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  1. Peter F. added a post in a topic: Awards System   

    ​It might be easier in some ways, but text fields cannot have default values, which I want to set on these, so it's not technically possible.
    It's an interesting idea. I'll think about it.
  2. Peter F. added a post in a topic: Awards System   

    Sorry for the delay in replying. The reason this is happening is that the field in the database that stores the users string of awards is 255 characters long. If you are happy running queries on the database then I would suggest the following.

    If you don't know what you are doing then get someone who does to do this step for you.

    If you are running MySQL v5.0.3 or higher you can run the following two queries on your database to increase the length of these columns:
    ALTER TABLE members MODIFY m_awards_display varchar(65535) NOT NULL DEFAULT ''; ALTER TABLE members MODIFY m_awards varchar(65535) NOT NULL DEFAULT ''; Notes:
    It's possible that there is a prefix on this table, if so then you need to add it in before running the queries above.
    If you are running a version of MySQL <= v5.0.2 then these queries will not work for you.

    I'll make a note to add this into the app (which will increase the requirements for the app up to a minimum of MySQL 5.0.3).
  3. Peter F. added a post in a topic: Awards System   

    You need to rebuild the templates and recache your skins. Additionally what version of the app are you using? If you are unsure upgrade to the latest version. If you are on the latest version reupload all of the apps files, rebuild your templates and then recache your skin sets.

    Not currently no.

    However, my award folder DOES in fact exist, and the permission are already set to 777. Please help

    I've sent you a pm on this issue.
  4. Peter F. added a post in a topic: Awards System   

    I'll look into this. Thanks for reporting it.

    As you discovered if you hit an error like this it usually means you need to recache all of your skin templates.

    Not at this time no.

    There is not at the moment. This app has an API for giving and taking awards so if you wanted to commission a custom project for a developer to develop this for you it is entirely possible, but it's not something I intend to add to the app.

    I'll look into adding this in a future release.

    This is a function of your IP.Board installation (if you'll notice the "Members" and "Shoutbox" tabs have the same url structure. I believe there is a setting that controls this but I can't remember what it is called off the top of my head.

    Not at the moment no, but I will look and see how feasible it would be to add this.

    Where are you seeing this error, in the ACP? or somewhere else? (I'm assuming the ACP but I thought I would check)

    I suspect the user you are attempting to remove an award from does not have any awards that you can remove from them (I'd double check the permissions you have setup for the various awards).

    Once you have confirmed the source of the issue I will investigate the best way to fix it.

    Thank you for the feedback!

    I would double check that the hook has not gotten disabled in your ACP:
    ACP> System > Applications & Modules > Manage Hooks
  5. Peter F. added a post in a topic: Notification suggestion (re: heartbleed)   

    Given that IPS has a large base of customers who run a variety of websites (many of whom may not be the most security savvy) would IPS consider sending out a notice to it's customers about heartbleed? Especially given that it has now been shown by researchers that it is possible to get the raw private ssl key using heartbleed. At the very least to suggest that people using SSL certs revoke and reissue.
  6. Peter F. added a post in a topic: Awards System   

    I would suggest then that you should upgrade to the latest version of the app which is 1.1.7 and that should solve your issues.
  7. Peter F. added a post in a topic: Awards System   

    Apologies for the late reply. I was away for the past few days and did not have access to my computer.

    What version of IP.Board are you using and what version of the app are you using?

    That suggests that an error message is being output by the code which should be displaying at the top of the page. Do you have that error message?

    What version of IP.Board are you running? What version of the Awards app are you running?

    In the latest version line 200 is:
    elseif(!isset($award['awards_id'])) { That line should not be outputting an error message (in fact it is specifically there to prevent an error message being displayed.
  8. Peter F. added a post in a topic: Awards System   

    As in, when someone makes a new post in a thread using the quick reply (as opposed to the full editor), the awards are not updated in the rest of the thread? or just the new post?

    It isn't designed to refresh the awards display for each user in a thread without a page refresh (as that would use significant resources for relatively little return).

    The app is also not designed to refresh when a user posts a new topic via the quick reply. The issue is that when a new reply is posted the page is not reloaded, only the information for the new post is added.
  9. Peter F. added a post in a topic: Awards System   

    Yes it does.

    That error suggests that you need to recache your templates.

    Members can be given an award more than once, which depending on what you are counting as "the actual list of members that have them" could explain the discrepancy. It isn't an issue that I have come across before. Can you provide a more specific example?
  10. Peter F. added a post in a topic: Awards System   

    Do you know what the value of the setting in the ACP is?

    I've been away from a computer all weekend. I'll check the code when I get home from work later today and see if I can come up with a solution for you
  11. Peter F. added a post in a topic: Awards System   

    I shall make sure to update that in the next release. It is compatible with the latest version of the software.
  12. Peter F. added a post in a topic: Awards System   

    Just so you know I'm still looking into this (my full time job has been rather busy of late) but it hasn't slipped my mind.

    At the moment it will only display at the bottom of the userinfopane if you use the setting that craig has pointed out. I'll think about adding the functionality to specify where it goes more precisely.

    Yes, I've designed it so that it can upgrade gracefully from any previous version (as I see you've found out!).
  13. Peter F. added a post in a topic: [HQ] MotM - Member of the month   

    I added in a new variable to that template (and some others) to enable FURLs. You should be able to get the seoname from the awards cache.
  14. Peter F. added a post in a topic: Awards System   

    Just to clarify, if this on the main awards listing page? or on the users profile page? If it is the former then that would be a modification, if the latter then it would appear that I may have made a somewhat hasty judgement.

    I'll look into it a bit further for the users profile page to see if I can replicate it.

    /edit/ I didn't realise it was the users profile award page as the previous screenshots were cropped. I'll investigate further.
  15. Peter F. added a post in a topic: Awards System   

    It would appear that you have reversed the order of the awards images and their names. The app is designed to show <image> then name with description underneath (see here: ). Unfortunately I cannot provide support for third party modifications that have been made to the app.

    The app is designed to allow people to have multiple awards. When you click on an award in a users profile, it is designed to show all of the times the user has been given an award ( Click on the image of the "spark" award here: )

    I'm glad to hear it!

    I would suggest then hiring someone to make the necessary modifications for you.

Status Feed

  1. Ace` » Peter F.

    Hi, I was wondering if you have plans to upgrade the (PIN) Awards system for 3.2? If so is there a timeframe? A few weeks, months, never? Thanks.

    1. Peter F.

      It'll be early next week by the time I release it. But thanks for your comments.

    2. Ace`

      Thanks! I am not an active customer so I can't view the topic, but I will send the link to the owner of the site that we use the awards system on.

    3. Ace07369

      Hi again, from what I understand the upgraded version of the Award Module has yet to be released. Is there a new estimated time for when you will be releasing the upgrade?

  2. Peter F.

    has not set their status