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  1. topgunx added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0 - Advertisements   

    Google Adsense does now support SSL:

  2. topgunx added a post in a topic: Trial membership system   

    I like the idea of this.
  3. topgunx added a post in a topic: Download straight after purchase   


    I sell products that customers can download directly after purchase.

    At the moment though, they have to navigate to the client area in order download.

    It would be better if after purchase, on the confirmation screen, the download button appears there prompting them to take action.

    I don't think this would be a difficult feature to implement but would really boost the user friendliness of the store.


  4. topgunx added a post in a topic: "Confirm My Order" Suggestion (Important)   


    I use my own custom payment gateway that keeps the entire checkout process on my website. This means when a customer clicks the "Confirm My Order" button script is run in the backgound (similar to PayPal Pro).

    Now a response from the bank or PayPal may take several seconds. I have had several cases where the customer has clicked on the "Confirm My Order" a second time causing the transaction to be processed twice. NOT GOOD!

    My suggestion is that after clicking the "Confirm My Order" button it should "grey out". And even better if a "Please Wait... (spinning disk)" icon appeared.

    Can this be done?

  5. topgunx added a post in a topic: Move the discounts into a separate page and overhaul it   

    I agree with the above. Especially with the last part on Bundle logic. I would like the ability to for a bundle discount to affect only 2 of the 3 items in a cart. For example.
  6. topgunx added a post in a topic: Bundle Discounts   


    I have an issue with the bundle discounts feature. I will try to explain my problem.

    I would like the following set up:

    If some one buys product 'A' and 'B' they get a 40% on product 'B' (as a bundle order). Also if someone buys product 'A' and 'C' they get a 20% discount on product 'C' (bundle order).

    However, At the moment if someone buys 'A', 'B' and 'C' together they will get a 40% on all 3.

    Can an extra discount option be added to Nexus so that it sees that 'B' should be discounted by 40%, 'C' by 20% and leaves 'A' to its normal price.

    I suppose the logic will be similar to the Usergroup Discount.

    Thanks for your support.
  7. topgunx added a post in a topic: Missing Feature For Discounts.   

    That is too complicated. First off I have to explain to all my members that they have to enter a code every time they purchase a product, which would seem completely unnecessary to them. The only reasons members will see for this coupon thing is that we are using a sleazy tactic to make them miss the discounts on occasion when they forget to enter the code. Then we'll get members who forget the code, or who forget to enter one and then ask me to refund them the difference.

    To me coupons are only ever used to boost an advertising scheme and to help convince buyers that there getting a good deal. In my case they will have already parted with their cash and just need to have immediate and easy access to discounts on certain products.

    So in the mean time I will have to use coupons maybe, but I would hope that this won't be a permanent solution.
  8. topgunx added a post in a topic: Missing Feature For Discounts.   

    Hi there,

    I just want to suggest a feature for discounts in Nexus. I guess it should be part of the loyalty discount but there should be the option to offer discounts to members of a certain group.

    The way around this so far is if people buy a package that promotes them to that certain group then just simply include a loyalty discount for people who have bought that package. But the problem is that some people become part of that group without purchasing the package. So they will not have access to the discounts.

    I hope I'm clear and I went on a bit just to explain why the feature is important but to summarise. I think there should be the possibility of a setting discounts for members of a certain group.

  9. topgunx added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.0.0 Public Preview Coming Soon   

    [quote name='Millar' date='Oct 31 2008, 09:23 PM']Woop woop! Highlight of my life so far.

    oh dear!