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  1. jackflash added a post in a topic: The new forumindex....   

    Like the concept's flexibility very much.
  2. jackflash added a post in a topic: General Discussion!   

    In the European theatre, the U.S. starting fighting during the final ten months after Germany had already lost to the Soviets anyway.  Thus, it's hard to really bestow greatness upon any U.S. general.
    On the German side, take your pick from their Navy, Air Force or Amy from virtually any time period - they virtually pioneered the art of modern warfare.
    von Manstein is a top candidate

  3. jackflash added a post in a topic: Create an empty photo album?   

    Is this with 4.X ?
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    In album: Robert's Album

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  5. jackflash added a post in a topic: Kinda questionable IPB   

    ​In a separate topic.
  6. jackflash added a post in a topic: Kinda questionable IPB   

    ​Quite frankly, I think this statement is spot on.  3.4x should have had some fundamental changes made to it while 4.0 was undergoing development.  
    While I prefer IPS and will champion it, there are implementation missteps.  And while I am not a fan of VB, I believe that they have an advantage because they publish their own communities and react much quicker than IPB with changes that the community wishes.
    That gap could be closed if IPB engaged and listened better.
    As for this message thing, it doesn't bother me and I think Lindy has made some valid points in its defense.
  7. jackflash added a post in a topic: Don't use Mandrill   

    ​Thanks for posting this tutorial. We're thinking of using Mandrill soon.
  8. jackflash added a post in a topic: Kinda questionable IPB   

    ​I think many may have missed part of Lindy's point > when the license expires, people will lose services and wonder why?  
    At any rate, a compromise is in order.
  9. jackflash added a post in a topic: Kinda questionable IPB   

    ​I like the footer idea OR maybe even at the very, very top of the forum.  
    The problem I see with e-mails is that AOL, GMAIL and Yahoo users might mark them as spam?
    Either way though, I really don't mind IPS doing this on the front end.
  10. jackflash added a post in a topic: Kinda questionable IPB   

    I don't mind the idea of having a notice on the front end that's visible to admins - maybe something that shows every x-amount of days or whatever would accommodate those opposed?
    As more tools are available to manage the front from the front end, I can see where a lot of people won't log into the admin panel as often.
  11. jackflash added a post in a topic: Allow users to swtich between exciting secondry groups as primary   

    VB's take on social groups really help separate them from being just another forum software vendor.
  12. jackflash added a post in a topic: Friendly URL's   

    Works for me.  Did you have the .httaccess file in place?
  13. jackflash added a post in a topic: Yea not happy   

    ​I totally agree with you.
  14. jackflash added a post in a topic: Yea not happy   

    ​Love that idea
  15. jackflash added a post in a topic: Yea not happy   

    I have been on both the design and marketing sides of new car product launches and we follow a few basic tenants:
    1. Here's What We Have
    Packaging and presentation is king.  From experience, I can assure you that an auto maker isn't going to introduce a new vehicle by presenting a watered down, bland version is the hopes that the consumer "sees THE vision."  This is one of the reasons why when auto makers introduce a new product, they present the most decked out model in the hopes that it's going to knock your socks off.  It's their ONE chance to make the product love at first sight.  It's the bait and hook put into place from the very beginning.
    The "Here's What We Have" theme isn't restricted to autos - it transcends virtually every product that's for sale.
    This is where I believe that IPS's 4.0 design fell far short of the WOW factor.  Don't tell us that if we invest time and or money that we can have a spectacular looking site, rather preset something that's original and that possesses design elegance to begin with.  IPS needs to show us a vision and an end game to where we can take 4.0 by further enhancing it.  
    Anyone, including free forum software could have designed 4.0's current layout and that's part of the problem because IPS 4.0 isn't free, it's premium grade stuff that merits more.  At the end of the day, the question remains: Does 4.0 look premium?
    If you're pro-IPS like me, 4.0's design may not be a factor in your upgrade decision - you're going to upgrade and wrap it around something cool anyway.  I get that.  But I also get a lot of the criticism that's also focused around the lack of design thought behind 4.0 too. 
    At the end of the day, IPS cannot thrive on just repeat customers alone, they need new and conquest ones too.  Here are some open ended questions: Would someone cross shopping IPS, XenForo and VBulletin love IPS at first site? Does 4.0 stand out from the pack from a design perspective?
    I believe that IPS has the engineering side figured out, just not the design execution.
    2. Here's What It Does
    IPS has done a great job describing what 4.0 is, what is does and why it's class leading in many respects and I look forward to using it going forward.