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  1. markopolo2002 added a post in a topic: Hanging up my Invision hat, been a blast, thanks   

    Yep, that's why I contacted Matt, just in case he feels he can take any action.   If Matt doesn't feel it's worth pursuing, I'm happy just to drop the matter but it's just the entire injustice of it all !
  2. markopolo2002 added a post in a topic: Hanging up my Invision hat, been a blast, thanks   

    Unfortunately I don't have any access to the site, they have closed off all accounts, including the admin ones because I had originally thought of basically un-installing everything but they have obviously second guessed that one - fact is though, I still hold the licenses for all the software they are using and I've already asked Matt for his suggestions on that one.   From where I'm sitting, the licenses have expired so for me to change the URL attached to those licenses I would have to pay to renew them (not a prob) and then potentially report them for using an unlicensed copy of IPB?.   Thing is, this guy is in India and it's likely not to be something IPB could pursue so I could really be wasting my time.
  3. markopolo2002 added a post in a topic: Hanging up my Invision hat, been a blast, thanks   

    Actually, the never requested the transfer of IPB licenses, I have IPBoard, Content, Blog and Downloads, all of which are still being used on the site.   As I am still the rightful owner does that mean I can withdraw my permission for them to use my licenses on their site now?.   If so, can anyone suggest how to go about that and how I would then make Invision aware of the fact they are running unlicensed?
  4. markopolo2002 added a post in a topic: Hanging up my Invision hat, been a blast, thanks   

    Well, never saw that one coming.   The domain transferred across to the new owner this morning and they released payment from escrow only to tell me they intend to simply pass on the site to some "hacker" in India to use as a fake facebook password site that generates income from surveys, etc.   What a disappointment that was, 8 years hard work all flushed down the toilet in one fail swoop.  Apparently the guy who bought the site was only in it "for a quick buck" and the guy he is selling the site onto wants established sites with good reps so he can masquerade his illicit ways!!.   I've already managed to contact all our members and ask them to rate the site negatively in WOT and if anyone here fancies trying to get back at the spammers and scammers out there then now could be your chance by doing the same to the site I used to own and love.   If you go to  and rate the site negatively, it should cancel out the usefulness of the site to the guy in India.   I know this was meant to be a "feedback" thread but we all stand something to loose if we allow these people to continue using the net for their drivel and illicit ways.
  5. markopolo2002 added a post in a topic: Hanging up my Invision hat, been a blast, thanks   

    ​But you also need to know exactly what redirects to put in place which is the tricky bit
  6. markopolo2002 added a post in a topic: Hanging up my Invision hat, been a blast, thanks   

    We installed the addon way before IPB were doing any SEO at all and the addon helped our site appear in the search engines because at the time friendly URL's and other SEO matters were buzzing.   Once IPB started SEO, the developer of the mod basically abandoned the addon leaving everyone high and dry.​
    ​At the time I didn't realise the developer of the addon was going to abandon us, they actually said they would make their mod compatible with the new version if memory serves me correctly and I had already made the move and by the time I realised things were very wrong we had overwritten the backups that would have taken us back to where we were.   I blame myself too for the mess, because if I'd have known a little more about the subject I would have known to redirect the links properly but unfortunately hindsight is always a wonderful thing after the event!! 
  7. markopolo2002 added a post in a topic: Hanging up my Invision hat, been a blast, thanks   

    What I didn't know then was when all our URLs changed, we basically lost the majority of traffic from the search engines, purely because the URL they were storing didn't exist anymore.   What we should have investigated was a way to let the search engines know that the old URL had moved to a new URL.   Problem was we didn't know that, and even if we did we wouldn't know how to implement it, when someone eventually came up with a solution, the damage had been done.
    You need to figure how SMF was writing URLs and how IPB is now writing URLs and implement some kind of redirect but I'll be buggered if I could offer any technical advice!
  8. markopolo2002 added a post in a topic: Hanging up my Invision hat, been a blast, thanks   

    Well, since 2007 I've been running because I couldn't find a decent bloody download portal that would give me simple freeware without all the crap we see nowadays, whether it's bundled adware or installers with everything, so I set up my own forum and before long was using IPDownloads, Blogs, Content, etc, etc and our site was making a pretty decent dent in the world of downloads.   As far as I am aware, FreewareBB is the only dedicated download site run entirely using IPB software!.   Unfortunately, with a major release from IPB we lost all our URL's due to a third party hook becoming outdated and we never really recovered if I'm honest.   I don't blame IPB, well, I suppose at the time I was quite upset and really needed someone to blame, but looking back I think the writing was on the wall for a lot of sites, probably mine included and it wasn't long after that major release that we saw a rapid decline in revenue.
    I've been on and off these forums since way back then and got to know some of you guys, dealt primarily with Brandon who is a particularly sound individual and helped me a lot and if there is one thing that has remained rock solid about IPB it's the staff and the people involved with the platform.   Any ticket I ever opened was always dealt with professionally, and promptly and even when, technically, it wasn't really an IPB matter, they would always see to it that they gave the best advice so I could go back and tell my host.
    Well done to all you guys and a final farewell from me because the site is currently being transferred to a new owner who can hopefully breathe new life into it and devote the necessary time and energy into it that it needs and deserves.   I'm not sure if FreewareBB will always be the only dedicated download site to run on IPB software, but I bet it will remain the best
    Thanks for the last 8 years guys, I've had fun using your software
  9. markopolo2002 added a comment on a blog entry: Monetize your traffic with VigLink   

