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  1. teacher added a comment: Wrong parameter count for debug backtrace ?   

  2. teacher added a comment: Wrong parameter count for debug backtrace ?   

    We have just made this change as well, however on editing classDb.php in that line, we have found the call to be made with FALSE, and not with TRUE.

    We edited it anyway, from "debug_backtrace( FALSE )" to "debug_backtrace()".

    Can anyone else confirm this? And this is OK, right?
  3. teacher added a comment: Cannot multi-moderate posts   

    Hello, we are the ones who have reported this issue (do we win any prizes? )

    We were just wondering if there's any news on it? It's been more than 10 days now, and these days we've had a large number of posts that needed splitting and moving, so our moderators are finding this quite troublesome. We don't want to wait for 3.1.0, so when the fix is done, we would like to modify the code ourselves, to fix it, if possible of course.
  4. teacher added a post in a topic: "Topic multipage jump" from forum view option in 3.0.5? [suggestion or question]   

    Hi, I posted this first in Peer-to-Peer Technical Support for IP Board, but got no replies.

    We have recently migrated to 3.0.5 from 2.3.5, and we have noticed that topics do not have "multipage jump" option when viewed as a list from the forum view. If you click INTO a particular topic, the option indeed shows, as:

    However, if you are not viewing the topic, but the sub-forum, i.e. list of all the topics, there is no such option available there available for each individual topic. In IP Board 2.3.5, next to the each topic title (when viewed from sub-forum view), there was a small white-square icon which served as a multipage jump option. When clicked, it immediately offered "Please enter a page number to jump to between 1 and X" pop-up window immediately from the forum view, before you'd click into the topic at all.

    We cannot find any settings in ACP in order to switch this functionality on, and yet we are not sure why was it removed (if it was removed) from 3.0.5, as it was such an easy and very useful feature.

    If it is removed, could we suggest that it is added back in the following IPB3 patches, please?

    Kind regards
  5. teacher added a post in a topic: IPB 3.1.0 features   

    If I can suggest a couple of things.

    plugin (or feature, whatever): I think that will be very useful in situation where users want to share post contents to the popular social network sites or some bookmarking site. [*]advanced feed controls: I would like to see a feature that RSS feed brings every new post from some particular forum or subforum.