version of the Award Module has yet to be released. Is there a new estimated time for when you will be releasing the upgrade?

  2. Peter F.

    has not set their status