    Sorry if I sound sceptical about adsense "bans", I've seen numerous complaints from webmasters over the years with stories that don't exactly add up and I've absolutely no doubt there are innocent people, such as yourself, caught up in bans through no fault of your own, but I've also heard of others appealing to adsense and having their bans overturned then we have those who "don't bother" to appeal because they don't see the point?!.
    I suggested IPB try and incorporate an adsense type advertising programme into the ACP Brandon which would cover just about every other ad network offering block and banner ads - I'm sure many would agree this would give many more people the opportunity to insert ads from different networks as well as their own banners with messages to appear on specific pages, etc ... from my own experience, VigLink isn't welcomed from many users and whilst some users have a hard time even dealing with banner adverts, having to attempt to negotiate a pop-up VigLink which throws itself up in the middle of text without clicking it, turns visitors off completely because they can't then read the content of the page.   I'm definitely to blame for the whole "adsense" content here, purely because I wanted to draw your attention to the bigger potential for the suite of offering an advertising programme capable of accommodating adsense and other similar networks using block advertising, and randomising it would most certainly take earning potentials to another level, thus potentially inciting others across to the IPB platform!! :)
    Of course, just my findings, if VigLink works for others, more power to them, and I for one would like to hear of any success stories with that particular network if possible :smile:
  10. markopolo2002 added a comment on a blog entry: Monetize your traffic with VigLink   

    You've been using Viglink now for a couple of months, and you claim there is a lot of "misinformation" here?.   Honestly, after only a couple of months you ain't even touching the surface of advertising and it's pitfalls ... adsense is, and always has been, the most profitable advertising network out there and whilst it would be foolish to try and rely on one advertising network alone, adsense is the one most people want to keep, yet many loose because their accounts were "mysteriously" banned "without reason".
    Strange, I've had my adsense account for over 5 years and I've never been banned .. then again, I've never clicked my own ads, and if I did accidentally, I always emailed adsense to tell them - probably one of the reasons I don't have to rely on Viglink and it's pop-up advertising  :smile:
  11. markopolo2002 added a comment on a blog entry: Monetize your traffic with VigLink   

    VigLink is one of the most annoying advertising methods around and turns most visitors off quicker than a power cut.   Advertising is best implemented using Google Adsense, and ads like Large Rectangles (336x280) or Leaderboard ads (728x90) ... and the key to successful ad placement is making things random.   If IPB want to floor the competition with an advertising campaign built in to IPBoard and all the associated apps, make space available in the ACP for about 5 or 6 different formats of ads, and have them randomly displayed to selected user groups in different places on the pages on refresh (max 3 ads and 3 link units).   Wrapping content around the ads will also prove highly successful for the ad campaign.
    Achieve that, and some opimisation and you, sir, will have people fighting over each other to buy IPB
  12. markopolo2002 added a comment on a blog entry: IPS Marketplace Update   

    Whilst contributions to the market place are great and some have their place, I've found over the years that to use, and rely on, addons is a big mistake.   Addons come and go, and so do many of the developers responsible for them and as IPBoard evolves, the third party addons get left behind or abandoned leaving users with unusable third party apps.
    Of course, there are developers who continue to develop and support their apps, but there are a whole load who don't either which is why I have few mods on my site now, and those I do have I could live without realistically.   I was stung once before with an SEO mod which did my site a tremendous amount of good, then it got dropped presumably because the mod developer wasn't making enough money and my site hasn't recovered, ever, and that was years ago.   My advice, don't rely on mods, don't get your users reliant on mods and only ever introduce mods onto your site that you, and your users can live without.
  13. markopolo2002 added a comment on a blog entry: Mobile Apps Status   

    If I'm being honest I've read every reply here and I'm still no further forward in understanding what the future of the mobile is for us IPB customers ... people are talking about mobile apps, web apps, and all manner of other third party apps - IPB have shelved the mobile app, so where does that leave us all in respect to a mobile solution for our websites?.   The mobile skin has been part of the board for a while now yet nothing seems to have progressed at all with it ... are we saying that the mobile skin isn't a viable option for the associated apps? Or are we saying something else?.   In fact, what exactly are we saying in regards to a mobile solution for IPB and the associated apps?
  14. markopolo2002 added a comment on a blog entry: Mobile Apps Status   

    Lindy, unfortunately the mobile skin is not suitable for most needs at all, this was raised and discussed by me and others over a year ago, and even before then, AND it has been raised since and is still a topic of contention on the forums and concerns the mobile skin and associated IPB apps such as IPContent/IPDownloads/etc.
    These apps have ZERO functionality in the mobile skin, and I (and many others) use IPContent for my front page and use IPDownloads for the vast majority of my sites activities and as far as I'm aware there has been ZERO progress with the mobile skin for these apps, but a year or so wasted trying to monetize a mobile app.   Hate to sound so negative and pessimistic, but you can't really expect a hero's welcome when the development team have wasted all this time when they could have been developing and contributing to the built-in mobile skin like what was suggested all that time ago - the mobile skin has been grossly neglected in favour of trying to monetize ... now that has failed, is the mobile skin going to be on the "todo" list again?.
  15. markopolo2002 added a comment on a blog entry: Introducing IPS CDN Service   

    Ooooh, you tempting buggers!! Now that's a service I will be trying - I've been looking at CDN's for a while now but the associated cost's are just a little too steep, or providers are looking for a set minimum per month with no clear explanation as to what happens when you go over which is the main reason I have been put off - but with the clear explanation above, it would be stupid not to give it a go!!