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  1. teacher added a post in a topic: Urgent: IPB with MyISAM, will it run ?   

    A question (or two): 
    If I decide to change engine of some tables to Innodb and rest of the tables leave it to Myisam, what I should write to conf_global as a table engine: Inno or myisam?
    And what do that memory type of engine? Write all to RAM or something on the disk?
  2. teacher added a post in a topic: Error after upgrading mysql   

    Hi, we running IPB 3.3, with CentOS+Apache+mySql + PHP standard combination.
    When we upgraded mysql server to 5.5 version, we have an weird error with an database, only when we try to login to ACP. Error is:
    Can someone help me what to do?