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  1. markopolo2002 added a post in a topic: Subscriptions Manager   

    I'm still noticing members not being automated updated when they pay / auto-pay each year via PayPal.   Their status sits at "expired" even though they have paid again for a further years membership.   Anyone know anything about this or whether it's fixed ?
  2. markopolo2002 added a post in a topic: URL Enhancements   

    There was a great deal more that CSEO did, wasn't just about URL formatting, but unfortunately I couldn't begin to detail what those other things were.   My point was, when I finally realised something was very very wrong, I raised the fact that my (and others) sites had suffered immensely and were showing little signs of improving for some reason but we were dismissed for concentrating on SEO too much.   Nothing gets us away from the fact that almost everyone who used CSEO suffered the same fate ... great results with it, sites that vanished from public view overnight without it.  I also asked Invision to consider purchasing the rights to the CSEO modification with the intention of possibly incorporating it into the software but that never happened and was never even considered if I recall correctly.
    The CSEO modification could have been ahead of it's time and who's to say it's day may have came anyway, but I guess we'll never know and I guess I'll always have to accept that it may just have been coincidence that my site suffered a fatal blow in search engine referrals almost overnight as CSEO was pulled, thing is, so did everyone else who found themselves without CSEO !!
  3. markopolo2002 added a post in a topic: URL Enhancements   

    Syntraclick, did you ever have any experience of the CSEO addon which was developed and sold by a third party some years ago?. The reason I ask is that I started my forum in 2007 and began using that mod after about a year. Our site did particularly well, incredibly over the course of the next year or so after implementing the addon, but then IPB were releasing V3 (I think it was) which hinted the inclusion of built in SEO so the developers of CSEO threw in the towel and stopped working on their program. Almost immediately after I updated my site and lost the functionality of CSEO, our site all but fell from the search results and referrals from search engines suffered immensely. We were told this would be expected and it could take 6 months for things to get back on track, but things never did get back on track and our site has struggled ever since to even make hosting fees from ad revenue.

    I'm no SEO expert, but I've said for years, and since the loss of the CSEO application that the current SEO of IPB isn't doing decent sites any favours. We literally lost three quarters of our traffic from search engines overnight and have never managed to recover that back. Strange coincidence or the fault of poor built in SEO?. Maybe you could answer that question better than me !!
  4. markopolo2002 added a post in a topic: Subscriptions Manager   

    Firstly we can't report it because it works fine with the version numbers quoted, it doesn't work with the most recent versions however ... as for Michael taking on the mod, he's one of the few mod developers I would trust to run with any mod and I'd gladly pay for him to release an updated version.   If this was your mod before Michael, I'd support you 100% taking it back, sod the current developer, just take it back and make it what it used to be and all of us would support you 100% if you got any grief from anyone  :sorcerer:
  5. markopolo2002 added a post in a topic: Subscriptions Manager   

    I've stopped using third party mods on my board, with the exception of a couple non essential one's.   It's becoming too common for developers to simply get fed up and just stop supporting the mod.   I'd do without mods like these if I were you guys, try and find another method, even if it's manual, then at least you know where you stand cause I have about 30 or so people subscribed to my site on a yearly basis and I'll be removing this mod this month and reverting to a manual method myself.   I've learned not to rely on other people for mods, it usually end's in tears - just live without them, it's far far easier in the long run  :frantics:
    Unfortunately, it does mean those responsible mod developers get tarred with the same brush, but at some point all mods will need updated and I am no longer in a trusting mood towards Invision themselves by significant code changes or the mod developers to recode their mods.
  6. markopolo2002 added a post in a topic: Subscriptions Manager   

    Don't bother trying this mod, it won't work well with the latest IPB, I've since upgraded my board to the latest version and we're having all manner of issue's with this mod - only reason I'm keeping it is because it still does work to an extent, but I have to manually move people into the correct groups, etc.
  7. markopolo2002 added a post in a topic: IPDownloads v2.5.3 not incrementing download count?   

    Was a bug, and is addressed here:  with optional fix for anyone else that requires it :)
  8. markopolo2002 added a post in a topic: IPDownloads v2.5.3 not incrementing download count?   

    Anyone else noticing any issues after upgrading to v2.5.3 with the download count not increasing?.   Just thought I'd put it out there before raising a ticket, but I'm certainly not seeing the issue here on IPS though.
    I've changed the setting in ACP to "Update views immediately" but still not showing increase in download count :)
    Thanks in advance
  9. markopolo2002 added a post in a topic: Where is the development of the mobile skin?   

    That sounds interesting but given the immense differences in screen sizes I'd be interested to see this in development :)
  10. markopolo2002 added a post in a topic: Where is the development of the mobile skin?   

    Apologies if I've missed anything on the Blogs or the forums regarding the development of the mobile skin, but the last I remember reading about was the scrapping of the mobile app, nothing more has been mentioned from what I can see.
    The mobile market expanded and is developing at a rate of knots right now, and has been for some time now which is why I'm slightly confused about what appear's to be a distinct lack of focus on a mobile skin from Invision - as I say, I could be wrong, but I'm not seeing anything being mentioned?.   I realise a mobile skin to cover all the apps is a tall order, but just how far are we away from a workable mobile skin for Invision and associated apps?.   Is anything being worked on, if so, what and at what level?.
  11. markopolo2002 added a post in a topic: Subscriptions Manager   

    Personally, I would not trust the app owner of this mod as far as I could throw them, they have abandoned this thread and all us who were using the mod previously, there has been no support, assistance or so much as a snifter from the app owner for some time despite all of us having issues - currently when people subscribe on my site, they are always marked as "incomplete" and I have to go chasing my tail trying to match the email they used with the username on my site - I'll continue to do this until such time it breaks completely but I won't be paying for this mod because if they can abandon us once, they'll do it again, only next time we'll be out of pocket.
    Paying for the app owner to continue support would have been a pleasure, and would only have been the right thing to do, but when they bugger off and don't come back until they see $$$'s then something smell's as far as I'm concerned - don't say any of you weren't warned, pay for this app at your own risk because when the going get's tough, the app owner get's going!
  12. markopolo2002 added a post in a topic: Show last unread post?   

    LOL, what am I like, I replaced ...
    '{$r['url']}unread/' with ....
    '{$r['url']}?view=getnewpost/' and it didn't work, so I posted here asking for help, then went back and removed the / from the last line and it's working again - yay me lol !
  13. markopolo2002 added a post in a topic: Show last unread post?   

    The following code no longer directs us to the last post in the topic, anyone got any clue's what would work again?
    <a href='{$r['url']}unread/' title='{$r['title']}'>{IPSText::truncate( strip_tags($r['title']), 38 )}</a>
  14. markopolo2002 added a post in a topic: [Suggestion] Featured comment or star comment   

    It would be nice if we could highlight a comment from a download to appear as an extract or something within or at the top of a download listing, just something that draws the users attention to a particular comment, remark, etc, even highlighting multiple comments could be a good idea ... just throwing this one out there in case anyone else thinks the same or can add to the idea :)
  15. markopolo2002 added a post in a topic: Newsletters   

    My newsletters are again sending links like this: 
   They did something similar before, but I can't remember why and how it was fixed ... anyone?